February 13, 2018
Invocation:  Melissa
Pledge to the Flag:  Jeff Jones
Joke:  Pete....Dr. Geezer and Dr. Young
Visiting Rotarians:  Not today
Guests of Rotarians: 
Judy brought Bonnie Jones
Thanks to Pete and Kathi for hosting our social on Saturday night.  We had good food and an interesting presentation about our Sri Lanka Pre-school Project by Hans Dahlin and his wife.  It is fun to get together and visit with those you may not sit with during our club time.  We are planning another social for sometime in May. 
March Madness is coming up with an opportunity for anyone to pick a bracket for $20.00.  At the end of the NCAA tournament, whoever happened to rack up the most points based on their picks, will be awarded a Paul Harris.
               Pete Starlings & Katherine Gillen received their yellow badges today. 
     Two great additions to our Club - keep inviting your friends, they will be glad you did. 
There will be an Electronic Waste Recycle event at the Los Osos Methodist Church on Feb. 24 from 9am to 1pm.  Bring printers, phones, VCRs, Stereos, Fax machines etc. to be recycled. 
Next Tuesday after our Club Meeting, we will have a Crab Feed meeting that might last for an hour or two to finalize our plans for the event.   If you are interested in helping....Please stay for this meeting.  The Morro Bay High School Crab Feed is March 3rd; we will start promoting ours on March 4th.  If each of us sells five tickets, we will sell out.    We will have five weeks to sell the tickets. 
Doug brought four boxes to be shipped to veterans overseas.  The cost is a little under $17.00; you can either take a box, or just give Doug the money, and he will take the box to the post office.
May 11th is the Golf Tournament....start thinking about businesses you know who would want to be a sponsor, donate raffle prizes or provide golf goodie bag items.
Jan donated a coupon from Sweet Offerings for chocolate covered strawberries........Heidi bought it for $20.00.  Thanks, Jan.
Jude went to PETS on the weekend....she is very grateful for the opportunity.  Her husband also went and enjoyed it.
Dale won the free lunch and Judy used her exemption to encourage everyone to pick up a Bay News because she wrote an article about the Shell Shop.  Pete and Lou discussed family members who work for WINC ...a huge wine company.  Chuck is off to Alaska next week where it is minus 8 at night.  He loves it!!  Sara was in Cancun for six days for an Edward Jones event.
Fines:   Heidi’s birthday...$10.00, Ken fined $10.00 but Pete paid it...Steve fined $10.00.
Our speaker was Chief Knuckles who said this summer was the busiest the fire department has ever had.....they spent 87 days on assignment.  Our Mutual Aid system is the best in California.  The Command System and the Coordination with law enforcement were good decisions that helped evacuate people and fight the fire.  What went wrong?  Mother Nature.....mainly high winds and low humidity.  Northern California Fires involved 11,000 firefighters.  The Thomas Fire involved 10,500 firefighters.  Morro Bay participated with five engines and 22 personnel as part of the Strike Team.  This year they were able to use a Military Drone to spot the fires....instead of a helicopter.  The cost was $1500/hour, but well worth it.    There will not be voluntary evacuation anymore.....only mandatory.   Thank you Chief and our wonderful Morro Bay Fire Department!!
John Weiss said “Celebrate Rotary” is our District 5240 theme for this year.    John was scheduled to be in Monticeto on the day of the mudslide.  We have over 3,000 members in our District so we are able to help in these California disasters.  Six hours after the mudslide, there were two pages filled with the names of Rotarians willing to give a room in their home to someone needing a place to stay.  Several Rotarians were impacted by the fire and mudslide but they have a good attitude and their motto is “The Best Days are Still Ahead”.
  Thanks to Kathi and Pete for bringing a Valentine Rose for everyone who attended the meeting   today.  
Next week’s speaker will be Lori French....talking about commercial fishing on the central coast...especially crab fishing.  You won’t want to miss this craft talk!!
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Posted by Elsie Casida on Feb 07, 2018
Morro Bay Rotary Club
February 6, 2018
Meeting called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation:  Michael Shaffron
Pledge:   Scott Harp
We then read through the Four Way Test and greeted our friends
Joke:    Pete....police officer joke.
Guest Rotarians:   Sherry Sims, Cayucos Rotary
Guest of Rotarians:   Mike S. brought Stephan from France who enjoyed visiting with Max.    Janice House with the Honor Flight Program who came with our speaker, Greg McGill; Rick Grantham brought friend and travel-mate, John Gajdos, another Honor Flight volunteer; Kasey brought Tony, a friend who will be going on an Honor Flight.
Mike P said there was progress with the roundabout, with a special thanks to Katherine who came out to help!!!
Katherine brought info about the Mardi Gras Mixer at Fitness Works on Wednesday, February 7.....5:30-7:30.
Come for DINNER/SOCIAL time at Pete and Kathi’s house on Saturday the 10th.   We will start at 5:30 with wine and snacks, then a short presentation by Hans about the pre-school in Siri Lanka which our club has supported.    Next we will have dinner with meats prepared by Brickhouse BBQ.   For those who want to stay later, we have a couple of games planned.
Heidi said Master PURLS will be in Santa Maria the weekend of Feb 23-25.
Max said he visited Hearst Castle and also he is very pleased that his movie will be in the SLO Film Festival.  Also he loves baseball, and the MB baseball team is looking for sponsors.
Pete is putting out a challenge to our club ....let’s get 10 new members, 10 PHF and 5 new bequests to Rotary in this year.
Arbor Day is April 27......we are considering planting trees in Morro Bay or the Montecito area in honor of this national holiday.
Next meeting we will consider approving Melissa for our 2019/20 President after Jude and Lou for our 2020 /21 President after Melissa.
Nick said we have set Friday, May 11th for our 9 hole golf tournament; we will be looking for sponsors, golfers and golfer bag goodies.  Other activities our club is involved with are The Crab Feed on April 7, The Kite Festival on April 28 & 29th, and the Car Show on May 4, 5,and 6.     SAVE THE DATES for these fun and important events!!!!
Judy won the exemption .....she said she would like to see some of us at the Human Trafficking conference at Oxnard.  
Football questions by Pete....Dave fined $20.00, Rick $10.00, Steve Carnes  $10.00, Judy $10.00 paid by Rick, John  $30.00, Ken Stilts for $30.00
Judy introduced Honor Flight Program speaker, Greg Mcgill (also with the Kern Co Fire Dept) and Janice House, Honor
Flight volunteer extraordinaire.  He originally went on an Honor Flight as a guardian and was so impressed with the
organization; he felt that we should have a chapter here.  As of this date, 200 veterans from SLO County have gone to
Washington D.C. to see their memorials at no cost to them.  Honor Flight was started in 2005 and there are now 135 HUBS
in the U.S.  The top priority goes to WWII veterans and any other veteran with a terminal disease.   Any veteran who served
in the military is eligible.  It is a busy three days for the vets starting with a 6am departure on Day #1.  The second day they
visit Memorials honoring the veterans who served during WWII, the Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam War.  They also visit
the Lincoln, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Memorials.  The third day they return home.   Wheelchairs are provided for all vets and they are given priority everywhere they go.  So far 150,000 vets have gone on the Honor Flights.  Greg has been on seven flights and he knows  how Honor Flights change lives.  
Our next week’s speakers will be Chief Knuckles and John Weiss speaking on the Montecito Fires.
Inspirational quote of the day was by Warren Buffet.
Doug brought boxes to be mailed.
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JANUARY 30, 2018


Meeting called to order by Prez Pete

Invocation by: Ken Stilts

Flag Salute led by:  Carla Wixom

Joke:  by Pete.....  “Ali Oop”

Guest Rotarian:   Ruth Ann Angus

Guests of Rotarians:

Rachel Pass from the Estuary Program

Lisa Babb was here for the second time

Carla brought Nancy Johnson and Jeff Eckles

Judy brought Bertha Tyler and our speaker Scott Collins

Chamber “Living Treasure”, Lori French was with us and has $10.00 tickets for the Central Coast Women of Fisheries enchilada dinner on February 3 at the Community Center.   She says she will use the tiara for good and not evil.  

Mike Pond announced a social at Prez Petes house on Saturday, February 10th.  Cost is $10.00/person for a tri tip, chicken etc. dinner and a special speaker, Hans Dahlin.   Bring your special person and come and enjoy an evening with  friends and food.  

Saturday, Feb. 3rd is roundabout cleanup @ 9am.....come and help.

Mutts for the Bay program...Rachel Pass said last year  371,000 bags were taken from the dispensers.  She had a photo of our Rotary dispenser near the Rock.  The Estuary Program is grateful to our Club for our contribution toward the Mutt Mitts. 

Heidi told about the PRLS classes in Santa Maria .

Andrea gave out packets with essays on the Four Way Test to be read by volunteers.   Each packet had 46 essays.

Cayucos Rotary has reserved a table for our club at the Masquerade Ball on March 17.   Cost is $75.00....hands were raised and our table was filled.    It will be a fun evening!!

John Weiss....thanked us for our support, and announced several events coming up.   Rotary Club of Santa Monica has donated $10,000 to help with the Thomas Fire devastation.    Trees are $45.00 if our club or individuals want to contribute.   We may want to plant a tree for everyone in our club.

Melissa is selling Girl Scout Cookies on behalf of our Jr. Rotarian her now ...or pay her later.  She was fined herself $10.00 for this ad

Free Lunch went to #63...Nancy.

Fines...super bowl questions.....Jamie fined $10.00, Steve Carnes fined $20.00, Don fined $10.00, Mike $10.00, Steve $10.00, Dan fined $10.00, Heidi not fined, Jude not fined,

Guest Speaker was Morro Bay’s new City Manager, Scott Collins.  

Interviewed in September, he has had a good feeling about all his interactions with the people in this community.  He is still learning and listening to

community members.  Hope is the bond in any community.   The WRF is of course, top priority.  Financial concerns are on the top of the list too because of

past spending.  Many people want our town to stay just like it is, but we also have to keep up with what is going on around us.  Lori mentioned the needs

for commercial fishermen.   Melissa said she installed a rain water system six years ago to hook up a gray water system but apparently it is against the law in Morro Bay - will this change?    Mike asked about the off shore wind farm.  Jamie asked if the City is planning to terminate their contract with State Water.  John asked about the sewer project and the fact that all meetings have been recorded and we are all concerned about the cost of it.  Is it possible to connect with Cayucos?  Scott said, “No, they are moving ahead without us”.   Carla asked about the Embarcadero area leases that have been taken over by the City - City Council decided to go out with a broker team to try and figure out what to do with the area.   

50/50 won by Mike Pond.....donated it to the Interact Club.

Pete’s thought for today was from Budda. “What you think, you will become”.    Someone at our table said that’s not true because she has been thinking young and thin and its not happening.  

Next weeks speaker will be talking about the Honor Flights Program.   See you next week.   Ecasida

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JANUARY 23, 2018
Meeting called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation by:  Dan
Pledge to flag:  Katherine
Joke:   Pete....Many small and funny!!
Guest Rotarians:  Ruth Ann Angus; it was also nice to have Bryan Griffiths and Lori French with us today.
Guest of Rotarians:   Andrea brought her husband, Mike, to celebrate their 4th anniversary.  Sarah brought Antonio Reyes who is her new assistant.    Lisa Babb came because she has recently moved here and wants to get busy in our community.
We will have a Club Social at Pete’s house on Saturday, February 10th starting at 5:30.  Our special guest will be Hans Dahlin, who with the help of our Club has sponsored pre schools in Sri Lanka.  It will be a great time to get together for food, fellowship and fun; significant others are more than welcome to join us.  Cost is $ will be from Brickhouse BBQ.....come and learn about another thing our Club has done to help others. 
Jude announced Book Sales at the MB library on Jan. 27, May 19 and Sept. 29th.  There is also a book store at the library with proceeds going to Friends of the Library.  All proceeds from the book sale will be used in our own library.
Lori is selling tickets for the Women for Fisheries Smoked Albacore Enchilada sale.
Heidi said PRLS is coming up in Santa Maria the weekend of February 23-25.  The cost is $250.00 which the Club will pay, and anyone can take some of the classes if the entire weekend is too much OR all of the classes and get your Master PRLS certification.
Roundabout cleanup at 9:00 on the 3rd......come one...come all!!
Andrea is working on the Four Way Test and will be in touch with her readers soon.
Our Guest Speaker today was Wade Nomura, a Past District Governor and member of the Carpentaria Club.  He met the Board before the meeting to go over
some of the details of the PHF.  He spoke on the Rotary Foundation, which is the organization that uses our funds to do much good around the globe.  The main
focus for Wade is Water and Sanitation, Basic Education, Disease Prevention, Community and Economic Development, Child and Maternal Health, Rotary Scholars,
and Vocational Training Team. 
We have Sister Districts with Clubs in Korea (2) and Mexico and Sister Clubs in Mexico, Chile, Bangladesh, etc., so you have friends everywhere.
Polio Plus.....including corrective surgeries, Immunization Days.
Ways to Participate:
Benefactor...$1,000.00 donation per year
Bequest Society....Designate Rotary Foundation in your will/trust. 
Presidents Theme Annual Fund......Ties and scarves designed by the current RI president.  
Andrea’s husband, Mike, won the 50/50
Mary brought to my attention that the very interesting Mind Walks Lecture Series is happening on Mondays at the Inn at Morro Bay.    January 29th will be about The Geological Diversity of SLO County.   
Next week’s speaker will be the new City Manager in Morro Bay....
Enjoy your week......see you soon.   Ecasida
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JANUARY 16, 2018
Meeting called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation by:  Nick
Pledge of Allegiance:  Heidi
Song:   Auld Lang Syne
Joke:   Pete....Lady Airplane pilot....
Guest Rotarians:  Kathryn and Mary Helen from Palm Desert
Guests of Rotarians:
Rich Reidel brought his wife Linda, to celebrate their 44th wedding anniversary, and to keep from being fined.
Heidi introduced our speaker, Tom Potter
Claire Grantham was here with Rick
Kathrine Gillen who works at the Chamber was brought here for the last time by Lou as today she is being
inducted into the Club.   Don welcomed her with a packet of info, a MB Rotary pin, and her Red Badge.   She
spoke for a few minutesand was welcomed by all of us with a standing ovation.   Welcome Katherine and
thank you, Lou, for bringing her to our Club. 
Roundabout cleanup February 3 at 9:00am.
Satisfaction Survey Results ...printed out on the table.  Our satisfaction score was +82.   Please take a couple of minutes to fill these out when they come to your email box.
Jeff Jones said many members of our fire department have been in Montecito since the tragic mudslide.    It is a traumatic experience for them; Jeff asks us to keep them in our thoughts and prayers.
Heidi wants everyone to know about Master PRLS Weekend in Santa Maria  Feb 23 - Feb 25.   Cost is $250.00 for the weekend of classes.    You can register online.   Great opportunity to take the classes reasonably close to home.
 Heidi introduced Tom Potter, of CAPSLO.  This organization finds housing for homeless vets.   They will pay the security   deposit so that they can get into a home, give them temporary financial assistance, rental agreement education and other necessary services.    It is important to get the vet housed first and then they can work on other issues, such as mental health, PTSD and other issues.   This program is a short term program, up to 9 months.  They will paint a unit or whatever else might need to be done to keep a landlord happy.
Rich Reidel won the 50/50 and then donated it to Max for his train trip.  Max received $200 from our donation jar last week.  
Next weeks speaker will be Wade Namura.
Enjoy your week......see you soon.




Notes from our January 16th Rotary Meeting 2018-01-19 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Elsie Casida
January 9th, 2018
Meeting called to order by Prez Pete.....nice to have him back!!
Invocation:  Judy
Flag Salute:  Pete
Song:   Row, Row, Row your boat – rumor has it, the MBHS Baseball players were impressed.
Joke:   Pete....Three legged Chicken in the road...
Guests:   Heidi introduced Max who is now staying with them
Judy:       Bonnie Jones, today’s speaker
Melissa:   Teri Meyer
Lou:    Kathrine Gillen, soon to be our newest MB Rotarian
Sean, the MBHS Baseball coach and 2 of the team members were here to sell $50.00 tickets for their Annual Crab Feed at the Community Center on March 3rd.  They are also selling advertisements on the banner.  
We need a couple of Rotarians to read and grade the Four Way Tests.  Several hands went up, so that little problem was solved in a hurry.  Thank you to those who volunteered.
Heidi and Max gave a brief summary of his stay here.  Max thanked us for his cash Christmas present with which he bought a baseball glove.  He also bought new pants and new shirts so he is ready for the season.  If anyone wants to go to San Francisco and walk the Golden Gate Bridge with Max, he would love to do that.   Max has made a movie which is now on You-Tube;  go to “The E.N.D.” on You-Tube, you will see a picture of Max and the 25 minute video he made.  He is also really interested in watching a launch at Vandenburg so if anyone is interested in going, he would love to go along.  If you are going anywhere fun in the next six weeks, Max would love to go with you.  
Nick made an announcement about the monthly Chamber mixer which is being held on Wednesday, January 10th at 5:30 at Rabobank. 
The Fire and Ice Ball will be at the MB Community Center from 5:30-9:00pm on Friday, January 26th.  It is an evening of Community Awards hosted by the Chamber.
Jude and Matt co-chaired the Salvation Army Bell Ringing volunteers at Albertsons.   They said it was a successful endeavor and thanked all who participated. 
Our Crab Feed will be announced, advertised and tickets sold after the high school crab feed is either sold out or over.   It will be very simple this year...
Chuck Clarke’s birthday was January 5th and fined $10.00.
Mary said “Mind Walks” have started at 10:15am at the Inn at Morro Bay on Mondays during the winter months.
Jan Lewis said she had a date with Kareem Abdul Jabbar in 1977.
Her question from Pete was...”What is the first country to celebrate New Year’s Eve every year?”   New Zealand....Jan fined $10.00 in spite of who she knows.
Pete Starlings was fined $20.00 for not knowing the answer to his question. 
What country has the most people celebrating NYE.  Rio de Janeiro ......2,000,000 people gather.
Bonnie Jones has been involved in projects to help the homeless since they moved to Morro Bay.  She helped start Estero Bay Alliance for Care (EBAC), who now in their fifth year, have served over 100,000 meals to those in need.  They want to keep people from becoming homeless if possible as well as help those in need in our community.  They serve the community dinner at the Vets Hall on Monday nights between 5 and 6:30.   They serve approximately 85 people every Monday evening.    Who comes?   Families, seniors, homeless, and anyone else in need.   They are asking for help one night a month or more.   The food would be cooked in our homes and then brought to the Vets Hall.    There are many organizations that help each week.  We’ll be talking about this at our upcoming Board Meeting.
John Solu won the $37.00 50/50 and added it to the jar we passed around to contribute to Max for his 30 day train trip in the summer around the U.S.A.
Enjoy the weekend.....See you all next week for time with friends and interesting speakers.




Notes from our January 9th Rotary Meeting Elsie Casida 2018-01-13 08:00:00Z 0
DEC. 19, 2017
Invocation was individual silent meditations.
Pledge by Mike Shaffran
Joke by Mike, and we sang a Christmas song
Jan Lewis auctioned off pieces of Eggnog fudge with money going into the stocking we passed around for a “thank you” gift for the servers.
Anyone know which Rotary President said - ”the squirrels must be hungry......all the nuts are here tonight”.  Our own Rick Grantham at a Council meeting when he thought the mike was off. 
John Weiss got up and spoke for a few minutes about our district and how our clubs are doing many great things.  Santa Barbara Club is upbeat although some members have lost their homes in the fire.
Andrea talked about her new Honda Pilot and was fined per cup holder......maximum being $25.00.
Melissa said she just emailed the kids who signed up for RYLA – it’s a great group of kids.  
Still need bell ringers for Salvation Army on Thursday.   Those who have been involved say it is a great experience.
Lorraine will be a grandmother in June.    Dan said his wife, Linda, became a grandmother for the first time on Friday.
Gary said his wife stood up in church and announced that they have a room in the back of their home if someone from Santa Barbara needs a place to stay until things get better down south.  They had a couple, who went back home yesterday, take them up on this kind offer. 
Mike and Jeff gave us a few hints on fire fighting.....
Judy mentioned how much fun the Winterfest 12 Days was; especially the Santa Crawl.  
Special Christmas Memories from some of our Members:
Judy:   When her kids were middle school age, her dad was housebound and couldn’t tolerate the noise and confusion of having the whole family visit, so, they went to Pizza Hut, and had a lovely time.   The server was wonderful so  they left him a $20.00 tip, making his Christmas Very Merry.
Dan:   When he lived in Truckee he put up 62,000 Christmas lights; in Morro Bay he has downsized to 16,000 lights.   He talked about ministering to the homeless when he was with the Sheriff’s Dept. in Truckee where there were 33 homeless people living outside in the cold, cold weather.
Andrea:   When she was very young, she was allowed to sit on her dads lap and drive their Camaro down Candy Cane Lane at Christmas Time.  Her grandmother would make fudge and almond rocha which Andrea has since tried to make, but now will just go to Jan’s Sweet Offerings. 
Jude:   In the late 70s she went to Illinois on Christmas Eve where they went out for dinner in the Amish Community.   They ate dinner with an Amish family who had no  electricity, so they enjoyed their meal by the light from  oil lamps.   Everything was cooked in cast iron on wood stoves.   The chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls etc. were all made in their own home, and she believes is the best she has ever tasted.
Jude shared with us a photo of her and her siblings taken in the 50’s.  They were all crying - very funny, Jude.   She brought her own original felt stocking, and felt tree skirt.   Christmas Eve they would hear sleigh bells, which are still used by  her cat to let the family know she wants out.  She got a doll named Sally which was a very special doll.
Chuck:  His family still loves to go to their cabin “Oak Hollow” in Cayucos  for Christmas.    Every year they have a theme; one year it was “the species cat”.   One year, their youngest grandchild cried and said she never wanted to leave; she still feels that way.    Chuck and Liz have a big family and as many of them as can, still love to gather for Christmas at ”Oak Hollow”.
Ken Stilts:   One Christmas Eve at 10:30 Ken had an emergency phone call.   It was someone needing a crown to be cemented back on.  He went to his office, cleaned out the tooth and cemented the crown back on.    The patient was so thankful and wanted to pay him, but Ken said he needed to go to the office anyway because he was hiding two surf boards there and needed to get them home before Christmas morning. 
Gary:   When he and Marlene were first married, they were stationed in Maine, where it was 40 below zero, but at Christmas time they would still cut their own tree.  Marlene decorated it with blue lights, blue bulbs and angel hair; it was beautiful.  On Christmas they left for a couple of days and when they got home the tree was a skeleton with lights and angel hair, it had dried out so much.  When he went to school in Montana, they did the same thing, going through deep snow to get a tree.   One time the neighbor boy got stuck in a snow bank, and Gary plucked him out.
Crab feed meeting at 11:00 on January 9th.  April 7th is the tentative date for the Crab Feed. 
The City wants to move our Santa House sometime after the 1st of the year, so we will get over there and get everything tied down.
50/50 won by Ken Stilts....$12.00...Merry Christmas, Ken!!
    The stocking of tips for the staff at the View added up to $230.00.   Thanks to the staff for their service    over the last year.
Board meeting tomorrow here at the View at 7:30am.
Today’s meeting was very interesting and fun getting to know some of our members a little better.     If you missed it, you missed a good thing!!!
We will be dark on Dec. 26 and Jan 2.   MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all....See you next year
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DECEMBER 12, 2017
Invocation by Nick
Pledge by Prez Pete
Joke by Prez Pete....PHD....Pizza Home Delivery
Guest of Rotarian Lou - Katherine from Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce, who has visited the Club three times. 
Sarah announced that her kids foundation, Mini Santas, have found a local family to support.
January is Rotary Foundation Month; we’re going to brainstorm how to entice members to support our Foundation - a nice idea is to donate $100.00 to Morro Bay Rotary Foundation that month.
Dan received a round of applause for the Lighted Boat Parade as did Jan for receiving the PHF last week.  
Dan received and read a letter from Morro Bay Coast Guard thanking us for our support.
Tonight is the last night of the Winter Festival so Santa is going back to the North Pole.   After that, we will need to get the decorations out of the Santa House.  Dan will send out an email concerning this.
Our 1st Annual Crab Feed will be Saturday, April 7th.....come join us before our December 19th regular meeting to help get this event planned.   This will be a major fundraiser so we will need to sell tickets after the first of the year.  Tickets will be $55.00; with the hopes that each Rotarian in our Club will be able to sell five tickets.    We will also need cookies or cakes to sell and/or auction off that night.  We will have a bar with wine or beer and a 50/50 drawing as well. 
Pawsabilities for Veterans is holding a movie day at the Inn at Morro Bay on Thursday December 28th at 11 and 3 pm.   Bring the family, a pillow and a blanket and come enjoy “101 Dalmatians”.
Holly Banfield, the Choir Director at MBHS brought the Morro Bay Choir for our annual Christmas Carol program.    We sang along as the choir led us in Jingle Bells....... quite an improvement over last week!!!   We then presented the Choir with a check for $250 to help them in their efforts.   Holly was a recipient of one of our graduating senior she has come back to Morro Bay to work at our high school.  That is our Foundation dollars being put to good use!!
The 50/50 drawing was won by:   Jude
Next week we need club members to talk about Christmas traditions in their family.    Any volunteers? 
Let’s keep Pete in our thoughts and prayers as he goes in for surgery on Friday.   Also remember John Weiss who is doing very well after his surgery.  
Meeting adjourned…
Enjoy your week...see you next week to enjoy stories from our own club members.
Notes from our December 12th Rotary Meeting 2017-12-12 08:00:00Z 0
Morro Bay Rotary Meeting
December 5, 2017
Prez Pete called meeting to order
Invocation by Ken Stilts
Flag Salute by new member Lou Dubnow
Song:   A monotone version of Jingle Bells
Joke by Pete (I’ve heard it before, but still don’t remember it)
Guests of the Club today:
 Lorraine brought her son in law, Max Marple
Judy’s guest was Bonnie Jones
Mike Shaffran’s guest was our speaker, Paul Grafton
Lou Dubnow introduced, Katherine Gillen from the Chamber
Doug brought boxes to send to the troops
Matt Franklin announced we still have openings on Dec. 14 and 21 for Salvation Army Bell Ringing at Albertsons. 
We signed cards for Nancy whose brother passed away and Dan whose step father passed.   Our thoughts are with them both at this difficult time. 
  Lighted Boat Parade:   Our amazing team of Rotary carpenters, painters and decorators put the Santa     House together in two days!!!   Saturday night was wonderful, we were not in our usual location and did not sell as much hot chocolate and cookies as we usually do but it was fun and rewarding to see all the families who very much enjoyed our efforts on the Santa House.   Santa Ken also went on Sunday, and had a good visit with our Rotarian crew but we didn’t see many kids.  Santa (not Ken) will be there every night through the 12th and I think will be busier as the word gets out that we have a Santa House and the pictures are free.
The Crab Feed committee met today to make a few decisions about how we want to move forward with our first event effort.
Morro Bay Watch sent a letter of thanks for the $500.00 we donated to the Caroling Cops for their purchase of toys.
Judy is requesting members step forward to give a short talk on their favorite Christmas traditions. Please let her know if that is something you would like to do as this will be part of our December 19th Rotary program.
Melissa is interviewing applicants for RYLA tomorrow at 9:30 at the high school; she invited anyone interested to join her and help out with this.
Ken Casida drew the name to receive a PHF from the board; Jan Lewis was the big winner.  Then we drew to see who would get the first PHF from a completed quartet; Lorraine was its lucky winner.  
We then sang Happy Birthday to Gary Owens who missed this question:  What color are the berries on the mistletoe tree?  White was the correct answer; Gary was fined $10.00.
Jeff Jones was then asked and fined for his wrong answer to: When does the Orthodox Church celebrate Christmas.  Answer:   January 7th;  Jeff was fined $20.00.
Where did Saint Nickolas come from?  Turkey  No one knew - many were fined for being wrong.
Michael Shaffran introduced our speaker, Paul Graffton, who is a Naturalist working at Camp KEEP which stands for Kern
   Environmental Education Program.   Kids come from the Bakersfield area to the camp Mon - Fri. 
   One camp is located at Montana de Oro; the other camp is located in Cambria.   They offer the
   camp during school year with 120 students participating per week.  The camp’s curriculum gets
   the students out on the trails; exploring creeks, tide pools, and sand dunes; hike; find fossils;
   see elephant seals; enjoy camp fires and more.   The kids come down to Morro Rock and look at the peregrine falcons and the otters.   The program has been very beneficial in bringing kids from Kern County over to the ocean to be introduced to this wonderful area full of sea animals etc.  
Next week’s program will be the Morro Bay High School Choir under the leadership of Holly Banfield. 
Lastly, Prez Pete announced that he has been diagnosed with cancer and will be undergoing surgery at UCLA on Dec. 15th.   He plans to be there just a couple of days and will return to Rotary at the first of next year.    Our thoughts and prayers are with Pete, Kathi and their family at this time.  
Meeting adjourned ....E.Casida
Notes from our December 5th Rotary Meeting 2017-12-09 08:00:00Z 0
November 14, 2017
Prez Pete called our meeting to order
Invocation:   Judy
Pledge:         Keith George
Joke:             Pete.......
Good to have John Weiss back today.     Reported on his trip to Reno.....had a nurse with him most of the time, so he was well taken care of.   He is feeling well in spite of two recent surgeries.
Visiting Rotarians:   Patricia from out of state, Ruth Ann Angus from MB Rotary Club Sunset
Guests of Rotarians:  Teri Bayus - the Lighted Boat Parade Coordinator, Lorraine’s son-in-law Max Marple, friend of Rotary - Keith Taylor.  It was great to see Rotarian, Keith George (who was one of our clubs funniest presidents).
Carla won the free lunch; Mike Pond won a square on the PHF Board.
Jude and Matt are sharing the responsibility of getting Salvation Army Bell Ringers starting on Thursday November 30th, at Albertsons.  Please sign up for an hour or two. 
Ruth Ann talked about Peace Builders.   John Dear will be speaking at St. Timothy Church Hall in Morro Bay on November 16, at 7:00.
Terri Bayus talked about the 12 Days of Christmas.   December 3rd is our special day when we will have Mr. and Mrs. Claus, Elves, and we will sell cookies, hot choc and coffee.   We need volunteers to supply the cookies and also to pour hot chocolate. It will be a great event this year with the
Santa House and all the decorations.     There will be a special event every day during the 12 days....some especially for children.
Welcome back to Steve Carnes after having knee surgery.   He presented our Club with a check in the
amount of $6,500.00 for the car show.   Thanks to Steve, Greg and others who work this event.   A special thanks to Dave Owens for heading up the bbq.  
Cara Crye, CEO of Farm Supply was our speaker.  Cara is a 4th Generation Morro Bay resident.  She attended MBHS when Pete was Principal.   She moved out of MB for a while and has just recently come back.  Her personal view is that we are very lucky to be in this area....I’m sure we all agree with that!!   The Top Ten Value Crops in SLO County are wine grapes, strawberries, avocados, broccoli, cattle and calves, vegetable transplants, cut flowers, head lettuce, cauliflower, and lemons.  She suggests we buy local as much as we can, or even grow our own.     Farmers have an ethical way of living and are for the most part, honest, hard working, and good stewards of the land.   Backyard chickens are becoming very popular just to have the experience....not to make money.  Her first job was working at the Morro Bay Farm Supply store, where she learned invaluable lessons on work ethics and hard work.  Those have obviously paid off as she now runs the company.   Her parents are neighbors of Prez Petes. 
Next week is dark.....HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!  
COME BACK ON THE 28th..... our speaker will be Glenn Silloway speaking on Morro Bay’s military history.
Notes from our November 14, 2017 Rotary Meeting Elsie Casida 2017-11-20 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Elsie Casida
NOVEMBER 8, 2017
Invocation by Michael Shaffran
Pledge by Rick Grantham
Song was “Smile”....nice to have Steve Carnes back with his wonderful singing voice. Glad you are better, Steve.
Joke - Pete.....something about a dog

Visiting Rotarians:  None today, but lots of Guests of Rotarians including: Chief Greg Allen, Commander Jody Cox, and Sergeant Tony Mosqueda of the Morro Bay Police Department; Susan and Jim Callahan, friends of Elsie and Ken; also Claire Grantham, friend and wife of Rick. And Lou Dubnow still a visitor, was also in attendance, he is soon to be a member of the club.
Max was also with us in his Rotary jacket decorated with items commemorating all the places he has visited. If you want to talk to him, he would love to talk to you as his English is great if your French is not so good.

Next Pete asked all the veterans to stand and we gave them a round of applause in Thanks for Their Service.

Lighted Boat Parade needs our help on the 26th of November at 10:00am.  The Shed is being delivered to the Chamber building where we will put it together and paint it.  Bring a hammer and paint brush and come help, contact Dan Costley if you have any questions. Next week we will also pass around a sheet to sign up to provide cookies for us to sell at the Lighted Boat Parade event.

John Weiss had surgery last Thursday. Yesterday he was able to walk a mile around the hospital corridor and will be checking out tonight, going straight to a Rotary conference. One of his nurses at the hospital is a Rotarian and will be traveling with him.

Board meeting next Wednesday morning here at the clubhouse @ 730am.

Still have the PHF Board up to buy a square for $10.00.....when full, we will pick a number and that person will get a Paul Harris Fellow.

Jude gave an announcement about Every Rotarian Every Year and the Paul Harris Society. Flyers were placed on the tables for more
information.   The Rotary Foundation ranked third in CNBC’s annual list of “Top 10 Charities Changing the World”.
Jude won a square on the board because Pete drew her number; hopefully will be a weekly event.
Nancy Castle gave a little information on the Thanksgiving dinner to be served at the Senior Center. They really need help and also monetary donations. If you have any questions or want to help, call Nancy at 805-441-5770.

Ken Stilts won the “exemption”. He turned 76 today and has been in Rotary 47 years. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEN!!

Mike Williams won the free lunch.

Rick Grantham, who couldn’t resist throwing out some football jabs, then introduced our speaker, Captain Bob Christenson and his friend, Dale Johnson, who was the Captain’s driver today.
  Captain Christenson graduated from Annapolis in 1957. In his time in the Navy he spent
  time on destroyers, diesel submarines, and amphibious ships. He and his wife, Mary,
  live in San Luis Obispo and have three sons who are all Lutheran pastors.

  He was in Vietnam during the evacuation and said it was not our finest hour. North
  Vietnam did not honor the treaty of the Paris Peace Accords and started to go south.
  So, our plan was to evacuate the embassy by airplane or ship. However, the north
  shelled the that was not possible. Helicopters were taken wherever they
  could be found, loaded with people and left Vietnam as soon as they could. They flew
  over the ship that Captain Christenson was on, wanting to land, so they did
  accommodate them, but then had to get rid of the helicopters so more could land. They
tried pushing them over the side, but that really didn’t work, so a pilots had to take them out a few feet, jump out, and then swim to the ship as the helicopter crash landed into the ocean. The pictures of the helicopters crashing into the ocean were quite interesting and scary.

Captain Christianson’s tips for people in a position of leadership are - Know your job, show appreciation, and hold people accountable.
Doug brought packages to be mailed to veterans all over the world. If you take a box to USPS, you don’t have to sign off, it has been done.

Next week our speaker will be Cara Crye, CEO of Farm Supply. Her talk will be about agriculture in our county.

50/50 won by Ken Stilts.

Join us Friday night at the Siren for a fundraiser for “Pawsabilities for Veterans”.  Two local bands will be playing at 5-8pm and 9-12. We will be going to hear the 5-8pm band.

Thought of the day is “The two most important days of your life are ...the day you were born and the day you find out why.” Mark Twain

Remember Veterans Day....November 11th....Thank a Veteran!!

Notes from our November 8th Rotary Meeting Elsie Casida 2017-11-10 08:00:00Z 0
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Oct. 31, 2017
Invocation:   Melissa
Flag Salute:   Megan
Joke:   Pete
Visiting Rotarians:   Dick Mellinger is a Member of Passport Rotary, but he also wanted to talk about “Pawsabilities For Veterans”.  This organization buys puppies, trains them and when they are ready, gives them  to soldiers with PTSD.  They will have a fund raiser featuring two local bands on November 10th from 5 to midnight at the Siren.
Guests of Rotarians:   Scott Harp, guest of new member, Peter S;  and Lou Dubnow, guest of Andrea
Dan Costley:  announcement about help needed for the new Santa House.   We need spare pieces of lumber and red or white paint.  We can use decorations if you have extra at your home, and we will need help on Nov 18 and 19 to get the Santa House put together, painted and decorated.  Contact Dan if youre available. 
We will be receiving a check in the amount of $5,900 because of the hours we put in working at the Avocado/Margarita Festival.  Good Job!!   And Thanks to those who put in those means we had enough hours to be paid 10% of the gate. Get geared up for next year!!!
Pete updated us on Max... he went to LA this weekend with Pete and Kathi  and also went to Disneyland with a friend.  This weekend he is going to Hollywood with friends.    He has a water polo play-off game tonight at 5:00pm.
   Kudos to all those who dressed up  for Halloween!!! 
   Pete had a few Halloween questions for the group:
   Gary Englund was asked - What do you call a single vampire”     Batchelor. 
    Mike Williams was asked - Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?    No guts.
   Sarah Ketchum - Why are cemeteries noisy?   All the coffin
   Halloween is the day before what celebration?   All Saints Day?  Chuck missed it and was fined.
We have a couple of new members coming in so there will be an Orientation at 5:30 on the 9th at Lolos – please feel free to join us.
Presentation today was on Rotary International Foundation and Rotary Club of Morro Bay Foundation.  
  Chuck was the first speaker.   
  There are many programs that the Rotary International Foundation supports and of all the money
  Rotary receives, 91% is spent directly on these programs. 
  The money in the Morro Bay Rotary Foundation only comes from our club.   The Board of the
  Foundation consists of six past presidents whose mission is to provide college scholarships.  
  Our Foundation has given a total of $148,250 to 115 students.   The board independently goes
  through the applications to determine who the scholarships should go to.   Need, service,
  scholarship, activities, and intangibles are what they are scored on.  This year Chuck gave a
  perfect score to one individual who is blind....he said it was very rewarding to see her come up
  to receive her scholarship.
Sarah was next and she spoke about a plan to give to Morro Bay Rotary Foundation.  Donating a stock that might not be doing well is a good idea since you can deduct your loss as well as 50% of the value of the stock.  Talk to your CPA about what is the most efficient way to leave money to your family or to a charity. 
  Ken gave some of the history of Rotary....There are four ways
  to receive a PHF..... 1) Donate $1,000;  2) Join a Paul Harris quartet;
  3)  Buy one or more squares on the PHF board;  4) Participate in
  our March Madness Brackets.
Kasey thanked those who came to Garden House BBQ Luau.   The fundraiser raised approx $4,500. 
Nine bags of weeds were taken out of the roundabout by Mike and Pete.
Heidi won the 50/50
Next weeks program will be USN Captain Bob Christenson speaking on “The Evacuation of Saigon”.    Sounds like a great program especially since Veterans Day is Nov. 11.
Notes from our October 31st Rotary Meeting Elsie Casida 2017-11-01 07:00:00Z 0
October 24, 2017
Welcome by Pete
Invocation by Ken Stilts
Flag salute by Mike Pond
Guests:  Peter Starlings, Lou Dubnow, Scott Harp, and Teresa, a high school exchange student who is living with Melissa and Joel.
Peter Starlings, who was sponsored by Lorraine, was   inducted into the  club, and received his temporary badge.  Don led an orientation at Lolos  on Monday night, so Peter could learn more about what it means to be a Rotary member.   Glad to have you Peter.  
We need a new President Elect Nominee......anyone interested in possibly   being our president in two years, please see Pete. 
Chuck (wearing the shirt he bought in Hawaii on his honeymoon) brought his bride, Liz.   They are celebrating 61 years of marriage. 
Dan brought a bottle of Kelsey Winery wine “The Alma” he received at the Maritime Museum event, which he auctioned off for $55.00.   Enjoy, Carla. 
Next week we will be starting the “PHF Board”, the winner of which will receive a Paul Harris Fellow.   A square can be bought for $10.00.   When all squares have been sold, a number will be drawn to determine the winner.
Thursday night will be roundabout cleanup at 5:00; please show up and help clean up the gateway to our lovely city. 
We took up a collection for National Polio Day.
Birthdays.....Mary Leizear and Dale Redell. 
Nick and Becky Mendoza visited Paris, Florence, Rome and many other places on their vacation to Europe.  A trip Nick had promised to Becky years ago.   Nick was asked a baseball question and knew the answer so didn’t have to pay his fine.
Chief Knuckles brought pamphlets on Health Screenings etc. being held at the Morro Bay Fire Station on Sunday, Oct. 29th.
Guest speaker today was Ann Kitajama, who is with the Morro Bay National      Estuary Program.  She said there are 28 national estuary programs. Morro Bays Estuary consists of 2300 acres, and the Morro Bay Watershed has  48,000 acres.  The Program monitors the waters of the estuary and the creeks that drain into it to see if they are healthy enough to support wildlife.    The
nitrate status in the watershed creeks is also monitored to ensure that the water is not too heavy on nitrates because that can stimulate algae growth, which may consume too much oxygen.  Volunteers collect samples and conduct analysis monthly at eight bay-shoreline sites to determine if bay waters are safe for swimming.
Ann thanked our club for supporting the Mitts for the Bay program.   There are 27 dispensers in the Bay area, with about 358,600 bags taken each year.   
The $29.00 50/50 was won by Mike Pond. 
Next week Ken Casida and Chuck Clarke will be talking about the Rotary Foundation and the MB Foundation.     Come and learn more about this important program in Rotary.
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Posted by Elsie Casida on Oct 21, 2017
October 17, 2017
President Pete called meeting to order
Invocation by Dan Costley
Pledge to the American Flag:  Pete
Song:   Take me out to the Ball Game
Joke:  By Prez Pete ”Where did we come from?”
Guests of Rotarians:   Andrea invited Lou Dubnow, a Sales Associate with Coldwell Banker.    Judy introduced our speaker, Kenneth Foran and his wife, Gretchen. 
An update on a few of our members:   Seneca is doing well and has joined the Morro Bay Sunset Club, Syd Symington is doing narration for audio books in a studio in his home, and Sid Bennett and his wife are busy taking care of each other.  Steve Carnes will be out for a few weeks with knee replacement surgery.
Andrea Turnquist was given her yellow badge!!! She has has proven to be quite the active member!!!  Thanks Andrea!!
Pete passed out an email about a Rotary Tour of New Zealand which will be in April of next year.   They had a successful tour in 2017 and would like to do it again with Rotarians from California and Texas.
The survey has come to us via email again.   The results of the last survey were a +65 satisfaction result.   We had 13% participation and would like to have more than that, so please take a couple of minutes to fill it out next month and make a comment if you would like. 
Judy said the Maritime Museum has finished most of the requirements from the City and will soon be breaking ground .  They will be having a celebration aboard the Chablis Friday night for the 1542 Club.   Dan and Linda will be going to represent our Club. 
Congratulations to Chuck and Liz who have been married 61 years.   Wow!!    You are an inspiration to all of us!!
Pete had lots of baseball questions to ask members and guests.  Lou batted 1000% on his questions, Mike Williams not so good and Ken Casida was fined $20.00 for his incorrect answer.
Our speaker today, Kenneth Foran is a World Master Model Builder, who creates scratch built models including horse drawn vehicles, aircrafts, boats and automobiles. 
He has built a detailed model of the abalone diving boat “Dirty Dozen” which will have its home in the Maritime Museum.  The boat, which was too badly deteriorated to save,  was to be destroyed in June of 2016 so Judy contacted Kenneth to ask him if he could make a model of the “Dirty Dozen”.   He agreed to do it and the day before it was to be torn apart, he spent two hours measuring and photographing the boat so he could make an identical model.   He brought the model to Rotary in complete detail, including nets, abalone, men, and divers helmet, so we could enjoy getting a closer look.  It was amazing; and we are so thankful we will be able to have it displayed in the Maritime Museum.  
Kenneth said he has been interested in making models since he was 10 years old.   He has written a book on the art of model making, and has instructive videos as well.   It was a fascinating program……Thanks to Judy for bringing the Forans.
We passed around a tin and collected $145.00 to help with the Santa Rosa fire relief efforts.
Nancy won the 50/50
Next week’s program will be Ann Kitajama with the National Estuary Program.   Her topic will be the “Health of the Bay”.   Come join your Rotary friends for this program.
Notes from our October 17th Rotary Meeting Elsie Casida 2017-10-21 07:00:00Z 0
Morro Bay Rotary Club Meeting
October 11, 2017
Invocation by:   Michael Shaffron
Pledge to the Flag:  Don Doubledee
Song:  The Rotary Song
Joke:   Pete, a pharmacist/hiccups joke
The Swimming Pool is now officially open at Morro Bay High School.   Max will have his first water polo match tomorrow at 4:30.
Pete read an email about a tour to Australia/New Zealand with Rotarians from California and Texas.   Will find out more later and provide additional information,  sounds like a fun trip. 
Guests of Rotarians:  
Angel Ortiz, Lieutenant Colonel Commander, Camp San Luis Obispo.  Andrea brought her friend, Lou for the second time, and Lorraine brought Pete Starlings.    Megan brought her daughter, Lilly.
Heidi made an announcement about PRLS.
Melissa has the exemption this month and took advantage of it by encouraging us to have massage for body pain instead of taking drugs.    Support our local Rotarians. 
The District Conference was last weekend.   Pete said Max had a good time, Max is quite the dancer.   John Weiss said there were over 300 in attendance on Saturday night.   There are 72 clubs in the District.
Don Doubledee celebrated his birthday at the Harbor Festival last weekend and was fined $20.00.
Angel Ortiz thanked our club for the $5,000.00 we donated to Puerto Rico to help with hurricane relief.   He said that floods, fires, earthquakes and riots are the four huge problems currently happening in this state.    Camp San Luis helps in all these unfortunate events.   The National Guard is being used in Puerto Rico along with FEMA resources.  He said the fires in California are devastating and we need to remember to pray for all those involved. 
Casey Watson from Garden House gave a Craft Talk.  Garden House, built in 1998, was started because of the vision of two ladies who saw the need for care for individuals with dementia.   It is an assisted living residence and started with just five residents.    Now they have 15 residents and employ 22 staff members.   Most residents now are veterans or spouses of veterans.    Resources available to the residents include Podiatrists, beauticians, entertainers, exercise classes etc.  Typically, residents will stay 2-1/2 years.  Students at Cuesta and Cal Poly come to work and learn.  It is a non-profit and fortunately they have several families who like to help Garden House financially and other ways.  Grade school kids come and read to the residents.    They will be having a luau fundraiser Sunday afternoon from 3:00 - 7:00 at a cost of $20.00.   You can either take dinner out or stay and eat there.  
A master model builder will be our program next week.
Matt won the 50/50
It’s a Beautiful Day in Morro Bay…..Enjoy. 


Notes from our October 11, 2017 Rotary Meeting 2017-10-13 07:00:00Z 0
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September 12, 2017
Morro Bay Fire Station
We had a wonderful lunch provided by Meredith of the Brickhouse BBQ followed by an informative talk by Fire Marshall, Matt Vierra.   Those who wanted to, were given a tour of the facility.
Jude then gave a short presentation about the Morro Bay Library.   Jude is a retired librarian and is now a member of the Friends of the Library.    We walked across the street and were given a tour of the library.  
September 19, 2017
Mike Pond opened our meeting in Prez Pete’s absence.    Meet and Great time, find out something new about the people at your table.  It was Matt Franklin‘s birthday, he was fined $20.00.
Invocation by Michael Shaffron
Flag salute by Jan Lewis
Guests of Rotarians:   Claire Grantham who will be giving flu shots at our October 3rd meeting.   Lorraine’s guest, Peter Starling.
Judy announced that the Garden House is having a fund raiser on October 15th with lots of food, music, and good times!!
Doug brought boxes for vets…. $17.35 each box…. Very much appreciated by veterans receiving them. 
District Conference is coming up…..we have a good representation of attending members from our club. 
Bill Peirce made announcement about Shelter Boxes for people affected by the recent Hurricanes.  If you want to help hurricane victims, it is a good organization.  Email or call Bill with your thoughts about what you would like to do to help with hurricane relief.  Dan is still working on having a pancake breakfast to raise funds for the relief efforts as well.
Interact Club Rush is Thursday at 12:20 at the high school….we had several volunteers step up to be there since Melissa is not going to be able to attend. 
Fines:   Chuck for having his picture in a magazine was fined $20.00;  Every LBP committee member who didn’t show for meeting today was fined $5.00; Rick Grantham had HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the jumbo-tron at the Rams game, and Claire for sitting with Eric Dickerson on a train was fined $35.00; Nick is going to Europe for 3 weeks was fined $10.00; Jamie for having golf clubs in her car was fined $10.00.
Craft talk by Mary Leizear - introduced by Rick Grantham…  Mary started dog sitting when she was still working, so when she  retired she had a side job.   She was concerned that she would become a “little old lady with no money who can’t go anywhere” so dog sitting has been a great way for her to earn vacation money and meet wonderful people and dogs/cats.   When she sits for Rick and Claire’s family, Rick makes sure there is food in the refrigerator.   She loves to travel so it helps pay for her many wonderful trips.
Mike Pond was the next speaker providing information as John’s Assistant District Governor.  The hierarchy is there are four Executive Assistant Governors, then there is the Assistant District Governor, a Club’s President is next and then the Club’s members.  Mike said he enjoys seeing what is going on in each of the ten clubs he oversees.   He makes sure each club makes goals for the year and then works to accomplish them.   He is also a troubleshooter for the clubs.   He has Club 11 meetings with all ten club presidents and himself which has been very beneficial.      He also drives John around and introduces him at meetings - one time when it was 119 degrees out!!   The Assistant District Governors and the Executive District Governors select the District Governor Elect.
50/50 won by Andrea Turnquist.
See you next week.   ECasida
Notes from our September 12th & 19th Rotary Meetings Elsie Casida 2017-09-23 07:00:00Z 0
Invocation by Dan Costley
Flag Salute by Nancy
Song was “ROTARY”
Pete’s Joke ….. a sad one about a poor old mule
Guests of Rotarians: 
Lorraine’s friend….Peter Starling
John Solu brought his wife, Joni
Visiting Rotarians:
Irene and Bill Wells from San Diego
Barbara Hinckle from Fresno
Pete said Max is doing great in school and all other aspects of his life.  His first water polo match is coming soon.  He eats a lot and Loves desserts. 
Next week we will be at the Fire Station ….Jamie passed around the sign-up sheet.   You can choose chicken, tri tip or salad.  
Doug brought boxes to send to our troops… costs $17.35 to send, and is very appreciated by those who receive them.   Each box contains special items requested by a veteran.
John Weiss will be doing a speech at Rotaract tonight at 6:00 in SLO we are all encouraged to attend.
The Avocado/Margarita Festival is this weekend.   If you signed up, you should have received an email by now to let you know where to go and who to connect with on Saturday.  If you haven’t, contact Jamie immediately.
Along with our help, Dan will be organizing a pancake breakfast on the September 16th to raise money for the Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts.    It will be at St. Josephs Hall …..start serving at 8:00am.   Pancake batter has been donated by Carla’s Kitchen.   Come, help, eat and donate to the cause. 
Judy introduced our speaker today….Glenn Silloway who is the President of the Historical Society….   
Notes from our September 5th Rotary Meeting 2017-09-08 07:00:00Z 0
AUGUST 29, 2017
Invocation by Nick
Flag Salute by Pete
Joke by Pete
Guests of Rotarians:
Lorraine’s friend…..Peter Starling
Judy’s daughter, Jodie who moved over here from Bakersfield and is now working at The Garden House.
Teri Bayus who has been hired by the City to help with the Lighted Boat Parade.   
Another meeting with Lighted Boat Parade committee is set for next Tuesday, Sept 5ht before Rotary at 11:00.
We can donate to help Houston through our own Rotary Foundation.  Dan brought a check from Linda in the amount of $100.00 as a kick off for our Club’s Hurricane Relief Fund.   We all need to be careful that we donate to an organization where our money is put to the best use….…Rotary is a good place to give any donation.
We will NOT be meeting at the View on September 12th…..We will instead be at the Fire Department, with Chief Knuckles as our speaker.     We need signups to know how many sandwiches to buy at Brickhouse Bbq.  We will also have chips, cookies and drinks.   The cost will be $10.00 like an ordinary meeting.   After eating, we will go across the street to visit the library.  
We are booked for programs through December; if you know someone who would be a good speaker for a meeting, please let Pete or Judy know.
Judy introduced Erica Crawford, Executive Director of the MB Chamber of Commerce.     Their newly revised website will be coming together in October which will prove to be more informative.   They also run the Visitors Center who gives great customer service to visitors in our community.   They also organize and maintain the Main Street Farmers Market.  Erica also encouraged all local business owners to get in touch with her, she’d love to hear people’s concerns, ideas, as well as get to know them.
Notes from our August 29th Rotary Meeting Elsie Casida 2017-09-03 07:00:00Z 0
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AUGUST 22, 2017
Meeting called to order by President Pete
Invocation by Michael Shaffron
Pledge of Allegiance:  Jude
Song:   “Take me out to the Ballgame”
Joke:   Pete
Guests of Rotarians:     Claire Grantham
Guest Rotarians: Sherry Sims who made an announcement about the pancake breakfast in Cayucos on Labor Day; Chef Dan will be doing the cooking; sausages are donated by Dorn’s.  Ruth Ann who introduced our special speaker - Dr. Raffy Dorian.  Janice Peters who made an announcement about the plays at the Episcopal Church, By the Sea Productions; 2 classic thrillers will be performed September 1-3.   
Gary Dove and Jim Quesenberry from the Los Osos Club were here to announce their Family Fun Fair “Old Goats and Little Kids”.  It is an Annual Event celebrating Grandparent’s Day, September 10 at the South Bay Community Center in Los Osos.    Admission Free!!!
Mike Pond said he has injured his shoulder, so if someone else could head up the roundabout cleaning,  that would be good, otherwise we will wait until Mike is ready to come back.   We had several volunteers, so we will clean up this coming Saturday.
Notes from our August 22nd Rotary Meeting Elsie Casida 2017-08-27 07:00:00Z 0


Meeting called to order by President Pete

Invocation by:   Michael Shaffron

Pledge Allegiance to the Flag by:   Gary England

Joke By:   Pete

Song:   The Rotary Song…  (we are getting better…  I think)

Guest Rotarians:   Julie Jenkins from Cambria, Ruth Ann from MB Sunset, and our good friend, Deepa.

Guests of Rotarians:  Melissa brought Stella and Teresa, an exchange student from Spain who is staying with Melissa while she is attending her sophomore year of high school.  Heidi’s son Noah was with us again, Linda brought Dan and Pete introduced Max, our Rotary exchange student from France.

John Weiss thanked everyone for the cards and well wishes.  He said he is doing much better after having major surgery…  May have additional medical needs, will know more later.   A special thanks to Deepa who has helped by driving him around. 

Jamie passed around the sign-up sheet for the Margarita Festival.  She also has posters that need to be put up in local businesses if you know anyone who can use one.

Heidi made an announcement about PRLS….  Introduction to PRLS will be in Santa Maria on Sept. 22 from 2:30 - 4:30.

Board meeting tomorrow morning at 7:30 at the View. 

Mike said there is another roundabout cleanup on August 26 at 9am.   Please remember that date and come to help.

Pete drew several badge numbers to give away a free lunch, but the owners of the numbers were absent.  
Flags were exchanged between Max and our Club.  

Notes from our August 15th Rotary Meeting 2017-08-17 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Elsie Casida on Aug 13, 2017

Call to order by President Pete

Invocation:  Jude

Pledge to our Flag:   Megan                                     

Song:           Smile……led by Steve

Joke:            Pete

Guests:  Claire and two of the Grantham’s grandsons… Our New Police Chief, Greg Allen...  Carla‘s daughter, Brooke…  Lorraine’s friend, Pete…   Dan’s wife, Linda  

Rich updated us on John….he is doing well expecting results from tests soon.   Looking for visitors…… feel free to drop by, but please call first.

Max comes tomorrow at 2:50pm SLO Airport…….come to airport if able….Pete will be updating us on his arrival time. 

Notes from our August 8th Rotary Meeting Elsie Casida 2017-08-13 07:00:00Z 0
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ROTARY MEETING…August 1,2017…….

Invocation:   Ken Stilts

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag:  Matt Franklin

Song:  Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Joke:   Pete

Visiting Rotarians:   Mary Helen and Kathleen from Palm Desert…  Heidi’s son, Noah…  Claire Grantham… Linda Costly…  Lorraine’s friend, Pete Starlings…  Matt Vierra, new MB Fire Marshall….

Fines:   Dan for $10.00, Birthday fines, Ken, Mike, Judy and Jude…  Mike and Kens to be paid by Pete since he forgot them.  

John Weiss is out of the hospital…. Had an eight pound mass removed…. Please call before coming to visit…. He will need lots of rest.  

Jill was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow from the Club.   Heidi received a pin, Ken Stilts, who gave Heidi her PHF,  received a pin.

Notes from our August 1st Rotary Meeting Elsie Casida 2017-08-12 07:00:00Z 0
Our Club Meeting was called to order by President Pete.
Invocation by Melissa Davis
Pledge to the Flag by Forrest
Joke by Pete
Song was R-O-T-A-R-Y……. We didn’t really know the song but it
seemed to be the melody of the Mickey Mouse song. I think we
could do better next time.

Club Bulletin - July 25th MB Rotary Elsie Casida 2017-07-25 07:00:00Z 0
Congrats to Mike Williams on receiving a Paul Harris Service Fellow presented by our very own DG John Weiss.  Mike works tirelessly to fundraise for Project Surf Camp, a local non-profit that provides beach and surfing access to disabled and at risk youth and their families.  This year Mike and his crew presented PSC with over $5,000.  Mike is also one of the first to volunteer for all of our Club's fundraising efforts.  Thanks for all you do on behalf of our Club Mike!!!
Congratulations Mike W on your Paul Harris Service Fellow Jamie Boucher 2017-07-11 07:00:00Z 0
Club Bulletin for June 16, 2015 2015-06-18 07:00:00Z 0
Club Bulletin for June 2, 2015 Andrea Lueker 2015-06-11 07:00:00Z 0
Bulletin May 19th 2015 Andrea Lueker 2015-05-21 07:00:00Z 0
Club Bulletin May 12th 2015 Andrea Lueker 2015-05-19 07:00:00Z 0
MB Club Bulletin April 14th 2015 Andrea Lueker 2015-05-10 00:00:00Z 0
Copy of Club Bulletins March 31st and April 7th Andrea Lueker 2015-04-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Andrea Lueker on Feb 08, 2015

Rotary Club of Morro Bay

Bulletin – February 3, 2015

Warm sunny, golfing weather.

Chicken sandwich, a lovely salad with just abit of dressing (yea), pasta and apple pie and ice cream – welcome Morro Bay Rotary Club to the Golf Course.

President Nick wore matching shades of blue!

The lovely and talented President Nick

The lovely and talented Ken Stilts

Clearly Sid no longer loves us, no Sid, no song.

Former MB Rotarian and member of the Lake Oswego Club in Oregon – none other than Skip Barnhart
Jan Lewis  (Elsie’s friend)
John LePlante (Forest’s friend)
Lori French  (becoming a member TODAY)
Hankmo Roth
Honorary Rotarian Maya
Mary Helen Keller from the Palm Desert Club

We were pleased to formally induct Lori French who was formerly with the Eco Rotary Club.  Lori is heavily involved in the Morro Bay Fishing Community, she is married to Jeff, a second generation commercial fisherman and has two sons, Loren who is an architect waiting to be hired and working commercial fishing in the meantime and Drew who is a computer engineer.  Lori has a lot of interests including swimming, avocado wrangling and chicken ranching.  In her spare time (haha) she writes for National Fishermen Magazine.

None today.

Not Today

~Jamie B announced tickets for Evening at Heart were sold out, but you could probably score one on eBay.
~Rick Grantham asked for people who would be willing to occasionally drive the Fenderson’s to the doctors.
~President Nick talked about the Steps Conference and the Rotary Foundation Gala, where his wife won her very own Paul Harris fellow.  He also announced the Goleta ~Daytime Club was going to continue the work Morro Bay Club started in Sri Lanka. 
~We also celebrated birthdays of John Weiss, Debra Garcia, Heidi Kimbrell, Jack Barrett and Bryan Griffiths.

John LePlante had too many to write down!!!  Still laughing...

March 2015 – 4-Way Essay Test, District Assembly
April 11, 2015 – Business Planning & Project Management (Embassy Suites, SLO)
April 17-19, 2015 - RYLA
May 1-3, 2015 – Morro Bay Car Show
May 8, 2015 – Golf Tournament at Morro Bay Golf Course
June 2015 – Demotion/Induction Party
August / September 2015 – Fish Fry

None today.

No action here.

Forest Ratchford, spoke about being in the Peace Corps.  He had two tours, one in Romania and one in St. Lucia.  The Peace Corps promotes world peace and friendship, working on training locals of developing countries, promoting both our culture and their cultures.  There are many areas the Peace Corps focus on including education, health, and youth in development, environment and economic development.  Peace Corps is in 140 countries with over 220,000 volunteers.  The application process takes about 1.5 years and once in the Peace Corps you can leave at any time, without any questions asked.  The attrition rate is about 25%.  John LePlante then followed Forrest and talked about his experience in the Peace Corps.

President Nick closed the meeting, Happy Trails All!

BULLETIN - FEBRUARY 3, 2015 Andrea Lueker 2015-02-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Andrea Lueker on Feb 08, 2015

Rotary Club of Morro Bay
Bulletin – January 27, 2015

Where’s winter Waldo?

Our last lunch here was Tamale Pie……

President Nick wore his Seattle Seahawks colors again today, spicy green and blue.   

The lovely and talented Doug Riddell.

The lovely and talented Maria O’Reilly.

No Sid, No Song, No Happiness. 

Seneca brought a trio of guests including, Colia Anguarer, Jewell Armand and Michael Kimbrell
Elsie brought Jan Lewis
Forest brought Serena Ratchford
Dean Hiam from Los Osos Club selling Superbowl Squares
Bob Scott from Ontario Canada and his wife Honorary Member Ann Scott
Our speaker for the day - Chris Cameron

None today.

None today.

Not Today.

~Jamie B announced tickets for Evening at Heart were still available, but going fast.
~President Nick announced that Carla Wixom had successfully been upgraded to a yellow badge.
~President Nick announced Carol Furtado as Rotarian of the Month.
~President Nick reminded the Club about the Central Coast Golf Classic on May 8th.
~Lori French reminded the Club of the Central Coast Women for Fisheries Albacore Enchilada fundraiser on January 31, 2015.
~Don Doubledee announced that he still had some Lighted Boat Parade t-shirts.
~We also celebrated the birthdays of Chuck Clarke and Alan Williams.

Right after the Falcon make a deposit on the carpet, Chris Cameron stated “This is the last meeting here so what do we care”.  He then quickly apologized, but everyone chuckled. 

February 7, 2015 – Planned Public Speaking (Embassy Suites, SLO)
February 7, 2015 – Evening with Heart
March 2015 – 4-Way Essay Test, District Assembly
April 11, 2015 – Business Planning & Project Management (Embassy Suites, SLO)
April 17-19, 2015 - RYLA
May 1-3, 2015 – Morro Bay Car Show
May 8, 2015 – Golf Tournament at Morro Bay Golf Course
June 2015 – Demotion/Induction Party
August/September 2015 – Fish Fry

Not today.

No action here.

Chris Cameron, the Director of Camp Ocean Pines spoke today as a Falconer.  Falconry is an ancient art, but with the onset of guns and art of falconry was almost lost.  Today in California there are about 500 falconers and in order to be one you need a number of licenses and permits.  In addition, all falconers start out as apprentices, working with someone until they can past a test.  Chris brought two falcons to the meeting and showed the various similarities and differences.  Chris, as usual, provided an entertaining and exciting program!

Doug Riddell was the big winner of the 50/50!
President Nick closed the meeting, Happy Trails All!

BULLETIN - JANUARY 27, 2015 Andrea Lueker 2015-02-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Andrea Lueker on Jan 27, 2015

Rotary Club of Morro Bay Bulletin      – January 20, 2015

Warm, sunny, abit of wind, no rain.

Chicken, noodles, wonderful broccoli, peas and carrots and apple cobbler.    

President Nick secretly concealed his tie today, but there seemed to be some blue stripes sneaking out beneath a black sweater. 

The lovely and talented Rotary Club of Morro Bay

The lovely and talented Jude

Sid supplied the words to a song that we sang……well.

Liz Patrina, Virgs Landing
Jesse Landry
Len and Midge Gentieu
Brian Swartz
Dani Tope
Honorary Member Maya

Forrest Ratchford was inducted into the club.  Originally from Tennessee, he and his wife, Serena, have just relocated to Morro Bay from Harlington, Texas to operate a dental practice in Morro Bay.  Forrest also talked abit about his time spent in the Peace Corps in Romania

None today.

Not Today

~President Nick shared that for the next few meetings we really needed to focus on the Paul Harris board. 
~President Nick announced that he attended the mid-term meeting and our club was recognized for membership and in turn President Nick recognized Don Doubledee for this work. 
~The Club received a check from the Harbor Festival for our volunteer work.
~Andrea reminded the Club about the Chamber Installation Dinner scheduled for this Friday night.  Morro Bay Citizen of the Year, Business of the Year and the Living Treasure will all be recognized.  Tickets are on sale at $50 each.
~President Nick talked about the 4-Way Essay Test that is being overseen by Heidi, Tom and Andrea.
~Elsie announced a Valentine’s Day Social scheduled for Thursday, February 12th at Carla’s Country Kitchen.
~Andrea announced that her student Ariana Elegado, was feathered in the Newspaper for her great game at Cal Poly, she plays for Honorary Rotarian Faith Mimnaugh. 
~Jamie B announced tickets for Evening at Heart were still available, but going fast.
~President Nick reminded the club of the Board meeting on January 21, 2015 @ 730am at Carla’s.
~Lori French reminded the Club of the Central Coast Women for Fisheries Albacore Enchilada fundraiser on January 31, 2015.
~Don Doubledee announced that he still had some lighted boat parade t-shirts.

The Club that plays together, stays together – Elsie. 



January 23, 2015, Chamber Installation Dinner
February 7, 2015 – Planned Public Speaking (Embassy Suites, SLO)
February 7, 2015 – Evening with Heart
March 2015 – 4-Way Essay Test, District Assembly
April 11, 2015 – Business Planning & Project Management (Embassy Suites, SLO)
April 17-19, 2015 - RYLA
May 1-3, 2015 – Morro Bay Car Show
May 8, 2015 – Golf Tournament at Morro Bay Golf Course
June 2015 – Demotion/Induction Party
August/Sept 2015 – Fish Fry

Not today.

See above.


Judy introduced Len Gentieu and his wife Midge.  Len and Midge own the Pappagallo Motor Yacht in the harbor.  Len has recently finished a book entitled Chasing the Heat which follows his very interesting and diverse cooking career.  Len shared that there are 3 things that he stresses in the book and those are:

            1.         The importance of being persistent.
            2.         The amount of behind the scenes support there is at successful restaurants
            3.         The importance of encouraging restaurant workers.

Len shared that the book started when they landed (sailed into) Morro Bay after a difficult voyage of 19 hours.  He said that he was greeted at the dock by one of the City fathers in a none too welcoming manner – however, since that time he has gotten to be friends with this, so far, unnamed resident.  Len shared a story from his Army days in Korea, when he was asked to cook for a high ranking official, he told a hilarious account of cooking meat and vegetables on a saber and everything going well, until……..things didn’t go well and he had to put out a large fire with a bottle of seltzer.  Afterward he told us that one of high ranking staffers came to the Len’s “hooch” (read home) and Len thought that it was for discipline, but it turned out the he was complimented on his efforts.  Len shared that moment was his finest in the Army, where he learned what true leadership was. 

Matt Franklin was the big winner of the 50/50…..again!
President Nick closed the meeting, Happy Trails All!

Bulletin - January 20, 2015 Andrea Lueker 2015-01-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Jun 07, 2014


As this Rotary year winds down, I just wanted to say thanks to Elsie, Judy and Don for helping me get out as many bulletins as we could this year!!!  Couldn't have done it without you...

What a treat it was to see Frank Martinez last week...  I can honestly say that you have been greatly missed Frank and I for one hope we are able to see more of you in the coming months/year!!!  For those of you who weren't able to be there - we finally were able to hear the end of Frank's Craft Talk - I think anyway, truth be told, I think if given the opportunity, Frank has plenty more stories he could tell - some of them even appropriate... and yes, Frank sounded great and looked even better!!! 

DEMOTION:  Prez David's Demotion is still scheduled for Wednesday, June 25th @ St. Tim's beginning at 530pm...  Please contact Jamie if you plan on attending and haven't rsvp'd...  and yes, can always use some help - again, contact Jamie if you have some spare time that afternoon... 

PROJECT SURF CAMP - Saturday, August 2nd @ Coleman Beach...  arriving at 8am; go thru an orientation; dress the kids in their wet suits; warm-up; and then get in the water with kids (for those of you who don't have a wet suit, they have some you can borrow)...  please contact Jamie if you are able to attend!!!  Friends and family are also welcome to come and help!!!

Programs that I wasn't able to write up but wanted to acknowledge - got to listen to Hal Abrams talk about the "birthing" of a local radio station - 97.3 Estero Bay Community Radio...  Fellow Rotarians Judy Salamacha, Amy Christey, and Steve Knuckles either have programs or speak on a pretty regular basis...  They were at the Music Fest yesterday and kept us entertained in between sets...  Way to go Hal and team!!!    We were treated to our annual FFA BBQ while we listened to Andy, Ayla, Bailey, Keely and Holly talk about their amazing and life changing experiences at this year's RYLA Conference.  They all expressed their appreciation to Rotary for helping to make their experience possible.  Ron Rasmussen told us all about the Elfin Forest Natural Area - its history, its flora and its fauna...  having once lived at the end of 15th Street and calling the Elfin Forest my front yard, I can attest to its beauty!!  Leigh Livick told us all about her trip to Nepal as an ambassador for Hand in Nepal; an organization we have sponsored over the years...  its always heartwarming to hear how others are helping children worldwide and how we were able to play a part in making that happen...  Leigh - you inspire us!!

During our Craft Talk - we also got to know Maria O'Reilly better...  talk about involved - she not only is a member of Rotary, she is also current President of the Quota Club, is a member of the Estero Bay Newcombers, and an avid quilter (Claire Grantham - are you listening??)

That's it for this article - please keep reading about our incredibly successful Golf Tournament with special thanks to John Weiss and Dan Costely for all their hard work!!  and also read an article written by Elsie about the Assistance League - I missed that program and from what I can tell - I missed out on learning about an amazing organization...

later...    j

A little of this and a little of that... worth a read... Jamie Boucher 2014-06-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on May 12, 2014

What a perfect day for the 6th Annual Morro Bay Rotary and EcoRotary Golf Extravaganza!!  13 Teams took to the course at 815am with a shot gun start; played a round of enjoyable and for many, competitive golf, finishing with a wonderful breakfast and Awards Ceremony.   Fellow Morro Bay Rotarians Ken Casida (and son-in-law), Steve Carnes (and wife), Heidi Kimbrell (and son), John Weiss, Jamie Boucher (and husband and son), Gregg Kauffman, Nick Mendoza, Ken Stilts (and sons) all took part in the tourney.  None of this could have taken place without all the help from John Weiss (sponsor and raffle prize getter extraordinaire), Dan Costley (who was also able to procure sponsors, a golf club, and gift certificates as well as was responsible for getting a Los Osos and a Cayucos team to enter).  Let us not forget Chuck Clarke, Bill Peirce, Jeff Jones, Jude Long, Don Doubledee, Sid Symington, Nancy Ford and Dan's better half - Linda for all the help morning of!!!  The Mendoza / Sela / Galvez / Martinez Team (yes - our that would be Nick Mendoza's team) dethroned the 3-time champion (that would be the "yours truly team") to take home the 1st Place Trophy, they were followed by the Holdstock & Friends Team in 2nd with the John Weiss / Tobin / Tobin / Tobin / Candella team taking 3rd...  (the Bouchers were not only dethroned but shut out...)  Long Drive went to Deanna Richards from the Los Osos Rotary Team (yes, she out drove all the guys - and if she hadn't, then Rita Carnes would have won - also outdriving all the guys).  Closest to the Pin honors went to Ken Stilts, Jr...  It was a wonderful day, supporting our many causes - none of which could have been done without all the help and support - so THANKS TO ALL!!!

Another Sucessful Rotary Golf Extravaganza!!! Jamie Boucher 2014-05-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Elsie Casida on Apr 28, 2014

Our April 29th meeting was called to order by Prez Dave who also presented the weekly joke.   We collected a few fines by asking questions from the new Rotarian magazine.

Guests included Gail Stoneburg with the Assistance League and a fellow Rotarian from Los Osos.


PRLS is being held at Upper Crust in SLO on June 21st; contact Heidi K if you are interested.

ROUNDABOUT CLEANUP TOMORROW....Wednesday April 30th…  contact Mike P for details or heck, just show up – you’ll be welcomed with open arms!!!.

CAR SHOW on May 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.   We need more people to work the booths, set up and clean up, etc – this is a fundraiser for Rotary and an event that we’ve helped at for years – if available, please volunteer to help.

The GOLF TOURNAMENT is scheduled for May 10th at Sea Pines.   We need more participants and would appreciate it if some Rotarians would pay for a high school golf team member to play.     Right now we have nine teams... Fivesomes... $55.00/ person

Gary Owens said he needs help to cut meat Friday night for the Car Show BBQ

PROJECT SURF CAMP coming up on Saturday, August 2nd – an amazing experience that we hope you’ll take part in!!!.

Gail Stoneburg, a member of the Assistance League, was the speaker for today. The Assistance League is a non-profit organization with no paid staff.  She says that 43% of the children in MORRO BAY schools are below the poverty line which means that a family of four makes $24,000/year or less.  The Assistance League was able to provide 1560 children with enough clothes for the school year as well as provide them with a hygiene kit.  Since 1995, 22,000 children have been clothed by the Assistance League.  They have concentrated their efforts on Kindergarten through 6th grade but recently have included middle schoolers.  Next school year they have plans to include high schoolers.

No one else in the county is doing this.  Last year a teacher at MBHS began collecting clothes for high schoolers and also provided space for the clothes to be stored until they could be distributed.  She knew there were at least 11 high schoolers in desperate need.  Next year, the Assistance League plans to take the entire program retail shopping.  At this time they have a bungalow to service the kids with financial needs but next year, unfortunately they won’t have that facility so they are going to retail stores to buy clearance items - Kohls and Old Navy have generously offered to help out.   Each high schooler will be given $150.00 to spend on sale items in these two stores.  A member of the Assistance League goes with them.  For some, it could be their first ever shopping experience.   Why new clothes?   It gives the child self-confidence which helps them concentrate on their grades.

There is a special program for children with more severe needs and/or are homeless.  These recipients are selected by school counselors.

Even though our economy is improving, there are still many families in our area with needs.   The Assistance League has less than 100 members in SLO who do their own fund raising and give as many as 15,000 volunteer hours back to the community.   They write 20 to 30 grants each year and end up receiving about half of them.

They are holding a fundraising event on October 18th; it is a Fashion Show and Luncheon.    In order to fund their program, they need $70.00 for each K through 6th grade child, and $100.00 for middle schoolers and high schoolers.  They will clothe 1500 children each year.  The highest numbers of children below the poverty line are in Oceano and Morro Bay with 226 children living below poverty line at our very own Del Mar Elementary School.

Mike Pond reported on a RYLA trip. .. 250 students in total attended.    He had lunch with the group from MBHS..........Good time was had by all.

Meet at MBHS next week.   Come and bring a guest.  FFA will be serving lunch.


The Assistance League doing their Part for Children Elsie Casida 2014-04-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Apr 17, 2014

Join us for a fun filled Golf Tournament at Sea Pines Golf Course on Saturday, May 10th...  check in at 730am; shot gun start at 815am; best ball format...  Bring a 4'some or come solo and we'll team you up...  everybody will have the privilege of golfing with a MBHS student athlete - its always a fun time!!  Afterwards there will be awards, raffles, and a breakfast buffet...  Entry fee is $55/player; entries are due by Wednesday, May 7th...   Hope to see you there!!!

Not a golfer - feel free to sponsor a MBHS Golfer for $55; a T-shirt sponsor for $100; a Tee sponsor for $250...                                      not into that but have "goodies" to fill the golfer goodie bags with??  We'll take them!!!  Contact Jamie, John or Dan...

Thanks for listening...   contact one of us for an entry / sponsor form!!! (or you can download it from our MB Rotary Clubrunner site!!!)

Jamie B, John W and Dan C

6th Annual MB Rotary / Eco Rotary Golf Tournament Jamie Boucher 2014-04-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Apr 17, 2014

So what can you do with computers you no longer have a use for??  Maybe they’re a bit too slow for your liking??  Or you’ve purchased something a bit more sleek and fancy??  Contact Ken Stilts – he can pick them up from you (or you can bring them to him) and he will help find them (or at least some of their parts) a happy home!!! 

David Glauflan (sorry Dave, I’m sure I butchered your name) spoke on the Computers 4 Youth Program.  There are countless computerless homes in our County – many families unable to afford to purchase one.  They take in computers and either rebuilds, or dismantles them for parts, and then are able to give them to deserving children.  Their mission is to collect, repair, and distribute older technology computers to school age children, families and other in need of a computer with limited means to purchase a new one. Their organization has grown to over 25 volunteers who selflessly give their time to this project each week.  Each member has a different job – there are “give away” people, “rebuild the computer” people, “loaders and unloaders” and even “parts harvesters.” To date they have recycled over 4000 computers!!!  If you can’t find Ken, you can take your computer to the Exploration Station facility at 867 Ramona Ave., Grover Beach, Wednesdays – Fridays from noon – 5pm and Saturdays from 10am-5pm.  Does the computer have to be working you ask??  Heck no!!!  As an e-waste facility, they can use parts of some and use as replacement parts in other.  In fact, they will also take speakers, keyboards, and desk tops.  What a great way to be environmentally conscience and a help to others at the same time!!! 

COMPUTERS 4 YOUTH Jamie Boucher 2014-04-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Apr 17, 2014

It was Bring a Guest to Rotary Day – thanks to those of who did just that!!!  We are still looking for 2 homes (3 months a piece) to house our Exchange Student – Carol has stepped up for the first 3 months…  The Ribbon Cutting for our local radio station – 97.3 FM was held on Saturday, March 29th; come to find out we have celebrities in our midst!!!  Judy Salamacha, Mike Pond, Amy Christey, Steve Knuckles and Eric Endersby are all “mic’d up” and doing radio spots!!  Tune in – I’m sure they’re great!!!  On a somber note, Honorary Rotarian Bill Yates passed away; his services are being held on Friday, April 25th from 1-4pm at the Veteran’s Hall.  Many of our members shared heartfelt stories about Bill – it did my heart good!!!

We were treated to a special presentation by Julie Himot, the Regional Director of Signature Events of the ALS Association, Golden West Chapter.  ALS was brought to the forefront when baseball legend, Lou Gehrig contracted the disease.  ALS is a progressive, neurodegenerative muscular disease that affects 1 in 800 men and 1 in 1000 women over the age of 40 – it doesn’t discriminate.  The ALS Association, with the help of its many volunteers is leading the fight to treat and cure ALS through global research and nationwide advocacy while also empowering people with ALS and their families to live fuller lives by providing them with compassionate care and support.  Their ultimate vision?  To create a world without ALS!!!  And they vow to keep going until they find a cure…  their focus is providing those with ALS and their families Collaborative Care which in turn allows for the best quality of life possible.  In order for their success, they turn to community for help in fundraising efforts.  They are holding a Walk to Defeat ALS April 12th – and there are many ways to make a difference… you can join the team, walk and solicit donations or you can donate to a team member…  I am proud to say that our Club, in honor of Dan Reddell, was a big part of Dan’s Crusaders!!!  At press, the team has raised $6,716…  Team members included Rotarian Debra Garcia, Carol Furtado, Mike Pond, Doug Riddell, Dale Reddell, Dan Reddell, and yours truly…  Those donating included  all team members as well as Andrea Klipfel, John Weiss, Elsie & Ken Casida, Gregg Kaufman, Matt Franklin, John Headding, Jude Long, Chuck Clarke and the Club itself.   I know that many of you were unable to attend but were there in spirit and for that, I know Dan is grateful!!! 

A WALK TO DEFEAT ALS Jamie Boucher 2014-04-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Mar 24, 2014

We have a new member – thanks to Rick Grantham having a friend and that friend actually wanting to rejoin our wonderful club, we welcomed Bryan Griffiths to the fold on March 11th!!  Please make sure to search Bryan out and greet him with open arms!!!


Heidi Kimbrall was in attendance and able to present Amy Burton, a representative from Del Mar PTA with a check for $250.  Amy graciously received the check on behalf of the PTA and thanked each and every one of us as the money will greatly help in their efforts to promote their students’ well-being!!!


We currently have 2 Paul Harris Fellow Quartets going on:

            Jamie B, Sarah K., Jennifer R, and Mike P

            Gary O, Carol F, Dan C, and Chuck C

a drawing was held and the lucky 2014 PHF winners were Jamie B and Carol F; Ken has asked each of us to select our PHF recipient so that they can be awarded!!!


Our program featured the National Estuary Program, especially their program Save the Bay…  the NEP’s focus is to bring citizens, local government, non-profit organizations, agencies and landowners together through collaboration and partnership to protect and restore the Morro Bay Estuary.  It is one of 28 NEPs nationwide and are vitally important to our climate, environment and economy.  It is our duty to protect the estuary for our community, fishing, tourism, and recreational opportunities.  This can be done through restoration and conservation (returning functionality to ecosystems); understanding and monitoring (assessing conditions within the estuary and watershed); and, education, outreach and stewardship (cultivating stewardship) efforts.  They presented a program – Every Drop Counts – and encouraged us all to take the Clean Water Pledge:  conserve water, keep trash in the can, pick up after a pet, and watch your drains – it’s that easy!!!  They finished up their program by announcing the 11 Save the Bay events…  Black Hill Hike, Bay Health and Science presentations, Family Event, Talkin’ Trash with Mike di Milo, Splashes of Light Art Reception, On-water Tour of Estuary and Aquaculture, Bay-friendly Gardening Presentation, DogFest 2014, and Discover Creek Insects Up Close.   Dates and event descriptions can be found on their website:    

NATIONAL ESTUARY PROGRAM - WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP!!! Jamie Boucher 2014-03-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Judy A. Salamacha on Mar 24, 2014

Note from a fan…  Taylor Newton was recognized for his contributions to Morro Bay during the 2010 decade by MB 50th and I wrote the first of several columns about the honorees (“By the Bay” by Judy Salamacha - Tribune - Feb. 17  It’s been years since I did my first report about this young community advocate.  I have always been impressed that he saw an issue…  kids who had dropped out of school or from life as they didn’t want to live it and terrorizing our downtown shoppers on their skateboards and harassing our MB police or maybe being harassed…  and instead of crying like most of us, Taylor created a solution…   and when it worked he continued to develop opportunities – a win/win for the youth and our community.  His story is hardly finished.  We should all be so motivated and passionate to create solutions to the problems we complain about. 

My favorite quote from the column by Taylor: “Everybody has value. We teach our members that when they pay their dues, they can participate in their community.  We’re not here to change society, but how to get through life by making one’s space livable.  We’re fighting against drug abuse, violence, profiling, and the revolving cycle of imprisonment.”

As he presented to Rotary, I enjoyed table-talk and he said I had heard it all so didn’t need to take notes. Good things I did. I discovered a few more insights when he presented at Rotary:

·         Guerrilla Gardeners (GGC) have 60+ members, ages 15-103 with average age 20-30;

·         GGC logo represents the anarchy vs. order symbolic of the evolution of society;

·         Sobriety is a choice – GGC does not demand a sober lifestyle, accept on the job representing GGC…drink on the job and go home to wait for another day;

·         Gardening/urban forestry is the basic tool to beautify the community and provide purpose to a life that might have gone sideways;

·         Jade Park near the boat ramp, not intended as a city park, but has been GGC beautified;

·         St. Timothy’s Catholic Church, one of many community partners where GGC provides gardening maintenance, is also the site of the nursery where seeds are planted, plants are potted, and public purchases provide growth for community and individuals’ gardens…  yes you can buy plants there…  weekdays…  10-3 or 4pm….look for the onsite forest;

·         Why did Guerrilla Gardening Club start? It was a grass-roots community action that needed to happen;

·         GGC provides zero-waste programs for groups’ events….  ”We have the tools to pick up the trash… We don’t mind getting dirty or working among drunk people and we can handle people looking down on us for picking up trash because we are united and support each other;” (maybe my second favorite insightful Taylor Newton quote!)

·         GGC provides food, shelter and work for members to sustain life;

·         GGC needs food, shelter and work to encourage members to sustain their new lifestyle;

·         GGC is tied into local resources who might have jobs for laborers;

·         Most people have labor shops…  clean-up, pick-up, weed-whacking, whatever - GGC members can help;

·         Dylan Barker, GGC member, is proud of GGC and Taylor Newton is proud and trusting of Dylan Barker;

·         Surprise! Surprise! Taylor can’t say no

·         No surprise! He was smart enough to turn daily business operations over to Jenni Randolf Newton…Call her if you want to schedule GGC for a project.

You can contact GGC at:    http:/    or

"Time will always justify a man (woman) who means to do right." Colonel Thomas Baker

TAYLOR NEWTON & THE GUERRILLA GARDNERS Judy A. Salamacha 2014-03-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Judy A. Salamacha on Feb 15, 2014

Those joining us on February 11th were treated to friends from Zoo to You…  joining the party was Mike Ponds’ guest, Senaca Jacobson; John Weiss’s guest, Gil Ayers; and new member - Deborah Garcia’s guest, Christy from the Chamber.

Melanie brought us lots of cuddles from Zoo to You….

Zoo to You rescues wild animals from the wild, from stupid people who buy through the illegal pet trade industry and discover why they call their “pet” a wild animal, or other zoos who need placement for the animal for some reason. Every creature has value and purpose and Zoo to You takes these creatures and socializes them in an effort to educate us about their species and let them enjoy the rest of their days in a protective and loving environment. We humans might take heed!

They have 250 rescued animals that are available to see Saturdays and Sundays at a 3pm tour…  they ask you to call ahead 805.391-0604 or email at that you are coming.

Melanie brought 3 wonderful creatures to share with us…

Niles, a 10 year old tiny screech owl, is missing one eye. He looks like a tiny stuffed toy. Owls are helpful to eat rodents. Their predators are raptors. It’s a myth their heads turn 360 degrees. But they can turn them 270 degrees! They are nocturnal and you do need to watch your little kittens and tiny dogs around them. 

Melanie has a new candidate for King of the Jungle -- the African Crested Porcupine. It’s only the size of a Cocker Spaniel but their quills are deadly to wild animals such as the lion. When cornered, they back into other animals and stick them deep… and since the animals don’t have thumbs to pull them out, they rub them in deeper and they get infected. Warning!! Their Tail rattles!  Oh yeah, and they like bananas… 

Did you know marsupial means pouch? Cassidy Hop-Along is an 8 month Red Kangaroo Joey from a Texas zoo. Australia doesn’t worry about kangaroos being endangered…they carry fertile eggs in their pouch and with the right conditions will birth another one, and another, and another, and…  I think you get my drift…

Zoo to You means to protect the unprotected and socialize them so they are comfortable enough to go to the public and educate us… soon they will have an events’ center… I think May 3rd is their Cheese and Chocolate Extravaganza… their spring fundraiser…  Hey, Rotarians, we could have a party there!!  



Zoo to You... Judy A. Salamacha 2014-02-16 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Feb 15, 2014

Craft Talks is always a popular meeting at the Club...  so much so that John Headding brought Gene Tripp, Rick Grantham brought Bryan Griffiths and Dan Costley brought Paul Vincent to share in the day... Enjoy getting to meet Elsie Casida and Kasey Watson...

Elsie was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa.  She moved to Visalia, CA with her 3 teenage kids and opened up a restaurant serving breakfast and lunch only calling it Valhalla Restaurant and Gift Shop.  She, I’m sure with the help of her kids, ran her restaurant for 30 years.  Over that span of time, Elsie made many, many wonderful friends.  One day at the restaurant, she met a guy named Ken, he asked her out and on October 30th, they went on their first date.  They were married 3 months later.  The Casida’s moved to Morro Bay a year and a half ago.  Elsie sold her restaurant to her daughter; it’s nice to be able to keep it in the family!!  Elsie is also quite the seamstress (which we were able to see firsthand as she made the Santa and Mrs. Claus outfits for the Lighted Boat Parade which were spectacular!!!).  As a fundraiser for her grandson’s scholarship fund, who very sadly lost his life at much too early of an age, Elsie began making aprons with 100% of the proceeds donated to the fund.  When it was all said and done, Elsie had made over 500 aprons meaning that almost $20,000 was contributed to that account. What a special gift she was able to give!!  Elsie wasn’t a huge fan of retirement, she as kinda bored and wanted more.  That was to our club’s advantage as she and Ken visited, became members and are now incredibly active, pitching in for pretty much everything.  I know that the Fish Fry, the Lighted Boat Parade, Evening with Heart, and the Valentine’s Day Social wouldn’t have been as successful without her/their help!!!  To top it off, Elsie has said that she will kick-start her apron making venture for anybody interested in ordering one…  and yes, with all proceeds going to Rotary.  Welcome Elsie and thanks so much for both your energy and generosity!!!


Kasey is a 5th generation Californian growing up in Bakersfield, going to Garces High School and then Long Beach State.  She returned to Bakersfield where she worked as a graphic artist at KGET, Bakersfield.  She is sooooo not bored as she is trying to juggle being a mom, a wife and a business owner.  She met her husband when she was 19 years old. She has 3 children – Ben is 20 and goes to Point Loma University where he double majors in Finance and Accounting; Joe is 15 and plays baseball at Arroyo Grande High School; and, Lilly is 9 and a State Champion baton twirler.  Kasey purchased and runs Garden House, a Morro Bay care facility specializing in Alzheimer’s and other Dementia care.  At Garden House, Kasey introduced Mneme Therapy which is brain based art therapy for those with cognitive disabilities.  The result of this is mind boggling.  The art work produced by these residents is inspiring!!!  But even more important, the increase in the quality of life for the residents is unparalleled as it allows them to feel accomplished, happy, and most importantly allows them moments of clarity that can carry throughout the entire day.  For anybody interested, they have produced a calendar which they sell as a fundraiser.  Evening with Heart was blessed to have been the recipient of 8 or 9 pieces of art for the silent auction – this writer wasn’t fortunate to have won one but will be contacting Garden House as they will also sell also sell them to the public.  Kasey, thanks for making our Rotary Club your home!!


Meet Elsie and Kasey!!! Jamie Boucher 2014-02-16 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Heidi Kimbrell on Feb 02, 2014

ImageAttention - Rotary Club of Morro Bay!  PRLS stands for Potential Rotary Leadership Seminars and is a series of classes/seminars offered to Rotarians.  These classes function in teaching/assisting us with our Public Speaking, Meeting Facilitation/Leadership, Project Planning/Management, etc.  These classes have been found useful, both within Rotary itself, as well as in our Personal or Business arenas.  Should you have any questions, please call me Heidi Kimbrell, PRLS Coordinator – Rotary Club of Morro Bay at 805.543.5626.  PRLS website can be found at

Potential Rotary Leadership Seminars Registration - PRLS Heidi Kimbrell 2014-02-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Weiss on Jan 29, 2014

Our 4th Annual Evening with Heart fundraising event held last Saturday at the Morro Bay Community Center was sold out with great FUN and great community participation. In addition to a wonderful dinner, live entertainment, silent and live auctions, there was lots of bonding with friends.  Once again Zest it Up is prepared an amazing meal featuring your choice of chicken or steak!  The Morro Bay High School Interact Club served and Rotaract and Rotarians worked together to clean-up. We can't thank all of our many sponsors enough for their great support of our event. 

Once again this is our biggest fundraising event of the year which makes it possible to be generous with our many community non-profits and partners, both locally and internationally.


2014 Evening with Heart Fundraising event last Saturday at the MB Community Center John Weiss 2014-01-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Weiss on Jan 26, 2014

Last year, our Rotary Golf broke record participation with over 60 golfers!

The 5th Seapines Tournament was our biggest yet with over 60 golfers including 15 sponsored MBHS Golf Team participants with 9 boys and 4 girls and 2 coaches.  We can be proud of all of these fine young people. 

Major Sponsors included Rabobank, the Morro Bay Power Plant, Vanir Construction, The Bay News, Fennacy Law, Brickhouse BBQ, Morro Bay Garbage, Sierra Vista Hospital, Hay Printing, George - CYR Attorneys, Chuck Clarke, ASAP Reprographics, Bayshore Realty, and Dale Reddell plus many more! 

Again this year, 1st place was the Boucher Team with a 9 hole score of 25, 2nd was the Rabobank group, and 3rd to Holdstock and Williams group all scored 26. Closest to the pin at 6" was Gary Holdstock. Longest Drive was our own Mike Williams!

Thanks to all of our volunteers, golfers, and sponsors! 

Pictured above, an eagle shot by our own Gregg Kaufman (of course mulligans may have assisted, but for a charity golf tournament, purchased mulligans are a great thing!).

2014 Rotary Golf Extravaganza will be Saturday May 10th! John Weiss 2014-01-27 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Weiss on Nov 11, 2013

Community Service like Lost at Sea, Round About Clean-ups and Project Surf Camp!


On Tuesday November 12th, we came together to celebrate what is right in Rotary. We started with Club Service and our special club meeting for Bob Ransom in 2010 which we had at Casa De FloresImage We celebrated our Public Heroes!


Celebrating the membership of the Rotary Club of Morro Bay John Weiss 2013-11-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Elsie Casida on Oct 07, 2013

Prez David opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, a prayer and our favorite Morro Bay Rotary song.

Our guest speaker, David Ho was introduced.


Jamie B and Carol F were asked to come forward so they could be presented with a check from Craig S in the amount of $1,200 which was our “take” of the beer sales at the Avocado/Margarita Festival.  Thanks to all the Rotarians who worked at this event!! 


We have several upcoming events including the Halloween Party on the 26th.  Costumes required, prizes awarded and as always – food and beverages will be a-plenty.  Rick G said he needs help with decorating for our Annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner.  And let us not forget, the Lighted Boat Parade is also coming up!!  


The Rotary District Conference is being held on October 18-20 here in SLO.  On the 19th we need lots of help with the cleanup at the beach.  Paddle boats and kayaks are being donated to help with the efforts.  Promises to be fun -  hope you can be there!!!

Elsie’s fast food quiz brought in $100 in fines – Bill P thanks you!!!.


Our speaker was David Ho who is the local Coordinator for Educatius International.   He lives in SLO, is getting his business degree through Cal Poly and is a volleyball coach at San Luis Obispo High School.


Educatius International allows for students from around the world to study in the USA.  They currently have students in 200 schools in 20 states. San Luis Obispo County is the most recent addition to their allowable areas of study.  The students come mostly from Europe, Asia and South America, are from affluent families and have very high academics.


This program provides a wonderful opportunity to expose teens, ages 14-18, from around the world to a foreign environment.  They come here on F1 Visas and stay a full year.  The host family is compensated for their stay - $650/month and is paid by the student’s families.  Host families are carefully screened before they can accept a student.   David stated that the MBHS staff has been one of the best he has ever worked with =- kudos to Dan A!!!.


The local program started in May of 2012 with 12 students and now boasts 18 students.   The host families are very diverse - single, married, empty nesters, and/or retired.   The kids are totally involved in school and community.  There are 10 students at Morro Bay High School - 5 from Brazil, 1 from Norway, 1 from Italy and three from other countries.


David said he recently received a letter from a student from Russia who was in this program.  He said he had an unforgettable experience camping, attending church, and learning responsibility. He said his host family was nice, he vastly improved his English and he hopes to return to the USA soon. 

Posted by Jamie Boucher on Sep 23, 2013

So glad to have come today!!!  We were led by Dale R in the flag salute, Sarah K gave the invocation, Sid S led us in song (which we continue to get better at by the way), Art read us a joke – I think we even laughed…  We were thrilled to have Deepa Willingham as an honored guest as well Mike Griffen, a fellow Rotarian from Cambria.  Guests joining us included Sharon Rowley, guest of Sarah K; father Dick and daughter Melissa, guests of John W; Derek Reidel, son of Rich R; and guest speaker, Pat Crowe. 


Announcements for the day – Sarah K announced that upcoming Halloween Party being held on Saturday, October 26th @ Gary O’s place.  There will be a costume contest – WITH PRIZES – will be a potluck, and promises to be tons of fun!!  Bruce H asked for help at the upcoming Harbor Festival.  Rotary mans the ticket booth and we not only get the satisfaction of helping out but we also get a “chunk of change” as well!!!  The next meeting for the Lighted Boat Parade will be held on Tuesday, October 1st at 1pm – promises to be short.  PRLS is being held in Santa Maria on Saturday, October 12th – Adv PRLS 2 and October 26th – PRLS 5.  Sign up with Heidi K if interested!!  Mike Griffen announced the Rotary Club of Cambria’s upcoming fundraiser hoping to garner some interest!!  It is being held on Saturday, October 12th, it is their major fundraiser of the year, and will have a silent and live auction, dinner, wine, etc…  The District Conference is being held in San Luis Obispo this year.  Dates are October 18, 19 and 20th.  You can register on the District website.  Dan A announced the drubbing of SLO by MBHS in football last Friday eve.  And last but not least, Sarah K presented Sharon Rowley, of CCWFF, with a check for their portion of the Fish Fry event.


Pat Crowe, a local volunteer for the Make a Wish Foundation spoke about her role in their organization as well provided a testimonial to the miracles the organization provides.  Pat began by playing a short video, capturing the stories of Evan, Victoria, Frankie and Micah’s wishes for a small piece of normalcy and happiness.  When going through applications from kids for Make a Wish, it’s their goal to answer one of the following:  I wish…   I want to meet…   I want to go…  I want to have… and/or I want to be…   Make a Wish Foundations’ Mission Statement is “grant the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.”  The Foundation was begun in 1980 in Phoenix, Az with a wish made by a boy named Chris, afflicted with Leukemia, who wanted “be a police officer to catch bad guys”.  This initial granted wish has grown into something more than anybody could have ever imagined.  To date, they have granted 205,687 wishes to children of all ages and of all afflictions.  They attempt to make these wishes, “family events” as they incorporate parents and/or siblings into the celebration.  Pat’s job is to actually go into family homes and interview them.  She is touched on a daily basis as she has the opportunity of making a child’s deepest wish come true – I don’t know about the rest of you but that is truly amazing!!!  Obviously this can be a very emotional journey but the rewards so very much outweigh any hint of sadness that this can sometimes bring.   I for one was incredibly touched by both Pat and by Make a Wish…  I need to get myself retired so that I can start giving back to these types of organizations who do so much good for so many!!!  Thanks for sharing this with us Pat!!!

MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!! Jamie Boucher 2013-09-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Donald J. Doubledee on Sep 02, 2013

President Elect Don Hudson, filling in admirably might I add, rang the bell promptly at 12:00; he asked Jude L to say the invocation.  Jude read some inspirational quotes from Paul Harris; Syd Symington led us in the invocation and then led us in singing the Morro Bay Rotary song; the club then wished Jude Long a very Happy Birthday by serenading her with the birthday song.


Dr. Art Fenderson asked for Guest and Guest Rotarians which included Elsie Casida’s friends from Indian Wells who were checking out our club , Dr. Ken Stilts introduced his wife Sandra and Sarah K introduced her husband Adam, who we now know actually exists. Visiting Rotarians were Carla Wixom from Eco Rotary, Bill James from Woodland Sunrise Club and John W introduced our special guest and program speaker, former club member Kelly Vandervual from Pacific Wildlife Care.


Dan Andrus was inducted into the club by Membership Chairman Don D and Pete Z his sponsor. Dan is the Principal of Morro Bay High School. He told us it was a natural for him to join Rotary as Rotary has such a positive presence at the High school with scholarships, RYLA and the Interact Club.


PE Don attempted some humor by telling us a story about some thieves breaking into his shed. He called the Police who told him there was no one available to help. He called back and told them that he had shot the intruders in his shed. The Police responded immediately with emergency crews and ambulance and arrested the thieves. When asked why he told them he had shot them, but hadn’t, he responded that they had also told him no one was available but they showed up ASAP when they thought someone had been shot. This got minimal laughs and it was probably a good thing our Police Chief wasn’t in attendance.


PE Don called on Mike P to tell us about one of his “Rotary Moments”. Mike reminded us of the Rotary meeting held for Bob Ransom at the hospital to keep his attendance record intact. Mike also said the community service events such as the Roundabout Clean-Ups also gave him warm Rotary Moments.


John W helped draw for the exemption which was won by Doug Riddell.  Doug offered to auction it, but got no takers so held on to it. Our weekly fines were helped along by Dan C, Judy S, Jennifer R, and Eric L ($50) and Dale R.


Carol F reminded the volunteers to show up for the Avocado Festival and told us there was still a spot to help pour beer.  Sarah K told us how successful the Fish Fry had been and gave kudos to the many Rotarians who helped. She told us that it looked like we had made almost $5,000 including about $900 from the raffle.  Doug Riddell encouraged members to mail boxes to our troops overseas. The boxes are all ready to mail and can be picked up at Bayshore Realty and Rabobank and cost $14.85 to mail them off.


John W introduced Kelly Vandenhuval again as our program for the day. Kelly is representing Pacific Wildlife Care which she has been a member of since it started many years ago with only 6 volunteers. They now have over 200 people who help rescue and care for injured or abandoned wildlife. She told us that they are sanctioned by the California Fish and Game Department.  They do not take bears, deer or mountain lions since they are large predators. Fish and game handles them directly.


Kelly brought a visitor. A Red Tailed Hawk named Denali. He’s a 2 ½ year old hawk they’ve had since he was young. She explained that the majority of the animals they get are rehabilitated and released. She did tell us that many, almost 25%, are not releasable due to one problem or another. Denali has cataracts on his eyes, a fairly rare condition, that makes him unsuitable to release. He has become a pet that Kelly keeps in a Fish and Game approved shelter on her ranch. She uses him to teach and share at various clubs and schools for education.  He is around chickens and so has learned to mimic the chicken’s clucking.  One of the problems they find are that people use lead ammunition to shot rodents and may also wound a bird with it. When predators eat the dead or wounded rodents they can die from lead poison.  


Kelly announced a couple of events they are having to support PWC including “Soupabration” at Cambria’s Camp Ocean Pines on Sunday, October 20th from 2-5 pm they will have Soup Tasting and Gourmet foods with Celebrity Judges, Wine Tasting and a Silent Auction.  For information or tickets call 805-927-3357 or go to After which she fielded a flock of questions from the Club. John W and Don H presented Kelly with a check from our club to support PWC.  Thank you Kelly for your wonderful story.


One of Elsie Casida’s guests won the 50/50 drawing and donated the money back to the club.  PE Don rang the bell to close the meeting right on time.

Posted by Jamie Boucher on Aug 26, 2013

What a wonderful meeting – we started out with Dan C providing our invocation, we then sang (better than last week, probably not as well as next week) our very own Rotary song led by Syd S, and then, led by Rick G, paid tribute to our flag.  Our weekly Rotary Moment was presented via “the web” by RI President, Don Burton who encouraged us all to bring in new members!!!  It’s important to welcome “newbies”, making sure they know they are valued as well as know their club cares about them and their needs…


Guests were plentiful!!!  We were joined by Los Osos Rotarians, Marge VanBuerden and Dick Pacoan as well as Eco Rotarian Trina Dougherty who we were able to present a check for their co-sponsorship of our Annual Golf Tournament.  We were being visited and “checked out” by Joyce and Skip – I think we did ourselves proud!!! 


As always – we find ourselves busier than ever…   Announcements included:  ~help with the upcoming Fish Fry!!!  ~purchase/sell Fish Fry tickets and raffle tickets!!!  ~Fish Fry is looking for dessert makers – please bake and bring to St. Tim’s on Saturday prior to 11am!!!  ~help with upcoming Avocado/Margarita Festival!!!  ~Marge from Los Osos announced their Annual Grandparent’s Day being held September 8th at Baywood Elementary School!!!  ~Rick Grantham announced it was time to start thinking about the Annual Rotary/POA Thanksgiving Day Dinner – they could really use some help with decorating!!!  ~The first of many Rotary Lighted Boat Parade meetings is being held on Monday, September 9th at 5pm at the Harbor Festival Office – ALL are welcome!!!  ~the Cayucos Rotary Club is sponsoring a Pancake Feed benefitting education on Monday, September 2nd at Cayucos Elementary School from 9-11am!!!  ~There will be an Eve with Heart meeting on Tuesday, September 3rd at 11am, prior to our regular meeting – again – ALL are welcome!!!  ~soon to be Eagle Scout, Mark Olson talked about his upcoming project – building a garden area for the Special Education area at MBHS and is looking for donations to help defray costs – we presented him with over $130 in cash!!!  ~   WHEW!!!...


Our program for the afternoon was presented in tandem by Rotaract President Maggie McGraw and President Elect Madeline Stringham…  I thought we were a busy club – they made us look like slackers (then again, they’re a “tad bit younger”).  They started out their year with 6+ members and by year-end, they boasted 45+ members!!!  Formed in 2010, their mission foundation consists of Responsibility, Leadership, High Ethical Standards, and Promoting International Understanding and Peace.  Their biggest focus is on friendship – making people feel welcome…  They are a club of “do’ers” - here is just a smattering of what they did just last year:  ~Kids Spree – taking underprivileged kids school shopping at Kohls;  ~Noor Clinic – the biggest bake sale ever provided braces to deserving kids;  ~Coats for Kids Drive which last year provide 800 coats to needy kids;  ~Laguna Lake Project where they partnered with the Rotary Clubs of SLO and helped to rebuild the Laguna Lake Fitness Course;  ~World Bicycle Relief which provided over 60 bicycles to rural Africa which in turn helps women and children get to school;  ~Traveled to Mexico to help build homes for families;  ~5 Cities / Pismo Beach Summer Sizzle where they volunteered to provide most of the muscle setting up, serving, bartending, cleaning for this Rotary Event; and I could go on…   they reiterated that they couldn't do this without the help of their sponsoring Rotary Clubs and thanked us profusely!!!


We had some time for fines - Elsie C asked some really fun questions of various club members to which all were stumped!!!  Who knew that the heaviest women athlete was 448 lbs??  or that the oldest competing gymnast was 86 years old??  or that the tallest Mohican (cone head for those visual learners) was 44 inches tall??  or that the tallest living horse stood 20 hands??  Needless to say, Bing, Judy SAndrea K and Carol F were all relieved of $20 each...


And last but not least, John H, after meeting all his obligations, was presented his grown up badge!!!

SLO ROTARACT RULES!!!! Jamie Boucher 2013-08-27 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Elsie Casida on Aug 25, 2013

President David opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance led by our guest Frank Ortiz, the invocation by Jude and new Rotary song led by Syd.


Our visitors were Frank and Scotty Ortiz from Santa Maria, and Loretta Butts from Atascadero.


Dave was the jokester as well as the person who assessed the fines, which brought us money from twelve members – the Mad Lib (remember those), was not as funny as hoped for…   An "A" for effort tho!!


Chuck Clark was presented a beautiful basket full of goodies in appreciation of his 17 years of service as Club Treasurer.


We are still looking for volunteers for the Fish Fry and the Margarita Festival .... Signup clip boards were passed around...... Again…


Frank Ortiz, our guest speaker, started by saying he is very involved with a Rotary-sponsored project in Sri Lanka.    There are six areas of focus in the project.   Of the six, he prefers Basic Education and Literacy because these areas are a worldwide problem and can really make a difference in the quality of life in every country.


Sri Lanka, which was devastated by the tsunami in 2004, is just south of India and has a population of 20 million.   There are 14,000 preschools and 400,000 preschoolers, but many, too many, about 25% of the teachers are untrained. 


In 2011, the Rotary Club of Morro Bay partnered with a Club in Colombo, the major City in Sri Lanka, to provide a model preschool in a rural area of Sri Lanka.  Mr Ortiz, who visited there in 2013 said the primary focus used to be the children in preschool, but now the focus is to make sure the teachers are trained correctly, which will ultimately help the children most.    Fifty-four Rotary Clubs partnered to raise $160,000 which will pay for the education and training of 1,000 teachers who go to school 7 hours a week for one year.   Those teachers will impact approximately 20,000 children.  


Those who choose to go to the teacher’s school, sign a Promissory note to pay the fees back if they do not complete the class.   So for them, it is definitely a lifelong commitment to the local culture.


Our Rotary Club gave $58,118 to this project in 2005, $10,000 in 2011 and $4,234 in 2012, which proves that "Together we can do Great Things."


Next week’s program will be the about the SLO Rotaract Program.    Next Wednesday there will be an Interact meeting for our local High School Club from 12:20 to 1:00 at Morro Bay High School.

Frank Ortiz and the Sri Lanka Project Elsie Casida 2013-08-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Donald J. Doubledee on Aug 25, 2013

President David rang the bell right on time to start the meeting. Ken S. offered the invocation and Michael W. led the club in the flag salute.


Sid S. introduced the Club to a new Morro Bay Rotary song. We sang it, but we need to practice this one more.


Visiting Rotarians were Mary Helen Kelp from Palm Desert and Al Heilly from Indian Wells.  Sarah Ketchum introduced her guest, Sandra Cade from Paso Robles Edward Jones.


President David told a joke about a fisherman. A couple people actually laughed.


John W. told us about Grover Beach’s new Eco Rotary Club that he is helping to form. John was fined because it was in the SLO City News and the Tribune and he didn’t mention Morro Bay Rotary.


Our hard working new member Sarah K. announced that the Fish Fry ticket money was due. She reminded everyone that they need to sign up to help. Andrea K. circulated the Dessert list for the Fish Fry asking Rotarians to provide desserts for the event.


Carol F. reminded us of the Avocado and Margarita Festival. We have many Rotarians volunteering to work the beer booth. She also told us the Morro Bay High School Cheerleaders were helping at the main gate and will get a percentage of the income.


President David asked Mike P. what he was thankful for. He said, among many things, he was thankful for his Rotary Friends. David said that’ll be $20. He also asked Dale R., Chuck C., Stanley C., Bill P. and “Gary “Dad” the same question and extracted $20 from each.


John Weiss introduced the Program for the day which was “Craft Talks” by Andrea Klipfel and Syd Symington.


Andrea told us that she and John W’s wife, Christine, both grew up in Dorchester Mass. near Boston.  She moved with her parents to Bakersfield where she went to Bakersfield West High School. She met her husband Kevin in Bakersfield. He attended Cal State Bakersfield. Later, they moved to the Bay Area where Kevin worked as a tech for Innovac. She was in the finance department where she worked with consultants. While there she honed her public relations skills. She moved to a small startup Internet Company named Yahoo in 1997.  She was their Director of Investor Relations. Her projects included the annual report, which she shared a copy with us. She also had “Headstones” for her work with the Direct Stock Purchase Program and Merger Acquisitions.


To improve their quality of life they moved to Seattle and she went to work for Microsoft. She started on September 10 2001 the day before 9-11. She told us she had to fly to New York for a meeting shortly after. She shared her experience with the aftermath of the World Trade Center disaster.  After a short time, a small firm that was trying to hire her named Edward Jones. She decided to try them and she became an investment counselor. She liked this job because it gave her a chance to do independent research. She switched to working for Merrill Lynch for a short while, but returned to Edward Jones when an opportunity opened in Morro Bay.


Recently she and her husband Kevin started their own company. They located in Paso Robles because there was a commercial location there in an old Wachovia Bank building. The space was ideal for their needs and included internet hookups.  They are having their Grand Opening on August 1st offering a tri tip bbq.


Next John introduced Syd Symington. Syd told us he had nothing in common with Andrea, except occasional headstones.


He was born the third child in his family in St Louis, Mo. He amused us inferring that he had a bit of a wild youth. His parents were public service role models. He was in Dorchester near where Andrea was born and worked on a video at the JFK Library there. His college education was in theater and he performed in Cabarets. He married his first wife and moved to Connecticut. While there he worked running lights in the theater. He had an opportunity to visit Camarillo, California as a lighting consultant on a show there. He had a lifestyle awakening and became a live-at-home dad or “house mom” as he referred to it. Unfortunately, his marriage didn’t last and his wife took over the family mom role and he joined the church, went to divinity school and eventually to theology school. He did some preaching and counseling at hospitals where he was encouraged to become ordained. In Geneseo, New York he joined Rotary and became involved in the community. He liked Rotary because it was an opportunity to mix with “cool interesting, like minded people.” Through his connections he accepted the call to lead the congregation here in Morro Bay at St Peter’s Episcopal Church. He invited us to join them Sunday mornings.


Following the Program President David told us that Andrea, Sarah, Marie and Carol all received their PRLS certificates which he distributed.

CRAFT TALKS - MEET ANDREA KLIPFEL AND SYD SYMINGTON Donald J. Doubledee 2013-08-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Elsie Casida on Aug 25, 2013

Our meeting was called to order by President David.    We had the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the prayer and we sang "America", led by John WKen C. told a joke and Art introduced guests including the Assistant District Governor from Cambria and the Governor from Ojai.  Another visitor was Dan Andrus, the Principal of Morro Bay High School who I understand will be one of us VERY soon.


Andrea K. shared what Rotary means to her.  About a year and a half ago she attended a Rotary Peace Conference at the Carter Center.   The discussion centered around how to make political and economic changes in the Sudan.    She was very impressed with the things Rotary is able to do with the financial and physical support of its members.


Master PRLS .......Dan C. went to this meeting and said it was great.   Don H. said Master PRLS 4 will be held on Saturday August 17th.


Bruce H. and Sarah K. reported on the fishing trip.... Those in attendance caught their limit and had all had a great time........Nancy G. caught the biggest fish.    Sarah said there are still 3 spots available on the placemat.    We need total participation in the Fish Fry event ......PLEASE sell dinner tickets and buy and sell raffle tickets.


Amy C. reminded us that the Police Dept is holding their Police Night Out from 5:00 - 7:00 tonight.  Hot dogs for all!!


Carol will need 100 volunteers for the Margarita Festival.   Rotary will receive 10% of proceeds of the beer booth.


Governor Jack McClanahan was our speaker.   He recounted how Paul Harris had moved to Chicago and was looking to make new friends.   Those relationships started as friendships, which led to having meetings which ultimately organized into Rotary including projects to help the community, with the idea that members should bring someone into Rotary who they can work with.


In 1987 Jack and his wife went to the Rotary Convention in Munich.   A workshop put on by the Rotary Club of Duarte allowed the first women join their group. The club was then expelled from Rotary.  The case was taken to the Supreme Court and it ruled against Rotary after which there was a large influx of women with new ideas making the clubs stronger and added energy to the programs.  The Ojai Club lost one man because of the decision to include women, but he has since come back and I'm sure realizes the value of including everyone in Rotary Clubs.


Worldwide Rotary membership is 17-18% women, USA female membership is 25%, and our clubs here on the Central Coast have 30% female membership.  Today many people have home businesses.  Not a business title. But they still represent the same goals in the community.    Jack believes we should focus on getting more female members.


When it became the goal of the Rotary Clubs to eradicate polio, it was believed it would take $120 million dollars to buy enough vaccine to reach this goal.  The clubs have actually raised $240 million.    It was thought Polio had been eradicated, but there has been a reported outbreak in Somalia and Pakistan which needs to be isolated and contained.   It is now believed Polio will be completely eradicated by 2014.


Bill Gates has given $475 million toward Polio eradication.   In addition to that, he will give another $70 million if Rotary can give $35 million.   The goal for this district to give is 1% or $350,000.

Meet our New District Governor - Jack McClanahan Elsie Casida 2013-08-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Jul 29, 2013

Had a wonderful meeting today!!!  We began with P-Prez Nancy leading us in the flag salute (and she remembered all the words too), which was followed by a wonderful invocation by Jude, John led us in a rendition of Happy B-day to Rich R. and Gary Setting and we ended with a Dr. Art “joke”…  We were pleased to have past member and visiting Rotarian Dani Tope among us; Rich Reidel brought his son Derrick and John Weiss introduced our speaker for the day, Gary Setting.


As far as announcements went – Carol Furtado, on behalf of Heidi Kimbrall, announced that there was a Master PRLS Class for anybody interested coming up this Saturday, contact Carol or Heidi if interested; Sarah Ketchum continued her enthusiastic support of our Annual Fish Fry, we’re getting down to the wire and she is hopeful that tickets are being sold; the first (of many) Evening with Heart meetings was held and superstar fundraiser Meredith Fennacy is excited for what is on the horizon, the next organizational meeting is being held on Tuesday, Sept 3rd at 11am (prior to our regular meeting); Jamie Boucher offered up the opportunity to help out the Avocado Margarita Festival by selling/pouring beer, her “clip board” made the rounds with GREAT success; Rick Grantham announced that Thanksgiving is just around the corner and he will be starting to organize everybody for the annual Turkey Day meal; and, Nancy Guthrie hoped that people would join her in the Lighted Boat Parade meeting being held this Thursday, August 1st at 2pm at the Chamber office.


Fines have begun in full force – it seems like $20 is both the maximum and minimum fine to date.  Maybe Prez David realizes that ATM’s only spit out $20’s?  We all got to learn about baseball umpiring rules (as Prez David sees them anyway – I might have squabbled about a few if I’d been called upon to answer his ?’s – as I wasn’t, I let it go) 


John Weiss introduced Gary Setting, the afternoon’s speaker.  Gary works with The First Tee Program at Sea Pines Golf Resort and Golf Course (a business that his family has owned since 1979 and he since 2006).   The First Tee Program aspires to become the world’s largest youth development program, quite a goal!!  The Central Coast boasts 14 different courses from Paso to Nipomo that all participate in the program and all who focus on youth development.  They run 4 sessions a year for 8 weeks each and try to instill 9 core values to the kids: Courtesy, Respect, Perseverance, Honesty, Integrity, Confidence, Responsibility, Judgment and Sportsmanship.  First Tee has recently added 9 Healthy Habits: Physical – energy, play and safety; Emotional – vision, mind and family; and, Social – family, school and community.  During their sessions, they discuss these core values and the kids talk about how they can utilize them today at the golf course but more importantly, in life.  It was great to hear that no child is turned away as there are scholarships to help those unable to afford to participate.  Gary ended his session by stating “First Tee is Little League, Only Better!!!”  For us golfers, we can appreciate the work that Gary and First Tee is doing locally to help our kids grow up with the kinds of values that will help them now and far into the future!!! 

The First Tee Program - Teaching Kids the Values of Life Jamie Boucher 2013-07-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Jul 23, 2013

And the winner is.....   EVERYBODY!!!!

I can tell you from personal experience that this is probably one of the single most positive experiences that a person can have...   granted - you may have to climb out of your comfort zone a tad bit (or for some of us - a whole lot)...   but once and if you do - you will be so glad you did...   so our crew shows up for the most part, bright eyed and bushy tailed at 8am...  a big thanks to Doug Riddell, Mike Pond (and Michelle and Nikki Subler), Rob Livick, Andrea Lueker, Amy Christey, Sarah Ketchum (and Amber and Nephi Derbitge), Nancy Guthrie, John Weiss (and 4 members of the Tobin family), David Owens (and Dex) and Dan Costley for sharing the morning with us...  We get our orientation speech - pretty much tag teamed from PSC stars Matt and Caleb with a few additional comments from John and William...  then the kids show up - we get to put their wet suits on them and us (much tougher than it sounds) and which creates lots of laughs...   then onto the beach where we get our stretching in, in anticipation of getting wet...   we team up with our surfing kids and hit the water...   some go right in - some can already surf - some need a bit of hand holding - some want to build sand castles - but ALL experienced the time of their lives...  Here's what a few of us had to say about our day... 

Sarah Ketchum - "Adie became my friend instantly, it was awesome seeing her scared then a second later laughing as she stood on the board. I will definitely participate next year."

Jamie Boucher - Nothing better than to see a child laughing and knowing that you played a big a part in their happiness...  it was my second year but definitely not my last."

Amy Christey - "Project Surf Camp was amazing!  Thank you campers, PSC and Morro Bay Rotary volunteers."

David Owens - "Volunteers for Project Surf Camp wth Rotary.  Awesome time!  and "Fantastic time!  My son Dex loved it!"

Mike Pond - "My daughter and I had an awesome time at Project Surf Camp. The campers confidence and ability grew throughout the day. The joy of riding a wave beamed from huge smiles and many high fives. If I weren't injured I'd do it all over again. It was a great day out serving with my fellow Rotarians."

A special shout out to the Fennacy clan as they provided us with a scrumptious lunch of gourmet hot dogs, chips, fruit, and lots of candy!!!!!

Rotary Club of Morro Bay Meets Project Surf Camp Jamie Boucher 2013-07-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Elsie Casida on Jul 22, 2013

President Dave Owens opened the meeting with the invocation (thanks Sid), Pledge of Allegiance led by our speaker - Kristen Arias, and a new Rotary song led by Sid, Art told a "blond" joke and visitors were introduced, including our special guest speakers, Patty and Kristen Arias.

Pete Zotovich shared his Rotary Moment..... He was always impressed with the things that the Rotary Club does, including all they did for Morro Bay High School where he was Vice Principal and especially the eradication of polio. His father in law, Walter Dorn (brother to Morro Bay's ex-Mayor Warren Dorn), had perfect attendance during the 56 years he was in Rotary, so Pete always heard about what a wonderful organization Rotary is. When he became Principal at Morro Bay, he knew this would be the club he would want to join.

Heidi encouraged those who haven't been, to go to Basic PRLS in Santa Maria this Saturday. There are three Rotarians signed up to go at this time; contact her if you are interested.

Sarah updated us on the Fish Fry to be held on Saturday, August 31st. Both Dinner and Raffle Tickets are available for sale...... Contact Sarah to get some.

Jamie gave a report on Surf Camp, which was a great event enjoyed by all participants, despite injuries to a couple of our First Responder club members. The first meeting for Evening with Heart Event next year will be next Tuesday at 11:00am, right before the club meeting.

Amy said the Morro Bay Police Dept will be helping with Surf Camp on Friday, August 9th at 8:15am and welcomes anybody interested in joining them.  Also, on August 6th the MBPD and Neighborhood Watch will be hosting their First Annual National Night Out 2013 at the Police Dept, 850 Morro Bay Blvd from 5:00 to 7:00.  Food, games, Open House Tours, etc...  come join in on the fun.

Bruce said he still has more room for those who would like to help catch fish for the Fish Fry. The fishing trip will be next Wednesday, August 31st at 7:30am; meet at Virg's, 1169 Market.

David found various reasons for fining the following Club Members: Jamie Boucher (for not warning against possible injury at PSC), John Weiss (for never having worn a wetsuit before), Amy Christey and Mike Pond (for being the "injured"), Chuck Clarke (for having good karma), Ken Casida (but Elsie has to pay), Jude Long (for being too good at awards) and Ken Stilts (for his used computer program for schools).  Man oh man, I have a feeling we're going to make some $$ this year!!!

Ken Stilts needs previously used computers to recycle for schools etc.

John Weiss said Interact Club is coming up and he needs volunteers.

Today's program was mom and Special Olympics Coach Patty and her daughter, Kristen Arias.  Kristen, 25 years old, has been a participant in Special Olympics for 15 years and has won several medals, including gold, in many sports.  Kristen said she enjoys the contact sports best, especially floor hockey, and being an athlete has helped her grow in many ways.  She is thankful to have the support of family as well as many members of the community who train/coach these athletes.  There are 750 athletes in SLO County.  Special Olympics is a year- round program that depends entirely on members of the community for financial support to buy uniforms, equipment, traveling expenses etc.

Patty, Kristen's mom and coach, said Kristen was born healthy but at three weeks of age, contracted meningitis which caused her to have a fever of 107 and several strokes.  She was in critical condition three times in two years.....  Each time the medical staff had bad news for Patty and each time Kristen lived; after that Patty was determined to see what Kristen COULD do....  Not what she Could Not do.  They had many struggles the first few years but when Patty went to a Special Olympics meeting and heard the heart felt oath spoken by an athlete, she wept and she knew that was the organization she wanted to be a part of.

Society looks at the outside of a person with their eyes.... The amazing Special Olympians look at each other through their heart.  The worldwide program is open to athletes from ages 8 and up; with summer and winter games, they are busy training all year-round.

Patty recalled her favorite Special Olympics moment - her team had not won a game or even made a goal in a big Floor Hockey Tournament being held down in San Diego.  She went to the coach of the team they were playing in their last game and asked if he would allow her girls to just make one goal.  He put the girls who had previously been on the bench in the next game and not only was Kristen's team was able to make a goal, they won the game.  They were so excited to have achieved this victory..... They meet each challenge with Joy and Enthusiasm as values that will help them in life are passed on by their coaches and others.

Patty and Kristen did an excellent job of inspiring us with their story and the meaning of the Special Olympics oath: "Let me Win, But if I Cannot Win, Let me be Brave in the Attempt".

A Special Family's thoughts on Special Olympics Elsie Casida 2013-07-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Judy A. Salamacha on Jul 16, 2013

President David welcomed Dr. Art back and told a joke for him that was thumbed down with many requesting Dr. Art, Dr. Art, Dr. Art….jokester will change next week! Sid has his daughter Eve visiting all the way from Singapore!

President David zapped a couple fines....and revealed how we could avoid major fining...don't pay our dues then he doesn't know who/how much to fine....HOWEVER, we will also not be able to operate....What to do? What to do? Pay up guys and gals.

Fish fries coming up at the end of July at Sid's Church...fine!! and for MB Rotary on August 31st at St. Tim’s with the Fishery ladies...want to go fishing? Bruce Harwood has a bit a room left on his July 31st trip...

Principal Dan Andrus has seen the light with so much support at MB High School for students, including the largest club on campus (Interact with 50 kids) being started by Rotarians, he hopes to become one of us. Kids today…they want leadership to show them the way to service above self…well, maybe they are still learning the “above self” ethic!

Rotary Moment by Michael Williams: Invited 11 years ago by Frances and Forest Martin, he was instantly hooked because he recognized a social network that helped the community. He quickly realized business, social and fund raising support for activities important to his clients and his community was a direction he wanted to pursue…with Rotary. Case in point his annual barbecue that started as a client thank you with 25 people and now raises funds for MS and Project Surf Camp and a new cause each year with over 200 community players attending…most Rotarians donating and attending. Life is good with Rotary fellowship for Michael Williams…even when he is late to the party.

A former patient of Mike’s, Dale Moody provided the lively discussion and facts about the Elephant Seals’ Rookeries at Piedras Blancas. Dale has been a docent for 4 years once he healed from a shoulder injury sliding down a slippery slope counting Elephant Seals. And he said he wants us to believe he has his doctorate?

Fast Facts on Elephant Seals:

· Central Coast is one of few rookeries with close up and personal visuals of the life cycle of the Elephant Seal;

· Migratory Seals are currently molting and resting after returning from Alaska. They are not eating…so not defecating;

· Males will make two trips a year to Alaska…live 14-15 years and gathers up and supports a harem of 40-50 females;

· Web Cam shows it all…even makes the noise;

· 5,000 pups were born last year…80% will NOT make it…sharks and orcas are their natural enemies so when they go back to Alaska they stay up for 3-4 minutes then dive to 1000 feet and stay out of harm’s way. While at the Rookery the heavy kelp helps the pups survive until ocean touring;

· 1990s Rookery reborn…Elephant Seal nearly disappeared for their oil;

· Females spend 10 months at sea without landfall…2 months they birth and briefly care then with child again and out to sea again. December/January birthing time; and

· There are 17-18 rookeries in California but Piedras Blancas is a treasure we need to treasure.

Hear more from Dale on Sundays at the Piedras Blancas Rookery…He has a million stories and facts…

And if I got any of them wrong…I tend to have dyslectic hearing.

Our Amazing Elephant Seals Judy A. Salamacha 2013-07-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Judy A. Salamacha on Jul 11, 2013

Yes, the vote is in! Morro Bay Rotary’s annual visit to Camp Hapitok is the best meeting of the year. And this year was special because it was personal. Kudos to all who attended. We had a great showing and with lunch and donation we donated $2,300 in support of Camp Hapitok. It was also a nice tribute to our new president, David and his family. They have been involved in Camp Hapitok forever. Why? Because Camp Hapitok gives children with hearing or speech challenges the chance to be among their peers and with teen peers who are dedicated to making their summer the best ever – 4-5 weeks to learn or improve skills, build their self-esteem and independence away from their protectors at home. Congrats to Gary, Marlene, Dawn, Super Nova, President David’s sister and President David, aka Suds. They picked a good one to serve because Camp Hapitok is all about service above self.

At Camp you must have a camper name like Sled Dog, Big Bear, Falling Rock, Trojan Horse, Race Car Girl and Suds. A camper and his/her TIGR (Therapy Individual Goal Reinforcer) greeted us and led us to the flag pole for pre-lunch announcements, which mainly consisted of our camper practicing verbal communication in public. Soda Pop was my camper and Waterfall was his TIGR. It was his first year, her second

Mission is the Camp Hapitok’s director. She started at Camp Hapitok 26 years ago as a TIGR. Her day-job is working at IBM. Mission wanted the campers and TIGRs to experience a Rotary Meeting. Don Hudson did the flag salute; Sid offered the invocation, and John provided the comic relief by sharing how three MBPD officers saw lights on late at Morro Bay Pharmacy and grilled him on who he was and why there post store hours. What else can you do when you own a pharmacy and your 4th of July guests get sick? Good thing he sells surgical tape and salve to help heal the handcuff diggings!

Mission led the program introducing three of her TIGRs, who shared why they gave up their summers to volunteer at Camp Hapitok. With a tear Mission explained how proud she was of her 11 years watching “13 year olds grow from goofy teens to responsible community citizens with a purpose in life.” Becoming a TIGR is a competitive process. They had 100 applicants for 28 positions in 2013.

Stone applied 4 years ago when his brother was hesitant to leave the family and come to 4-5 weeks of camp. They go home weekends. The experience brought more joy to him that he anticipated. He loves seeing the campers “grow and open up and bond” to the TIGRs and their fellow campers.

Eagle is a 3rd year TIGR had two uncles who were campers. He is proud one no longer needs his hearing aids. He marveled at the difference the intense support given to the campers changes their lives and attitudes.

SuperNova, (aka President David’s daughter), was a shy kid until she became a TIGR. She now knows how to “put herself out there” and can talk to crowds…like our Rotary Group. The program helped her as much as it helped her campers over years.

Mission explained other groups will come out to camp and donate to Camp Hapitok, but Morro Bay Rotary has been the largest and longest contributor. It takes $100,000 to run camp each year, but the difference it makes in the lives of the campers and their TIGRs is priceless.

Rotary Visits Camp Hapitok Judy A. Salamacha 2013-07-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Jun 18, 2013

Tuesday was a very inspiring and humbling day for me...  I seem to have been in a funk lately, not sure why - maybe just a bit tired and burned out...   truth be told, almost didn't make it to Rotary...  shame on me - what a selfish mistake that would have been!!!  Our meeting was such a special treat!!!   First I want to thank all of you and especially you Gregg Kaufman for making me feel so loved and so appreciated!!!  I feel like "I'm wired" to do what I do...  I truly love being that "indian" that people can turn to when they need help!!! (bless all you "chief's" out there - I don't know how you do it) and today was just that shot of adrenalin I needed to pick myself up from the mat and get back out there!!!  So again, you'll all never know how wonderful today made me feel - all I can say is thanks from the bottom of my heart!!!

That leads me to today's program and a thank you to John Weiss for introducing this inspirational Hero Hour to us. For those of you who may have missed it - here's a recap that's worth the read...

John Weiss was proud to recognize John Kersten - an elementary school teacher at Monarch Grove who loves what he does...  he loves seeing the light bulb go off in a child's head after they've struggled to understand a concept...  all he wants is to be able to see kids succeed - at all levels...  he teaches, he's coached, he's a father (to 3 wonderful sons), he's a husband (to a wonderful woman), he's a mentor, and he's incredibly humble...   I understand he plays a mean game of basketball too...  Thanks John for what you do...

Judy Salamacha and Jude Long were proud to recognize Linnea Thomas - owner of our local bookstore and wedding chapel - Coalesce Bookstore & Garden Chapel...  we have been privileged to have Coalesce in Morro Bay for almost 40 years...  Linnea has so much love for Morro Bay and we for her!!!  She is host to so many wonderful events...   She believes in the power of books to change lives...   As a testament to Coalesce, while box stores have seemingly "taken over", Coalesce thrives because of the "Service Above Self" attitude that permeates in all that Linnea does... Thanks Linnea for what you do...   

Steve Knuckles was proud to recognize Father Ed - as a past Morro Bay Citizen of the Year, we shouldn't be surprised at how Father Ed really helped out the Fire Department in their time of need when follow Rotarian Graham Pask passed away so unexpectedly...  he always has the right words, does the right things, has a wonderful sense of humor, and has the ability to be real...   the Fire Department as well as the rest of us say Thanks for what you do...

Kasey Watson was proud to recognize Vilma Balcita - is one of the Lead Aides at the Garden House...  She is dedicated to providing everything to the Residents from overseeing household and Resident care, to managing medications, to administering first aid, to working directly with families, home health and hospice agencies, to cooking most of the meals...  she brings her fun loving and kind-hearted attitude to work everyday, she even sings and dances for the Residents which they adore.  Vilma is also a Rotarian from the Philippines who daily demonstrates the Rotary Service Above Self...  Thanks Vilma for what you do...

Matt Franklin was proud to recognize Mrs. Harper - 1st grade teacher at Del Mar Elementary who has made a difference in h is son, Colton Franklin's life!!  Fellow Rotarian and Father, Matt Franklin can't thank Mrs. Harper enough for the time and effort given to Colton...  he is so thankful for Del Mar and the wonderful teachers that are there...  Thanks Mrs. Harper for what you do...

Dan Reddell was proud to recognize Ken Vesterfelt - words that fellow Rotarian and Police Chief Amy Christey used to describe Ken are "inspiring", "works tirelessly", "fun", "friendly" and I could go on...  Ken is a giver of himself, pure and simple...   and he's somebody who doesn't consider himself as a hero, instead he says we should be looking to young cancer patients - his real hero's...   or those who wear the uniform with pride - also his hero's...  Thanks Ken for what you do...

Dan Reddell was proud to recognize Si Tenenberg - is a unique individual who actually says that our very own Dan Reddell is his hero for helping him deliver over 10,000 care packages to the men and women in Afghanistan over the years...  He is so pleased to see Morro Bay play such a vital and passionate role in trying to help our troops - a mission that he holds so dear...  he promises to continue this as long as we have men and women in harms way...   Thanks Si for what you do...

Mary Leizear was proud to recognize Diane Moore - has maintained the Mutt Mitt Program for the last 7 years...  she works tirelessly to ensure that this program continues, as it is vital to our City's and eco-system's well being...   she is honored to be thought of as a public hero and wanted to thank Rotary for all we do to help her keep this program going...   Thanks Diane for what you do...

Dan Costley and Chuck Clarke were proud to recognize Bill Houston - a Military Chaplain with the Navy for so very many years...   has seen so much, has been through so much...   and as such, has helped our troops through so much!!!  He continues in his efforts stateside volunteering most recently with the Cayucos Lost at Sea Memorial.  He wanted to reiterate the efforts being made by Si - the troops overseas appreciate the care packages that get sent more than we can ever know!!!  Thanks Bill for what you do...

Gary Owens was proud to recognize his wife Marlene Owens - Gary's wife for almost 56 years and is such an amazing person!!!  She works tirelessly on her many, many projects including Camp Hapitok (since 1977 no less) and Quota Club in all capacities from Indian to Chief to the Chief of Chiefs...  she's an incredible wife, mother, grandmother and friend...  Thanks Marlene for what you do...

Bryan Millard was proud to recognize his wife Monica Millard - an RN at Sierra Vista for the last 12 years and an inspiration to nurses as well as those aspiring to be nurses...  she not only cares for her patients but realizes how important it is to comfort them as well...   she hopes to impart that knowledge to our future nursing corp as she will also be teaching at Cuesta this fall in their nursing program...  LUCKY students!!!  Thanks Monica for what you do...

John Weiss was proud to recognize Jack Smith - an avid skateboarder and local business owner (go see our local Skateboard Museum) spends much of his time raising money for a variety of very worthy causes, his most recent being Skateboarding Across the Country (literally) to raise money and awareness for Alzheimers.  He gives of himself so unselfishly for the betterment of others - something we can and should all aspire to... 

I was left today with a sense of gratitude for all those doing so much for others and it made me realize that we can all do a bit more...  spend a bit more time...  be a bit more positive...  be a bit more proactive to those in need...  just be a bit better of a person tomorrow than we were today...   and above all else - continue to appreciate service above self!!!    thanks for listening...         

Our Public Heroes Jamie Boucher 2013-06-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on May 25, 2013

We hope you can join us on Saturday, July 20th at Coleman Park - 8:00am - along with Project Surf Camp Counselors - enriching the lives of youngsters who are so deserving of some fun and excitement!!!  You can dawn a wetsuit (don't have to own one borrow one from PSC) and help the kids out in the water...   you can help with the bbq...    I/we promise you don't have to know how to surf (I didn't and still don't) - just have to be ready to have some fun!!! 


Please bring yourself/wives/husbands/girlfriends/boyfriends/kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews/etc...        all are welcome!!! 


It promises to be a life changer!!! 


See you there!!!

jamie l, andrea l, amy c

PROJECT SURF CAMP Jamie Boucher 2013-05-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Weiss on May 24, 2013
On Saturday May 25th, our community came together to honor fellow Rotarian and retired Fire Chief Mike Pond and his lovely family. Not long ago, while Mike was still Chief, I remember his first meeting in July of 2010. Mike had a bagpipe player and a formal entrance featuring his sponsor Jeff Jones (who incidentally was Club President when I joined back in 2001).
While Mike was Club President, he was a great support to me and to all the members of our club. During Mike’s year he completed a comprehensive 5 year strategic plan. By his side during Mike's year was his wife Andrea. When Mike was Club President, it was like we got two for one with his wife.  Actually, it was like four for one in some cases. When we cleaned the Round About, his entire family would often come and pull weeds.
During Mike's year as Club President, he supported the chartering of the Interact Club at Morro Bay High School and the Eco club. Mike worked closely with Los Osos Club President Dick Pacaoan on co-chartering these clubs. It seems he had a hand in starting the Fish Fry which continues today. 
I believe that our District Governor Deepa Willingham thought of him as as the best Club President. Mike even dressed her in a fire-fighter’s suit which was precious. Mike’s support for Eco-Rotary included working at Dairy Creek on the Zero Waste Golf Course. It included recruiting students at Club Rush.
Rotary has the 4 way test which we all know by heart: Is it the truth, is it fair to all concerned, will it build goodwill and better friendships, and will it be beneficial to all concerned. Of course, Mike had to one-up that with his 3 way test which went something like is it fun, will we get caught, etc... Mike and Andrea found our Rotary flags and took the time to hang them up for our club meetings.
Mike’s leadership meant making the club stretch. If we added 10 members, 10 Paul Harris Fellows, and 10 somethings, Mike would jump out of a plane (with a parachute). Well, we added the new members and Paul Harris fellows, don’t recall that we got the other 10. Of course, I don’t think Andrea was too keen on Mike jumping anyway...!
During Mike’s year, our club had an exchange with his daughter and a gal from France. Today Mike continues to support Rotary Youth Exchanges. All in all, it was a good year!
Thanks Mike for your Service Above Self!  And thank to your family for supporting you and our club efforts!
Doing it Right! Mike's Picnic Retirement Party John Weiss 2013-05-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Weiss on Apr 30, 2013
Once again, local Rotary clubs lead the way for our youth by sponsoring high school students to RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards). It was again a great event and a recent club program. Each participant's life is transformed for the better as they learn life long skills on leadership, public speaking, diversity, problem solving, and many othe important skills. Pictured is this years team of students that attended from Morro Bay High School.
RYLA changing one life at a time! John Weiss 2013-05-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Mary M. Leizear on Mar 25, 2013

A tribute to Graham Pask

We lost one of our wonderful members on Thursday March 21st.  Graham Pask died in his sleep.  His funeral service was a tribute to an amazing family man and community leader. Over 300 friends, family members, and co-workers attended St. Timothy’s Catholic Church on Kennedy Way in Morro Bay.

At our Rotary meeting March 26th several members expressed fond memories of Graham.

Recently retired Morro Bay Fire Chief Mike Pond said that Graham was a fire fighter reserve member for 17 years.  He often thought there was a zip line straight from Graham’s house in North Morro Bay on Nutmeg to the driver’s seat of the fire engine at Station One on Harbor Street.  As soon as the tones sounded, Graham was on his way to help.

Current Fire Chief Steve Knuckles said that Graham was the liaison to the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation for the past 17 years.   He spent a lot of time going to schools, educating children and helping with foundation activities.  Graham also had a very busy full-time job with Symantec, which took a lot of time and effort.   To his three children, he was the very best father any child could have. 

Dan Costley reminisced about the incident when his friend, Linda, asked Graham to help with her cat. Without a moment’s hesitation, he figured out how to get her cat out of a tree. 

Bill Peirce lived a half a block from Graham and watched for him to go by at Mach 2 whenever the scanner lit up with a fire or rescue call.  Bill bought a lot of cookies from Graham’s kids as they raised money for community events.  He will be missed by many, many people.

Former Fire Chief Jeff Jones hired Graham in 1994 as a reserve fire fighter for about $5 per hour.  Morro Bay has two fire stations, but fire fighters always felt Fire Station Number Three was Graham’s house on Nutmeg.  Graham always backed his car into his driveway to shave seconds off his response time to Fire Station Number One.  Jeff’s daughters always babysat Graham’s kids and are friends to this day.  Of course, his children’s activities continue the tradition of giving back to their community.  His son, Austin, just completed a service project to install a new entry sign for the fire department.  

Meredith Fennacy received a Facebook posting from a total stranger in Hawaii who saw the obituary on her site and wanted to comment that Graham was his second father.

Stanley Craig is also a reserve fire fighter and said that it takes thousands of hours of commitment to serve as a reserve to the city, and Graham made a huge contribution to all of us.

John Weiss noted that Graham’s daughter, Courtney, was a member of the high school interact club and also went to RYLA.  The tradition of service certainly continues with the children.

Steve Knuckles thanked us for offering to help with Graham’s service, as his fire fighters are pretty “tapped out” from the pain of losing Graham and preparing for his funeral. John and Meredith Fennacy lead preparations and food following the service at the fire department. What a wonderful celebration of the life of fellow Rotarian Graham Pask! 

Remembering Rotarian Graham Pask Mary M. Leizear 2013-03-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Nov 25, 2012

Important Events Coming Up!

Christmas Social - Friday November 30th, 5:00pm till ? at Nancy's House, come visit with friends. 753 Piney Way MB. Appetizer, Drinks and Desserts will be served

Saturday, February 9th - Evening with Heart @ the Morro Bay Community Center



Don't Miss What's Coming Up! Jamie Boucher 2012-11-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Oct 06, 2012
I bet not many of you knew that we had such a wonderful organization located right in our own back yard!!!  Project Surf Camp is local 501(c)3 Non-Profit group serving the needs of kids with special needs via access to the ocean, to surfing and to interaction with others.  Began by John Taylor, Project Surf Camp was started 5-6 years ago, and allows kids with special needs the chance to surf, to interact with the ocean, to foster independence, to build social skills and to improve physical fitness.  Their philosophy of "exposure builds acceptance" is fostered by their instructors (all volunteers by the way), many of which are specialist interventionalists who know how to work with the needs of the campers.  It also promotes family leisure activity as the program is open to brothers, sisters, cousins or even good family friends.  PSC is all about community, they worked with 260 campers last year and hope to increase on those numbers next year.  Their needs include campers (obvious #1), volunteers (that can be US!!!!), funding and equipment (especially wet suits).  Its this writers goal to have Rotary out there in force next year - we can make a difference in these kids lives!!!
PROJECT SURF CAMP Jamie Boucher 2012-10-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Oct 06, 2012
Stop, Drop and Roll - if there was any message that Fire Captain Steve Knuckles would have us take away from this day - that would be it.  Steve has been involved with the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation for many years.  This Foundation serves those who have been burned, and their families, and puts on programs including Support Groups and Special Events.  Thru this Foundation, these kids are exposed to "regular things", those things that we all take for granted.  They get to go on Surfing Trips, Ski Trips, Angel Flight trips, Athletic Events, Family Get-a-ways, and the most popular - Champ Camp where "kids just get to be kids".  Those interested in helping out by donating, sponsoring kids or volunteering their time, please visit their website at   A special thanks to Steve for sharing his passion with us.  Another special thanks goes out to Rotary member Doug Riddell who donated his 50/50 winnings to the Foundation that day!!!
Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation Jamie Boucher 2012-10-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Oct 06, 2012
We are so very fortunate to have incredible Police and Fire Department's in Morro Bay!!  They not only are here to protect and serve, they know that at any minute, they could be called into a life and death situation.  So 11 years after September 11, 2001, we were honored to have Fire Chief Mike Pond, Captain Steve Knuckles and Police Chief Mike Lewis take us back a few years to remind us of the rescuers on that somber day and to make sure we continue to keep them and their families in our hearts and prayers.  I found out that we have a sister station - by City Resolution 23-02 we became associated with Station 16, Ladder Truck 7 of New York City who lost 6 firefighters and members of their family that day.  Yes, that day was tragic but it was also the day where America stood tall and proud in response to the devastating events - and where America accomplished its largest and most sucessful rescue efforts ever - saving literally thousands.
911 - We must always remember!!! Jamie Boucher 2012-10-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Sep 02, 2012
We met our newest District Governor, Frank Ortiz, a retired Fire Chief out of Santa Maria.  A die-hard San Francisco Giants Fan - Frank has many goals for District 5240 for this coming year!!!  He feels that Rotary is the greatest Service Organization on the Planet - bar none!!!  He truly believes in Peace thru Service and firmly believes that we have the opportunity - today - to impact PEACE!!!  Our genuine efforts of lending a helpful hand is what makes us so very special.  He went on to stress the importance of being the best club that we can be.  We need to make efforts to bring in new members, he stressed the value in what our club does, he stressed being relevant to our community and he stressed getting our name out there - let the community know what we do and what we stand for.  I am sure that through his leadership, District 5240 is in wonderful hands!!!
District Governor Frank Ortiz Jamie Boucher 2012-09-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Sep 02, 2012
WOW - I never realized how amazing these K9 Dogs can be!!!  Officer Stephanie Pipan introduced Rotary to Xello - the K9 Dog that is the newest member of our local police force.  What a beautiful animal.  Stephanie told her story of meeting Xello, choosing Xello, training with Xello and now, being able to call Xello her 24/7 partner.  Xello is a German Shepherd - who duh - only spoke and took commands in German - so Stephanie had to learn some German in order to work with him.  He is playful and yet is very focused on his mission - catching the bad guy!!!  Not surprisingly that often happens via intimidation - when suspects get a look at Xello, they all too often turn themselves in - no one really wants to see him "in action".  We however were treated to what happens if somebody "runs" - courageously, Bryan Millard wore the arm protection while Stephanie yelled "attack" (or something like that, this writer can't remember the actual command)...  Xello ran and jumped at Bryan and wouldn't let go...  It was a very convincing exhibition!!!  Soon Xello will also begin training in narcotics detection.  Congratulations to Morro Bay and to Stephanie for this wonderful program!!! 
Meet the MBPD's newest addition - Xello the Wonder Dog!!! Jamie Boucher 2012-09-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Sep 02, 2012
Girls Scouts are alive and well in Morro Bay!!!  Belinda Reyna and 3 of her brightest members, Lillian, Amanda and Zoe delighted us with a presentation of their trip to Georgia, home of the organization's National Headquarters.  Girl Scouts, an ALL INCLUSIVE gathering strives to help each member find and follow their own unique leadership path.  Membership builds courage, confidence and character which makes this world a better place!!!  (sounds familiar doesn't it??!!!)  Each of these girls were tasked with earning $1,000 each in order to make this trip a reality.  There, they were able to study girl scout history which they truly enjoyed!!!  Upcoming goals for the troop include attending the Santa Cruz Boardwalk Bash, attend Kaleidoscope Camp, receive babysitting certification and planning for their camp out.  What a wonderful group of girls, led by marvelous volunteer leaders...  I think I witnessed future Interact members!!! 
Girl Scouts of America Jamie Boucher 2012-09-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Heidi Kimbrell on Aug 23, 2012
Master PRLS 4 - Situational Leadership - Santa Maria Inn

An all day event/class acquainting students/attendees with the skills and tools necessary to assess team member's skills, fit the right people into the right jobs, and define the leasdership principles required in order to manage any team effectively. 

Please contact Heidi Kimbrell to register.
Master PRLS Series Coming to Santa Maria Inn Heidi Kimbrell 2012-08-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Aug 10, 2012
Welcome to the 2012 Rotary Year under the leadership of Nancy Guthrie!!!  As is the Rotary Way - do what you can to remain active!!!  Do what you can to help with our ongoing activities!!!  Do what you can to engage in your fellow Rotarian's lives!!!  And do what you can to make a difference!!!  We've already welcomed a new member - Carol Furtado...   are hoping Dan Costley will be transferring in soon...  and by all accounts, Alan Tognazzini will be joining our ranks as well!!!  We are starting another Paul Harris Fellow Board - $10/sqaure....  We've got the Fish Fry,  the Avacado Margarita Fest and the Harbor Fest all coming up...  We've already had a couple of Round-a-Bout cleanups...  and don't forget to start making plans for our Halloween Party as well as our Christmas Party!!!  What a great start to the year!!!  Thanks to all for what you do to make this club what it is...
Rotary Year 2012 Jamie Boucher 2012-08-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Aug 10, 2012
For those of you who weren't able to attend - YOU MISSED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!  What a great evening!!!  Nancy made incredible food!!!  Dave Owens bbq'd...  Bruce bartended (loved the margaritas Bruce!!)...  Don D brought the music (and some even kareokee'd)...  Nancy and Art won for Best Hawaiian Shirts...   The Ping Pong Tourney was a hit!!!  Ken Stilts, John Weiss, Mike and Andrea Pond, your's truly, Rich Reidel, and Gregg Kaufman participated...  The stories are true - Gregg Kaufman is quite the competitor taking home the trophy and title of Best Morro Bay Rotary Ping Ponger of 2012...  start practicing now folks - Ping Pong 2013 isn't too far away...  the warm and fuzzy story of the night was the the presentation of a Paul Harris Fellow to Frank Martinez...  this was a surprise to Frank who was visibly moved by the gesture...  quite a special moment!!!!!  and quite a special night!!!  
President's Social Jamie Boucher 2012-08-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Aug 10, 2012
August 7th's meeting provided a glimpse of the Board's various ventures in their respective roles...  ~~We'd like to take a look at sponsoring the Lighted Boat Parade starting in 2013!!!  ~~October 2012 is Vocational Services Month - please contact Heidi if you have a business that would like to come in and talk about what they do...  and PERLS is coming to our Area - Master PRLS 1 (8/18), 2 (10/6), 3 (8/18), 4 (9/15) and 5 (11/3) are all being taught at the Santa Maria Inn, are all paid for by the Club and all promise to be of benefit to you both personally and professionally!!!  ~~Public Relations, led by Amanda, is hoping to create an effective campaign thru the media to promote our Morro Bay Club in a positive light - let the public see what we are doing and what kind of difference we are making...  ~~Fundraising, led by Meredith, is already busy with the annual Evening With Heart event, they are looking towards the Fish Fry, Avocado Margarita Fest, and the Harbor Fest too...  Get out there and help!!!  ~~International, led by Nick, is hoping, along with Clubs from groups 10, 11 and 12, to raise over $40,000 in order to fund 16 more preschools in Sri Lanka...   ~~Awards, led by Jude, continues to emphasize participation in as many programs, projects, and community events as possible - we ROCK by the way!!!  ~~Membership, led by Don D., has a goal of bringing in members through a new program called Ignite.  We should all be looking at encouraging those we know, that we feel would make good Rotary members, to give us a look!!!
Our Very Own Club Members Hard At Work Jamie Boucher 2012-08-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Aug 10, 2012
What were we all doing in our early to mid 20's??  Probably not as much, nor making as much of a difference in our world, as our local Rotaract Club!!!  Rotaract provides young professionals the opportunity ~to create a brighter future via local and international projects; ~for social and fellowship opportunities; and, ~for professional development. Rotaract fosters leadership, promotes high ethical standards and promotes International PEACE.  Members Eric Wright and Megan Sullivan gave us an update on the local and international projects that the SLO Rotaract Club are undertaking.  "In their spare time" they are serving breakfast at Prado Day Center, they mentor at-risk youth, participate in clean-up days at parks; Kids Spree thru United Way and more.  They also take charge of the local Coats for Kids Drive as well as World Bicycle Relief who to date have provided 61 bicycles - sustainable transportation - to those living in Africa.   They have so much to be proud of and we, as their sponsors, should be incredibly impressed!!!  Keep up the good work!!!
Rotaractors Making a Difference!!! Jamie Boucher 2012-08-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Aug 10, 2012
We were treated by Manny Silva, Sergeant at our very own Morro Bay Police Department to a history lesson on the origin of law enforcement on the Central Coast of California.  Manny took us back 154 years when California was inundated by outlaws looking to take advantage of the gold rush.   Of special note was the Jack Powers Gang, a hyper violent gang who's motto "if you're dead, you don't tell any tales", created fear in residents of SLO County.  Then came Walter Murray, an attorney, who led a vigilant committee to rid the county of the gang thru community involvement and assistance.  Murray's efforts along with those of the committee members, and after many violent battles to the death, pacified San Luis Obispo.  This effort reflected a communities duty to eachother to preserve their fortunes and lives.  This was the birth of law enforcement in SLO County.  

California's History of Law Enforcement Jamie Boucher 2012-08-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Heidi Kimbrell on Aug 01, 2012
Master PRLS 3 - Facilitation Skills - Saturday August 18th

Master PRLS 3 - Facilitation Skills - Santa Maria Inn

An all day event/class acquainting students/attendees with the skills and tools necessary to conduct effective goal setting and problem solving group meetings. 

Please contact Heidi Kimbrell to register.
Master PRLS Series Coming to Santa Maria Inn Heidi Kimbrell 2012-08-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Jul 08, 2012
For those fortunate enough to attend this year's President Demotion, we were treated to a wonderful evening of stories, laughs and even an original musical performance honoring our outgoing President - Bill Peirce.  We even got to double dip as we also said good-bye (and Welcome Back) to Eco-Rotary's outgoing President, John Weiss...  Mike Pond, Nancy Guthrie and an assortment of "helper-bee's" made it an evening to remember!!!  Loved the "be-dazzled" radios, the variety of suspenders worn by all, the recycled awards and the decorated emergency vest that Bill wore with pride...  Congratulations to Bill on a job well done...   and Congratulations to Nancy Guthrie as she was named Morro Bay's Rotarian of the Year...  We all look forward to 2012/13 with enthusiasm to see what we, as the Rotary Club of Morro Bay, can accomplish!!!
THANKS BILL!!! Jamie Boucher 2012-07-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Apr 28, 2012

2012 has been a great year for Morro Bay Rotary!!  Round-a-Bout Clean-ups...  PRLS...  Socials...  Golf Tournament... Evening with Heart...  March Madness...  and soon to be the Fish Fry...  Morro Bay Car Show...   4th of July...   Harbor Fest...   MBHS Scholarships...   etc...  etc...  etc...  Hope you are all able to do what you can for the cause!!!  Such a wonderful way to keep connected with your City, with your Club and with those we serve!!  

2012 has brought WONDERFUL SPEAKERS!!!   We've learned a lot about our members through craft talks...  Matt Franklin, Meredith and John Fennacy, Rick Grantham, Mike Shaffron - what lives we've all led...  It is always gratifying to hear the roads we've all taken - the places we've all lived - the people we've met along the way - and most importantly, the lives we've changed!!!!

We met Woody and his wife who work with PROJECT LIFESAVER, a volunteer search and rescue program aimed at helping those with dementia/alzheimers by giving those in the program transmitters should they go missing.  They have helped over 385 clients over the years and boast a 100% success rate...

San Luis Ambulance educated us in the increasing technology of being in the Emergency Medical Service profession.  New monitors, high tech computer equipment so that interfacing with the hospitals can be done quickly, auto-pulse which aides in the performance of CPR...   all more efficient which means we are in great hands - should we need the help!!

The Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce - which has always been in great hands under the leadership of our very own Craig Schmidt - is doing the best to BUILD A BETTER MORRO BAY!!!  Their hope is to promote community, create a strong local economy, provide a network of opportunities and be an advocate for business!! 

Shannon McQuat is the Marketing & Outreach Coordinator for TRANSITIONS, a mental health advocate organizaton who provide support services for those living with mental health issues and their families thru the SLO Hotline, SLO the STIGMA, Housing programs, Employment programs, Growing Grounds Farm, Family Services and much, much more...

Needless to say there's always lots to learn...  lots to do...  and many ways to help!!!  That's it for now - talk soon...          jamie

What have you done to be of service lately?? Jamie Boucher 2012-04-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Feb 10, 2012
We were lucky to be able to hear about and this time see thru pictures, Mary's most recent trip - this time to Cuba via Key West, Florida...  she found Cuba very clean but at the same time very shabby as they don't have the money to keep up appearances...  she also noted that there is a big push to rehabilitate the larger, more historical buildings figuring that the safer and nicer those buildings are, the more tourists may come bringing more money to the area as they depend heavily on tourism for their economy...  the government even owns the local restaurants and hotels because they can ensure that toursits are properly taken care of...   she found the people incredibly friendly and in fact observed that there is no racism in Cuba - everybody is equal...   she also noticed that there is no decent transportation system which she felt is one of their biggest problems...  the most bizarre fact was that most everyone owned a song bird who they then enter into competitions for the "best song bird" - seemed like a weird hobby for people who are so impoverished...  we look forward to Mary's next trip so that we can live vicariously thru her stories and pictures...   
Mary's Medical Mission to Cuba Jamie Boucher 2012-02-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Feb 10, 2012
We were treated to a talk by Kelli Calloway, a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar from Visalia and sponsored by Rotary Club 5230 who visited Queensland/Brisbane, Australia and stayed for 11 months.  The Ambassadorial Scholar Program is one of Rotary's oldest and best known programs that promotes information and good will by studying abroad; promotes service above self as Ambassadors of Goodwill; and, develops humanitarian leaders by participating in Rotary Service Projects.  As a Rotary Ambassador, Kelli received her Master's Degree in International Public Health.  She learned about Rotary through her many travels, through Australia's District Conferences, Inbound and Outbound Scholar orientations and Rotary related research.  She served as an Ambassador of Goodwill by interacting daily with the host country, attending workshops and seminars, attending Interact and Rotaract meetings as well as giving many presentations.  She represented Service about Self as she volunteered her time helping with flood disaster relief efforts, ran a shelter-box fundraiser as well as ran Project NOW (Nurturing our Women).  She also went to the Soloman Island where she put her efforts into education, literacy and safe drinking water.  Kelli looks forward to a life long affiliation with Rotary!!!  Kelli - we salute you and your efforts!!!
Kelli Calloway - Rotary's very own Ambassadorial Scholar Jamie Boucher 2012-02-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Feb 10, 2012
I for one was incredibly impressed with the Story of HANDS IN NEPAL - a local organization run almost exclusively by a local family living in Santa Margarita - the Chaffins...  Jan Sprague-Chaffin - spoke to us about her son - Danny...  Young Mr. Daniel Chaffin, a college student trying to find his place in the world - knew he wanted to make a difference...  at the encouragement of his parents, he went on-line, did some research on those in need and decided that he was purchasing a ticket to Nepal...  there he volunteered his time for a year where he worked in an orphanage and lived with a local family.  He witnessed first hand the issues facing these impoverished, at-risk children.  After a year back home, he decided he wanted to return so took the semester off, figuring that the money he saved by not attending school for a semester could actually build a school in Nepal which he, his family and the local villagers then went on to build.  Since then, they have built 2 schools and are planning even more...  all it took was a dream and desire to do the work - the rest (along with a whole lot of time, hard work, and generous donations)  "was cake"...  they encourage anybody interested in learning about HANDS IN NEPAL and the work they are doing/planning or even better, making a tax deductible donation - please visit their website - .  
Changing the world... One school at a time... Jamie Boucher 2012-02-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus on Feb 07, 2012

I didn't get to go this year thanks to the flu! But 13 of our club members rode down in Gary Englund's RV bus to Santa Barbara and took part in STEPS. As you know this has to do with poverty. Now I can speak to poverty because I know first hand what it's like to be poor. As an organization we pay a lot of attention to the extreme poverty that is evident in third world countries and we should. But poverty here in our country is on the increase -- even here in our own county. The number of homeless people continues to rise and these are not just the mentally ill and alcoholic. Many of these people are ordinary people like you and me who have fallen on hard times.

I live every day with the realization of how close I am personally to joining their ranks. Oddly enough there is little assistance for someone like me since government programs that do any kind of help, such as food stamps, are not available to someone in my bracket. I am one of those people who don't have enough income to truly live a poverty free life and but have too much according to the powers that be to get any help.

Why am I writing this to you? As Rotary members I feel we need to do more right here in our own back yard. Yes, I know we donate clothing and warm coats and some food items every year at Christmas time. It's not enough. Are we really looking at the causes of this situation? Are we talking to our government representatives? Are we saying anything to the business community about jobs? Are we doing anything to foster more jobs? Are we even discussing this? Or do we just want to sweep it under the rug.

I'd like to see us take STEPS to solving poverty in our own town, in our own county, in our own country. Think about it and let me know your thoughts.

Ruth Ann, a member of the Invisible Poor

Symposium to End Poverty Sustainably STEPS Ruth Ann Angus 2012-02-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Dec 10, 2011
Cee Cee Lane, Regional Coordinator of the local chapter of "GET ON THE BUS" enlightened us about their wonderful program.  Established in 1999, this program reunites children with their incarcerated parent.  Its ALL about these kids, who have done nothing wrong and yet are "serving time" for their parent's mistakes.  Studies show that this program has been a visible motivator for both parent and child - the prisoners continue to maintain good behavior so that they are able to see their children...  the kids  are just thrilled to be able to spend quality with their parent - even for just the day...   its a memory that lasts a lifetime!!!  Like all non-profits, this program could use your financial help - if not, then your time or treasures are always appreciated!!!  Contact Cee Cee to see how you might be able to be of service.
GET ON THE BUS!!!!!!!!!!! Jamie Boucher 2011-12-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Dec 10, 2011

Our favorite Castle employee, Victoria, regaled us with more interesting stories of the Hearst family last Tuesday...  the Hearst family, who loved Christmas, ensured that their decorations would be second to  none...  boasting over 100 wreaths of all sizes, hundreds and hundreds of poinsettias, Christmas trees and spectacular holiday colors - Hearst Castle should be on everybody's "to do" list this holiday season.  Having changed their tours, you can now take a guided tour and then spend countless hours on a self guided "walk-around" the gardens for as long as you'd like... 

CHRISTMAS AT THE CASTLE Jamie Boucher 2011-12-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus on Nov 29, 2011
 At our 11-29 meeting Arby and Rob Kitzman awarded Wayne Bickford with a Paul Harris Fellow. Wayne is Arby's father-in-law and as he told us, was like a father to him since Arby lost his Dad a year after getting married to Wayne's daughter. Wayne did an awful lot of things for this community over the years and this award does only a bit to give back to one of our pioneer Morro Bay people.
A Special Paul Harris Fellow Ruth Ann Angus 2011-11-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus on Nov 29, 2011
 Didn't cook this year (well, didn't cook last year either), but I did enjoy the heaping portions of turkey and all the fisings at the Thanksgiving Dinner put on by the Morro Bay Police Department and Rotary. Yummy! They fed 500 people at the center and delivered 100 meals to folks at home. What a great event and what a great group for putting this on. It made my Thanksgiving Day!
Enjoying the Bird at Morro Bay Community Center Ruth Ann Angus 2011-11-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus on Nov 29, 2011

 If you didn't come, then you missed it -- the nice social gathering we held at the Morro Bay Wine Seller in Marina Square on the Embarcadero. Those of us who came enjoyed a nice selection of wines poured by Vicki and a great spread. Lots of chit-chat, mucnhing, and wine, wine, wine -- also, lots of fun!

There are more photos in the photo section of this web site -- take a look.

A Social at Morro Bay Wine Seller Ruth Ann Angus 2011-11-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Oct 17, 2011
Ron and Ruth Vasconcelios, established the North County Adaptive Sports and Recreation Program, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide special needs children and adults the opportunity to interact in a variety of activities.   They partner with many organizations which include the City of Atascadero, Kennedy Club Fitness, the Knights of Columbus, and Cal Poly in providing aquatics programs, team sports programs as well as educational opportunities. They currently boast 53 enrolled and most nights can see between 30-40 participants playing basketball, volleyball, bocce ball, kick ball, swimming or even their newest class - line dancing.   Their goal, thru participation in these many activities, is to improve self esteem, self awareness but most importantly, to HAVE FUN!!!  Their most recent endeavor is to build permanent Bocce Ball courts at Colony Park - they are confident that this dream will soon become a reality.  They encourage anybody and everybody to join them - in fact, for those of you looking for something to do this or any Thursday night - join them in Atascadero at Colony Park from 5:30-7:00pm - you won't regret it!!!
PARENT'S MAKING A DIFFERENCE Jamie Boucher 2011-10-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Oct 17, 2011
TSU - HARBOR;  NAMI - WAVE = TSUMANI...    Weather Expert, and fellow Rotarian, John Lindsey gave us an abbreviated version of harbor wave action and the impacts they could have on land.  He explained that there are 3 types of ocean waves - 1) wind generated waves; 2) tidal cycle waves; and, 3) tsunamis (or seismic sea waves).   The wave length (measured crest to crest) tells us which kind of wave we are seeing.  In a worst case scenario, seismic action creates the swells, then based on the wave length - the longer the wave length, the more the wave continues to surge - you can determine the height of a tsunami and very possibly what damage it has the potential to do.  Well, at least John can do that...   us??  not so much... 
Tsunami 101 Jamie Boucher 2011-10-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus on Oct 10, 2011

No one can accuse the Morro Bay club of being shy. At a recent meeting a number of our illustrious members serenaded us with their amazing rendition of Petula Clark's "Downtown" via a Karaoke machine. I have to say that using the machine really did help the quality of our singing. However, I hope we go back to sterling renditions of "God Bless America" soon. I took a little video of the fools performing at the front of the room and I am sure much to their dismay, posted it on You Tube.

Morro Bay Singers! Ruth Ann Angus 2011-10-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Oct 03, 2011
Unbeknownst to this Rotarian, we have a group of humanitarians working for the kids of our area.  Director Jim Davis gave us a glimpse of God's Havens for Children, a non-profit, christian based, organization who are dedicated to recruiting, screening, training, organizing and supervising adult mentors and volunteers in our community in their efforts to provide foster services and youth mentoring opportunities to needy kids in this county.  They firmly believe that by investing time into the life of a young person, the door is opened for that young person to achieve the confidence necessary to flourish.  We can all help - while being a foster parent or youth mentor may not be for you - their needs are many...  you can help by volunteering, providing gifts for the children (birthdays or christmas), donation of canned goods and meals, or financial donations for special situations.  They also sponsor fundraisers throughout the year - visit their website at  or feel free to stop by their offices located at 895 Napa, Ste A-2 to learn more about how you can help!!
OUR HEART IS FOR THE CHILDREN Jamie Boucher 2011-10-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jamie Boucher on Sep 26, 2011
Adriane Harris, Director of the Morro Bay National Estuary Program, gave us a snapshot of "State of our Estuary".  As one of only 28 nationally recognized Estuaries, we are easily one of the smallest but also probably the most pristine. Their mission is to Protect and Restore the Morro Bay Estuary and Watershed for People and Wildlife.  In order to achieve this, they strive to protect habitat and water quality; to understand through monitoring and research; to restore habitat and water quality; and to educate the community to become empowered.  As such, they have a very strong volunteer corp - over 100 strong - who monitor water quality studies which then tell us how the health of our local streams are - anything that impacts the streams by definition, impacts the Estuary.  Their offices are located upstairs in the Marina Square where the Estuary Nature Center also calls home.  There, locals and visitors alike can visit and learn all about our local and national Estuary system.  They encourage anybody interested in registering for their mailing list, in their many volunteer opportunities or learning about the water quality of our Estuary to visit their website: . 
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus on Sep 19, 2011
Allen Reese is the Director of Development of CAPSLO. CAPSLO was founded as part of the War on Poverty back in the mid-60s, with the Head Start Program being their initial project. Since its inception, CAPSLO is now providing services to low income, seniors, and those dealing with daily challenges. In addition to Head Start, programs include an Adult Day Services Center, Energy Services, a Senior Home Repair Program, a Utility Assistance Program, Senior Health Screening, and Forty Wonderful - Health Screening for Women. He implored us to call or email him with questions or to refer anyone you may know who may be in need of these services. CAPSLO 544-4355, ext# 120 or .  For the more personal approach, you can also contact our very own Rick Grantham who currently serves on the CAPSLO Board of Directors.
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus on Sep 19, 2011
Self-proclaimed auction addict Don Hudson surprised Nancy Guthrie with a Rotary International sign that she had been coveting for some time. Her plans are to hang said sign on the side of her business building for all to see. Don bid $100 in order to obtain the sign which he has since learned he can take as a tax deduction.   (thanks George!!)
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus on Sep 19, 2011
George Ross completely dumbfounded us with his wealth of information on how to get around paying the government more than you ever wanted to!  Just kidding! He actually gave us, in 20 minutes, a lot of valuable information about cash donations, investments, stocks, vehicles, proper documentation and more in regards to filing your income taxes.  For example, if you decide to donate your auto, your boat or your plane (!) to a deserving organization, you can only get the value of what they auction it for. Also, if items are valued at more than $5000 they must be appraised by a qualified appraiser. But most importantly, if you want to keep yourself from being audited, make sure you keep a well documented paper trail including digital photos, receipts, and the value of your credentialed professional time for volunteer work. For for most of us, keep your donation amount low in order to avoid trouble or if you are unsure, see a qualifed, certified, professional tax person.
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus on Sep 19, 2011
At the Pops by the Sea event held in Avila Beach over Labor Day weekend, Frank Martinez was given the thrill of a lifetime...  he was surprised by his kids and asked to conduct the Symphony Orchestra in a rousing rendition of Stars and Stripes Forever. The Pop's concert along with Frank's family raised over $11,500 which is then donated to central coast public schools for music education. Frank was humbled, however upon attending the following Rotary meeting he regained his usual flair for the dramatic in telling us about his experience. To quote him he said, "I thought that song would NEVER end!"
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Posted by Heidi Kimbrell on Jul 11, 2011

To All Club Members:


Please make a note on your calendars – PRLS (Potential Rotary Leadership Seminars) Classes are coming to San Luis Obispo County.  These lectures broadly cover the desired skills our leaders should have to effectively plan, organize, manage, promote, present orally, and lead in a Rotary Club or Committee setting.  This PRLS program offers practical training in professional circumstances that can benefit anyone on both a personal and professional level.


Upcoming Schedule*:

August 13th, 2011        Master PRLS 3            Santa Maria Inn

August 27th, 2011        Master PRLS 4            Santa Maria Inn

September 17th, 2011 Master PRLS 1            Santa Maria Inn

September 24th, 2011 Master PRLS 2            Santa Maria Inn

October 8th, 2011                   Master PRLS 5            Santa Maria Inn
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Posted by Amanda Canterberry on Jun 14, 2011

Nancy Guthrie - PHF pinned!  Nancy brought her husband Dan for their 5th Anniversary and was pinned on June 14th with a Paul Harris Fellowship by Eric Luthi. Good going Nancy!  

50/50 Drawing Winner - Dan Costley from local Cayucos Rotary Club is 1 of 3 winners of the 50/50 Drawing. Dan received $600. Good job Dan!

Paul Harris Fellow Recognition - Our newest Paul Harris Fellow donation was recieved by Chase Mendoza on 6/7/2011. Chase is the son of Becky and Nick Mendoza of Morro Bay Rotary.

Jim Sanders recieved his 2nd Paul Harris Fellowship on 6/7/2011.

Yellow Badge Recipient - Our very own Jamie Boucher has stepped up to a Yellow Badge! Congratulations Jamie!

Hapitok Camp Day - July 8th at 12pm-1pm. Camp Hapitok is sponsored by the San Luis Obispo County Office of Education to provide an intensive educational program to elementary age children with communication disabilities. Come have a fun and help children in need! See Gary Owens for more information and sign up sheet.

Annual Fish Fry Fundraiser - Saturday, August 20th from 11am-7pm. Once again we will be co-hosting the fish fry fundraiser with the ladies of the CCWF. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS for set-up, clean up and DONATIONS for this event! See Bill Pierce for details.


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Posted by John Weiss on Jun 14, 2011

An exciting Eco-Rotary Charter Night is being planned for the Morro Bay Golf Course on Thursday June 23rd. Social will start at 5:30 and meeting at 6:00 PM and finished by 7 PM. Come check it out and celebrate our district's newest club and the first Eco-Rotary club on the West Coast! It counts as a make-up AND you may learn something about our environment.

District Governor Deepa Willingham will be among our honored participants. She has requested that all Charter Members will receive Sam Greene pins! Deepa is inviting all 70+ clubs to attend so we could have quite a bit of celebration support!

Meetings are scheduled on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month. Service Above Self.  For additional information, please contact John Weiss at 805-748-9615.

Eco-Rotary Charter planned for June 23rd!!! John Weiss 2011-06-15 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Amanda Canterberry on Jun 12, 2011

Every Rotarian, Every Year (EREY) 

Help The Rotary Foundation make a lasting difference...

 01Clorinda Palomina, 8, drinks from an outdoor sink in the village of Santa Rosa de Huacaria, Peru, built with the help of a District Simplified Grant. The Rotary Club of Vernon, California, USA, used grant funds to provide construction materials.

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Posted by Amanda Canterberry on Jun 12, 2011
OCIW Deepa’s Demotion and the Amazing Clubs!! Awards Ceremony will be held Saturday, June 25 at the Buellton Marriott from 5 – 9 p.m.  It’s going to be an evening of Rotary hilarity along with recognition of this year’s outstanding Club achievements.  You’ve never experienced a Governor’s demotion like this one so don’t delay.  Space is limited.  Register Now!  Click on "more" below for details and to register.

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Posted by Amanda Canterberry on Jun 12, 2011


Annual Fish Fry Fundraiser: Saturday August 20, 2011 - 2:00pm to 7:00pm, held at the Morro Bay Veteran's Building: 209 Surf St., Morro Bay. Ticket prices: Adults $10,  Kids 8 and under $5. Get with Nancy Guthrie to sell tickets for the fundraiser.

Tickets are also available at:

Morro Bay Fire Dept.: 715 Harbor St.

Central Coast Sportsfishing: 725 Embarcadero

Coast Electronics: Quintana and Kennedy Way

August 25 at 6 PM - Club Social at Mi Casa Restaurant on Morro Bay Blvd.  

September 25 Sunday - 2011 Hunger Walk at St. Timothy's Catholic Church - starts at 1 PM and the Walk at 2 PM. Proceeds from this fundraiser are shared 75% with SLO County Food Bank that serves over 40,000 people in our county, and 25% CARE for hungry people in our world. How can you help? Go to and click on "Hunger Walk" and follow the instructions to be a sponsor.
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Posted by John Weiss on Jun 07, 2011

Hard to believe that it has been one year!  Please comeTuesday July 5th for President Mike's demotion.  Hail to the Chief!

This special event will be held at Dan's Caccia House located on Morro Bay Blvd and Napa Ave.  Great Mexican food will be provided by Lolo's. Tempting desserts will be baked by Nancy!  And of course refreshments will also be available.

The Demotion Committee has been working on the entertainment which promises to be very, well ENTERTAINING!  Did we mention Gary Ryan?  It will be a PARTY to remember!

Tuesday July 5th 5:30 PM President Mike's Demotion John Weiss 2011-06-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
At our luncheon meeting of August 30th, Rotary Club of Morro Bay welcomed new member Matt Franklin. Nick Mendoza sponsored Matt who is in the property management business with his father Jack Franklin. Matt is a long time member of service clubs and looks forward to his time with us. Make sure you introduce yourself to Matt next time you see him.We wish Matt welcome and hope he will enjoy being in our club.
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
On August 2nd we were privileged to hear from an awesome teenager who took a devastating time in her life and did something positive with it. Melinda Marchiano was 13 when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma. A 12.5 cm tumor was lodged around her trachea making breathing difficult for her. This mass contained blood vessels and nerve endings and was painful. But at the time neither she nor her doctors knew that it was there. After an agonizing time searching for the cause as to why she felt so ill, a simple X-ray finally showed the mass. But finding that it was cancer was a revelation for her.

Young people in their teens are often victims of this type of cancer, but Melinda was rather young to have come down with this. She endured months of chemotherapy having five separate types of chemo drugs pumped into her frail body. This along with many medications that cancer patients must endure in order to boost their immune systems while fighting their disease took a toll on her. She certainly did not enjoy her first year as a teenager. Fourteen days of intense radiation followed the chemo. While she thought that the end of treatment would mean the end of feeling horrible, she found out that this is far from the case. A terrible eating disorder began as well as other after effects of the cancer treatments. It was a long and difficult struggle for a girl who loved to dance and yearned to be out on the stage with her contemporaries, on pointe, in her ballet shoes.

What did she do with all of this? She wrote. Melinda wrote and wrote and detailed every nuance of her cancer journey. The eventual outcome of this journaling was a full-fledged book, her memoir,entitled "Grace."

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Relay For Life along with Melinda and I am proud to say that we both had a good story to tell. As far as we know we have beaten our cancers. Her PET scan and x-Rays no longer show the mass or any cancer cells in her body. I, too, have been given a clean bill of health.

Today, August 9th, is the four year anniversary of my breast cancer surgery. I have been reading Melinda's book and am horribly reliving my cancer journey. Although we had different types of cancer and we are about 50+ years difference in age, our cancer experiences are eerily the same. Melinda did not leave out anything -- the pain and misery of the Neupegen shots that were to help us with our immune system and blood counts, all the medications besides the chemo, the nausea, the vomiting, the pain all over our bodies, the dizziness, and the never ending fatigue, one of the after effects I am left with apparently for the rest of my life. Melinda is young and hopefully will outgrow these things. She conquered her eating disorder and now appears as a beautiful, healthy young woman.

Survivors. That is what they call anyone who has come out of battling cancer and is still living. I never related to that terminology nor could I accept myself as a survivor for these past four years. And although my oncologist feels that my type of cancer, which was supposed to return in a year according to statistics and has not, is gone for good, I remain skeptical and cautious. Why? Because there is NO CURE FOR CANCER. Until medical science knows why certain peoples' immune systems are incapable of destroying rogue cells in our bodies, we cannot use the word cure. Chemotherapy is only a treatment. It is not a cure. This is why I participate each year since my cancer recovery in Relay For Life with the American Cancer Society to raise money to go towards cancer research.

My humble thank you to everyone who donated, raised funds, and participated in this year's Relay For Life. You can be assured that you have contributed to a cause that will continue to bring newer and  better treatments for cancer victims and hopefully find that elusive cure so that we will never again lose anyone to this awful disease.

Melinda and I are proud to be SURVIVORS!
Survivors! by Ruth Ann Angus Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus

On the evening of June 23 representatives from Rotary clubs from Morro Bay, Grover Beach, Cambria, and Los Osos as well as district Governor Deepa Willingham gathered to welcome and officially charter the new Eco-Rotary Club of Morro Bay. This new Rotary club is only the third ecologically oriented club in the world and will be a pace setter for new clubs to follow. Already they have two environmental projects in the works. The club is off to a great start and with John Weiss as President is sure to grow and accomplish much.

District Governer Deepa spoke to the group explaining what Rotary is all about and telling them about the late Sam Greene and how he first got involved with Rotary. Our club enjoyed hearing from Sam back in April at our 60th Anniversary. It's our great loss that Sam has gone to his heavenly reward. To commemorate this new accomplishment of establishing Eco-Rotary, Deepa told the group that they would be receiving a special pin this night. It was the Sam Greene membership pin and she cautioned the new members not to give it away, or sell it, or lose it, because these are the only ones that exist.

Presidents Dick Pacaoan of the Los Osos Rotary and President Mike Pond of the Morro Bay Rotary gave welcome speeches. Then New President John Weiss introduced all of the Charter Members. There followed the pinning ceremony and presentation of gifts.

Eco-Rotary is a wonderful way for local people to do something environmentally positive for their community. The club is also perfect for folks who cannot make a luncheon or breakfast meeting as this club will meet every second and fourth Thursday at 5:30 P.M. at the Morro Bay Golf Course. Watch the news regarding this group because it is without a doubt that you will be hearing about good things from them.

Photos of the Charter night are posted in the Photo section of this web site.

Rotary Club of Morro Bay charters new Eco-Rotary of Morro Bay Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Rotary International Future Vision - Symposium to Eliminate Poverty Sustainably
A Report by Ruth Ann Angus
It's tough for me to do an all day event that starts in the wee hours of the morning and goes until evening. Since cancer, my energy level is truly compromised. However, I am very glad I attended what we refer to as the Poverty Conference.

About 400 people came to the Santa Maria Fair Park on Saturday, January 29th. You met Julius Achon last week at our meeting and heard his story. He was our first speaker and truly touched our hearts. It's difficult for us to really comprehend what it must be like to live in the kind of poverty he spoke about, not to mention the strife caused by continual warfare in these regions. The fact that a person can endure being abducted at age 12 into an abusive military and still come out of that experience with the will to do good for others is amazing. Julius told us about finding 11 orphaned children that he didn't hesitate to bring to his home and have his family care for them. This when his family was living on less than $2 a day. He has since set up the Uganda Children's Fund to continue helping children in his country. His talk set the mood for the rest of our day.

As attendees at the conference we all picked workshop sessions to attend. There were six sessions, but time constraints made it only possible to choose two. Mine were Basic Education and Literacy and Economic & Community Development.

I am convinced that education is the major key in assisting third world countries to crawl their way up out of poverty. Furthermore, I am convinced that it is imperative to educate girls. When we educate a boy, he leaves his home area and goes out into the world. When we educate a girl, she stays home and improves the living situation. There is much to consider in attempting to bring education to many of these countries. It is not just book learning that is necessary, but food and health services have to be provided. Many children do not live past age five. We are talking about countries in Africa, Afghanistan, and India where the most extreme poverty exists

Some of you are familiar with our District Governor Deepa Willingham's organization PACE Universal that has built a school in a rural town in India primarily for girls. There are 170 girls attending and 180 are on the waiting list. These children desire education. The organization is now realizing that they need to extend schools in other areas; they need to also educate boys; they need to help adults learn to read and write; they need to provide vocational training for adults. It is a lot to do, but inch by inch they are going forward.

Deepa confided in me that she is intending to fulfill a desire of my heart and that is a school for girls in Afghanistan. She has meetings already planned to begin this process. One of our goals for our club was to fund schooling for a child in a Muslim country. This was my suggestion at our Strategic Planning meeting a couple of years ago and is still on the table for us to accomplish. Supplying as little as $300 a year can buy books, pencils, paper and other school supplies for more than one student in Afghanistan. I also spoke with Deepa about the possibility of Rotary funding secondary education or college education in the United States for young women from Afghanistan as well as doing the school project she has in mind. It is something she and I will have further discussion about.

There was so much more that we all learned at this conference -- Maternal and Child Health, Disease Prevention and Treatment, Water and Sanitation, and Peace and Conflict Resolution. It seems overwhelming, but many of our clubs are working on these projects in conjunction with Rotary clubs around the world. I left the conference boosted with the knowledge that we CAN make a difference and these are real projects that even a small club like Morro Bay Rotary can accomplish. It is the reason that I belong to Rotary because in spite of illness and my own relative poverty, I still want to give back to humanity what I can. In comparison, I have so much when they have so little.

Poverty Conference Report Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
We welcomed new member Morro Bay Police Commander Bryan Millard to our club on September 21st. Police Chief Tim Olivas sponsored Bryan. Bryan looks forward to participating in all the fun events we have here at Morro Bay Rotary.
Welcome New Member Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by John Weiss
Morro Bay High School students signed up in droves during Club Rush! Over 70 students signed up during this event which was held on Thursday September 9th in the school courtyard. Rotarians present included Morro Bay President Mike Pond, Los Osos President Dick Pacaoan, John Weiss, Nancy Guthrie, Nick Mendoza, Don Doubledee, Don Hudson, Andrea Klipfel, Judy Salamacha, and Andrea Pond.... Our Faculty Advisor Bruce Badrigan was also there encouraging the students to participate.
MBHS Club Rush 2010 John Weiss 0
Posted by John Weiss
The Rotary Clubs of Morro Bay and Los Osos are working to sponsor an Interact Club at Morro Bay High School. Interacters are between 12 and 18 years of age. World-wide there are over 6,000 Interactor Clubs and over 150,000 Interactors in over 100 countries!

Teacher extrordinaire Bruce Badrigan is the Faculty Advisor, Shirley Hulin is the Los Osos Rotary Club representative, and John Weiss is the representative for the Rotary Club of Morro Bay.

So far, 90 students have expressed an interest in Interact. We anticipate, to charter the Interact Club of Morro Bay High School on Tuesday November 2nd! District Governor Deepa Willingham and Club President of Calcutta (India) will be among many honored guests. More news to follow on this special celebration!

Incoming club officers were elected: Darek Mendoza-President; Courtney Pask-Vice President; Laura Clark-Treasurer; Rebecca Radke-Secretary; and President Elect-Rose Badrigan. Congratulations to all!
Exciting News on Interact at Morro Bay High School John Weiss 0
Posted by John Weiss
Rotary is about Membership. For Rotary to do its work in our communities, we need new members to grow AND we need to retain those already. Seminars were hosted in our district to share ideas about membership. Our own Don Hudson, a newer member, was on a panel to discuss what attracted him to Rotary and what changes are recommended. A wealth of information is on our District website including our recent KSBY story on honoring Rotarian Bob Ransom.

Best practices include involving newer members while listening to those with experience. Community projects are a big reason people are attracted to Rotary.  Welcome new members to participate socially. Invite others you like to have FUN with to participate in Rotary projects.

Don Doubledee has assembled handbags for new members filled with items from our members business. Rotarians are not only good for the community, they're good for business! So network and have FUN!

President Mike Pond's goal for his year is a net gain of ten. We've added some and lost some. Let's make it happen by making our current members feel appreciated while introducing Rotary to community minded leaders. Together we will grow and have FUN, of course!

Rotary is About Membership! John Weiss 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
We were recently introduced to our Rotary Exchange Student Joao from Brazil who is staying with Nancy Guthrie while he attends Morro Bay High School. Joao passed around a colorful booklet about his country and promised to give us a program on where he comes from and his experience as an exchange student soon.  We welcome him to our country and to our Rotary Club.
Rotary Exchange Student Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus

On August 17th our regular luncheon meeting was delighted to hear from Michelle Pond and Rotary Youth Exchange student from France, Agathe! We learned the proper pronunciation of her name and found out that she actually lives in the Brittany section of France.   The people in Brittany are descended from a group of people who settled in the area long ago and are not directly related to the rest of the population of the country. They speak a separate language too, although Agathe didn't give us any examples of that and greeted us in traditional French - Bonjour!

Rotary Youth Exchange Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by Mary M. Leizear

The Rotaract Club of San Luis Obispo is organizing a "Coats for Kids" drive from August through October 2010.  Similar to "Toys for Tots," coat collection stations will be set up throughout SLO at local schools, banks, churches and high traffic businesses to collect old jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts and coats. In Morro Bay, you can donate coats at Coast Electronics/RadioShack in Morro Bay located at 510 Quintana Road.

Rotaract Coats for Kids Mary M. Leizear 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus

Graham Pask and Ambrè Amers were welcomed as new members to our club by sponsors Mike Pond and John Weiss. Pins and plaques and congratulations were handed out to them by District Governor Deepa Willingham.  Both new members have agreed to get started in the club as new bulletin writers next month!

Two New Members! Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus

Deepa spoke about her mother and father and how as a small child she learned from them that no human being is beneath anyone else - some people just happen to be born poor. As an Indian family they were well aware in their lives of the caste system in India, however, she said she and her siblings regarded an elderly couple associated with the family as "grandparents" regardless of their standing within the caste system. This training by her parents is obviously a good part of the reason that Deepa sees all people on the same level as herself. No one is any better, nor any less.

Who Is This Governor? Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus

It's nearly upon us - our second year doing Relay For Life to help raise funds to fight cancer with the American Cancer Society. I know you've been hearing from us in these past few weeks about the Relay, but reinforcing how important this event is can't happen too often.

Personally I would like to thank everyone who has contributed and those of you who are planning to come out and walk with us.  As a two year cancer survivor I am heartened by your support. Rotary accomplishes many things, not the least of them raising money for causes like this one. I am proud that we support so many fine community projects and even extend our efforts to aid for foreign countries. Who would think that a few people from a small area on the Central Coast of California could accomplish so much?

We Relay Once Again Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by John Weiss
You have to see it to believe it! Our District Governor Deepa Willingham has outfitted her new Mercedes to reflect her passion for Rotary! Deepa is an inspiring lady who visited the Rotary Club of Morro Bay on Tuesday August 10th. Among Rotary's goals is to eradicate polio from the face of the earth. Deepa is also passionate about elimnating extreme poverty. She is doing something about it, too!
DG Deepa Willingham's Rotary Car! John Weiss 0
Posted by John Weiss
Membership and PR Seminars are great opportunities to grow in Rotary! Seminar costs are paid for by our club which includes breakfast, meeting rooms, and speakers. Attend either Bakersfield on Saturday August 21st or Santa Barbara on Saturday August 28th. Meetings start at 8:30 AM and finish at 12:30 PM. Home hosting can be arranged for Friday night. Questions may be directed to Past President John Weiss 805-748-9615.
District 5240 Membership Seminars John Weiss 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus

Lois Margaret Martinez, 82, resident of San Luis Obispo for 46 years, died Tuesday, July 13, 2010. In recent years, despite surgeries and declining health, Lois maintained a robust travel schedule to stay in touch with her family around California and visit her favorite vacation spot, Avalon on Catalina Island.

Lois Martinez was well-known throughout the San Luis Obispo area for support of schools, foreign student exchange programs, local arts and music, but especially support for the foundation and development of Cuesta Community College.


Lois Martinez Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by John Weiss
Hail to the Chief!

President Mike Pond's first meeting was exciting and moving! Mike arranged for a talented bagpipe player and started the meeting in a most impressive fashion. A procession began with a bagpipe player playing, the American flag carried by Police Chief Olivas and Fireman's axes by Chief Jeff Jones and Firefighter Graham Paske, followed by our new (Chief) Club President, Mike Pond.

Mike proceeded to teach us our new Rotary three way test, something about fun, hard work, and fellowship...  We will all have a great Rotary year!

Mike's wife Andrea helped with the hard work for our first meeting. Many of the collected Rotary Club Flags were proudly hung around the room. I understand we have hundreds and hundreds of these special momentos. Each representing a special experience by one of our club members.

We learned the words to "Hail to the Chief"  Obviously some thought went in to adapting the song to include the inspiration to participate and support our club for the greater good of our community.

Hail to the Chief! John Weiss 0
Posted by Heidi Kimbrell
Please make a note on your calendars – PRLS (Potential Rotary Leadership Seminars) Classes are fantastic Rotary moment opportunities! These lectures broadly cover the desired skills our leaders should have to effectively plan, organize, manage, promote, present orally, and lead in .........
PRLS Classes make Great Rotary Moments! Heidi Kimbrell 0
Posted by Donald J. Doubledee
Police Chief Tim Olivas announce the work done for Grace Poletti. Instead of rebuilding her stairs to the upstairs unit, he and his volunteers repaired the downstairs bathroom so she could use the downstairs. The work was paid for by donation, including $350 from our Rotary Club.
Community Giving to a Community Treasure Donald J. Doubledee 0
Posted by Donald J. Doubledee
Andrea Lueker joined President John to induct Interim Public Service Director Rob Livick. Andrea said she has enjoyed working with Rob very much and is sure he will be a good Rotarian. Rob is the 14th member inducted in to our club! Rob brings a good sense of humor and community. Welcome Rob #3!
Another New Member! Donald J. Doubledee 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
An Informational meeting regarding the interest by the students to form an Interact Club was explored on Thursday May 27th. A dozen students and Rotraians from Morro Bay and Los Osos were present. Fortunately, teacher Bruce Badrigan made himself available to be the new club's Faculty Advisor. Each Interact Club is comprised of students 14-18 years of age. There are over 250,000 Interactors in over 120 countries. Each Interact Club picks it own leaders and projects to work towards. If interested in more information, please contact John Weiss at 805-748-9615.
Interact Informational Meeting at MBHS Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by Gregg Kaufman
On Tuesday May 25th, Rob Kitzman of Culligan Water was inducted in to our club. Rob was sponsored by his father Arby who has been active in Morro Bay for many years. Arby also asked his sponsor, Chuck Clarke, to come up for the presentation as well.  Rob has been with Culligan for 16 years and took over the business to allow Arby to walk off into the sunset of retirement (fat chance).  Rob is married to Tracy (21 years) and has three children, Annie, Ryan, and Tyler.  He realized that the Morro Bay Rotary Club was something he wanted to get involved with after watching his dad's commitment to community service through our club for many years. The Rotary Club of Morro Bay welcomes the Rob Kitzman family to our family!
Another New Member! Gregg Kaufman 0
Posted by Gregg Kaufman
Stuart McElhinney introduced three of the four high school students who attended the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards in Ojai by both our club and the Los Osos club. The four students were Marissa Hay of Mission Prep High School, Rebecca Radke and Dan Moskowitz of Morro Bay High and Laura Clark, also of MBHS who couldn't be here due to her competing in CIF for swimming. Laura is pictured here who was able to attend the program in Los Osos (absent Rebecca Radke from photo).
MBHS Students share their RYLA experiences! Gregg Kaufman 0
Posted by Jude Long
The Rotary Coastal Clubs of Cayucos Seaside, Los Osos and Morro Bay came together at the Morro Strand State Beach Park to work on a Sand Dunes Restoration Project for Rotarians at Work Day. Under the guidance of California State Parks staffers Jodi Isaacs, John Sayers and Park volunteer Lauren Danner, the 22 volunteers put on their boots and gloves to pull out dead non-native European beach grass on the dunes. This grass was planted many years ago to stabilize the dunes and it has helped create unnaturally large, tall and steep dunes not characteristic to the area. Perched and balanced on the tall dunes, Rotarians worked to eradicate the beach grass. The cleared space will allow more room for native plants and animals and benefit endangered species like the Snowy Plovers and the Morro Shoulderband snail thus restoring the dune community to a natural functioning ecosystem. Rotary volunteers enjoyed the perfect weather, had fun working and left feeling accomplished and informed after coming together for this truly "grassroots" project for the betterment of our beautiful Coastal area. Thanks to Dan Costley, Daudi Kaliisa, John Weiss, Jude Long and all of the volunteers who participated.
Rotarians at Work Day Saturday April 24th Jude Long 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Some of the photos that I took are now on this site.  Check out Photos on the Home Page.

Ruth Ann
60th Anniversary Photos Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
John Kenny
President, 2009–10
Fax 847.866.3390

17 April 2010

To the members of the
Rotary Club of Morro Bay

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

Congratulations to all of you as you celebrate your club's 60th anniversary.
Sixty years ago, your club's charter members felt that Rotary's ideal of
service to the community was worthy and credible, and for this reason they
laid the foundation for a Rotary club in Morro Bay.
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Dave Klinzman was first to represent Pacific Wildlife Care.  He said that they have cared for close to 5,000 animals since their location was opened in Morro Bay behind the Power plant.  Their mission is twofold:  1. Public outreach and education.  2.  Capture, rehabilitate and release wildlife back into nature.  They are funded solely by private donations and membership subscriptions.
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Debbie Spalding introduced Dr. Patricia Gordon, who earned her Ph.D. in education at USC. She was director of the CSUSB Career Center for eight years. She authored a weekly Career Connection article for several newspapers and taught graduate level courses at various universities. She has appeared on numerous television productions and on several occasions has been invited to provide topical expertise for television.
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Wilshire Community Services Suzanne is the Program Director for Caring Callers, which is one of the programs offered under the umbrella of the Wilshire Community Services program. The services provided are focused on prevention and early intervention services for older adults. The purpose and main goal is to insure that are seniors remain safe and are not taken advantage of.
Caring Callers Program of march 16, 2010 Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by John Weiss
Mary Leizear, Mike Pond, Jude Long, John Weiss, and Nancy Guthrie attended the District Assembly in Oxnard. In the picture attached, President-Elect Mike Pond was explaining to President-Elect Nominee Jude Long how important it is to sell 50/50 Raffle tickets. Jude was pondering how she was personally going to sell 100 tickets by May 29th. Many dignitaries were in attendance including Sam Greens and Deepa Willingham. From the stars, special speaker was Isaiah Washington who starred as Dr. Burke on Grey's Anatomy. Isaiah is passionate about his work particularly in Sierra Leone, West Africa.
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Posted by John Weiss
The Rotary Club of Morro Bay honored one of its regular visitors when we learned that Bob Ransom was hospitalized with pneumonia and was going to end his 61+ year streak of Perfect Attendance. In all, seventeen attended this special set of two club meetings held at Bayside Care Center. It was a moving experience for all, especially Bob and Virginia who were so appreciative. KSBY also arrived to record this event which aired on Friday March 19th.
Bob Ransom's 61+ Year of Perfect Attendance intact John Weiss 0
Posted by John Weiss
Saturday March 13th, 2010 marks the Charter night for our county's second Rotaract and first off-campus. Headed by Domic Tartaglia and sixteen others, tonight was historic. Rotarians included all seven club Presidents from the club sponsors; District Governor Luz Maria Ortiz, District Governor Elect Deepa Willingham; District Governor Nominee Wade Namura; and Brenda Cressey, Zone 26 Foundation Coordinator.

Rotaract clubs are comprised of qualified young adults 18-30. There are over 7,000 clubs worldwide in 163 countries. The projects Rotaracts are involved in are world changing!

For additional information, please contact Dominic Tartaglia at 459-0839.
SLO Rotaract Charter Night March 13th, 2010 John Weiss 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Mr. Snider is the author of 3 books: Sigourney's Quest; The Separatist; and his new book, "The Hypnotist. He talked about his newest book that focuses on San Francisco in 1906. Back then, the city was divided into the high society life of Knob Hill, the rat infested tenements, and the crime infested alleyways of Chinatown.
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Community Giving
Mike Williams presented a check for $250 to Mike Burton/Little League and said that the league now has 4 minor league teams and 6 major league teams in Morro Bay and Cambria.
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Club Member Induction
Rob Schultz was inducted into our club and was introduced by his Sponsor Bill Peirce. Bill so eloquently stated, "What am I saying?" Bill went on to say that Rob needs no introduction because he is active in our community. In reality, high words of praise and respect.

Rob was a former member of one of the SLO Rotary clubs years ago. He is currently the City of Morro Bay City Attorney and has been on staff for the past 6 years. He formerly worked in Orange County for 15 years representing many cities in the county. We welcome Rob into our club!
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
John Lindsey was born in Santa Rosa, spent 4 years in the Navy, attended Cal Poly, currently works at the Diablo Power Plant and writes column for the Tribune. He's married and has two children, Chloe and Sean.
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Our speaker for the February 16th meeting, Nick Tietje of AIS, told us all we want to know about the current dredging project at Morro Bay. he was introduced by Mike Pond.

The program has been funded primarily with stimulus monies. Nick is really pleased to work in Morro Bay, because he generally has to travel elsewhere. His family has been in the county for more than 55 years.

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Posted by Gregg Kaufman
Brenda Cressey is the current "Rotary International Discussion Lady and was a keynote speaker at the 2009 Rotary International Assembly.  She is the recipient of the RI "Service Above Self" award.  Her dream is to end polio.
The Rotary Foundation Gregg Kaufman 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
The club was given a special musical treat (or was it a trick?) by The Morro Rockers Blues Bank, aka Gary (Englund) and the Pimps at our recent luncheon meeting.  (Mike Pond; John DeRohan; Rick Grantham and Roger Marlin)  They sang an original composed by Gary Englund called "The Membership Song." Songbooks were distributed on the tables and they contained that old favorite "No EMail No More," a tribute to Morro Bay entitled "Get Dressed Baby" that apparently is sung to the tune of "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay," and "the Rotary Row Row Row You Boat Song," and not the least, but the last, "The Rotary Submarine Song" that goes to one of those obscure Beatles tunes -- you know the one. The best part of the songbook was the photo gallery with pics of these nutty guys in what appears to be definitely better days!  Can you guess who was who in those photos?
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Posted by Judy A. Salamacha
Jude was asked what did she want/need for her pending retirement after 35 years from the Library system.  She said peace on earth...our Jude!! they worked with the city to site a Peace Pole (including Paw print talk!! love it...she has that other side of her that comes out when you least expect it).  This picture taken by a friend there...I didn't have my camera...go figure!!....shows Jude with her hand over her heart pleased by the unveiling of the Peace Pole now sited at the entrance to our library.
Jude's Peace Pole Judy A. Salamacha 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
At our January 5th meeting Dean Mignola gave us some ways to show our appreciation to our business contacts.  His idea is just to "send a card." A simple thank you card or a card letting someone know you have a referral for them were just a couple of ways he suggested would help our businesses grow.  You can check out more at his web site or
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
On January 5th at our meeting we were treated to a noble salute to our country when Bill Yates saved us from having to sing and played his guitar instead.  What a treat!  Maybe he'll do that for us again!
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Man it was nice to have Hank Roth come visit us at our December 15th meeting.  We miss him!  He was congratulated by us for his involvement with the Morro Bay Caroling Cops that have been spreading Christmas cheer throughout Morro Bay neighborhoods every year since 1986 with a check for $250 to help keep this fun activity program going.
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Posted by Bill Peirce
Monthly Clean-ups are typically scheduled on Saturdays.
Saturday November 20th, Club President Mike Pond's daughter Michelle Pond was the first official Interactor to help out at our monthly clean-up. The threat of rain kept others away. Other MBHS workers have included Interact Club President Darek Mendoza. More to follow!

For Rotarians interested in volunteering, please see Fire Chief and President Mike Pond for the appropriate paperwork. The Rotary Club of Morro Bay is now the organization responsible for making sure the new Round About at Morro Bay Boulevard and Quintana is looking clean and sparkly.  Mike Wilcox came and instructed us on using the brightly colored orange vests for safety sake while performing maintenance chores and showed us the nice new signage that will be erected at the site showing the Rotary symbol. Unfortunately a vehicle ran over our Rotary sign. Hopefully a new replacement will be in place soon!

Take advantage of a great opportunity to work side by side with fellow Rotarians and Interactors while having FUN making a difference for our City's gateway!
Round About Clean-ups are Great Community Service! Bill Peirce 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Kellie Adams sponsored Shannon Nelson as our most recent new member at our December 15th meeting.  Shannon is a cancer survivor who is involved in helping businesses locally.  She moved here with her husband from Orange County sooner than they had formerly expected to.  After her battle with cancer both she and her husband realized that dealing with the rat race in Southern California wasn't a life worth living.  She hopes to be active in our community assistance efforts.
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
At our December 15th meeting, Chungsam Doh informed the club that perennial visiting Rotarian from Ramona, Bob Ransom had won in the Paul Harris Fellow drawing.  Bob chose to give the award to his wife, Virginia, who informed the club that she actually was involved with Rotary in her teen years as a pianist for her local club.  She also filled us in about Bob's dedication to Rotary that went above and beyond the call during the time he had his gall bladder removed.  Bob has not missed a meeting in 61 years!
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After an informative presentation about the Coalition of San Luis Obispo County Food Bank by Cathy Enns, President John presented Cathy with our donation of $250 to help assist with this worthy program that helps feed many county residents.
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Rotary Club of Morro Bay welcomed Diana Hanauer of The Inn at Morro Bay and Patrick Bietz of Top Dog Coffee Shop into membership on December 1, 2009. Diana was sponsored by Chamber of Commerce President, Pete Candela, and Patrick was sponsored by City Councilperson, Rick Grantham.
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Stanley Craig, sponsored by John Solu was inducted into the Morro Bay Rotary Club on October 27, 2009.  Stanley is a Real Estate Professional and is eager to pitch in and support our club and community. Welcome Stanley!

Thanks to Nick Mendoza who is doing a great job as Membership Chair!
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Tony Ventimiglio, sponsored by Andrea Klipfel was also inducted into the Morro Bay Rotary Club on October 27, 2009. Tony is a mortgage manager and is eager to be involved in our club's activities. Welcome Tony!
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Tom Fee of Ecobon discussed a proposal for the reuse of the Morro Bay Power PLant at the Morro Bay Rotary meeting of November 3rd. He stated that his company is a sustainable company focused on green building practices.  They provided a proposal on an adaptive-use project for the Morro Bay Power Plant facility.  They had done several use studies, including Industrial, Hotel/Condo, Residential, and Shopping/Retail.  They also studied the impact of 'moth-balling' the facility, which is more expensive and labor intensive than any of the other options.
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Morro Bay Rotary was pleased to welcome members of the GSE team from Bangladesh at their last meeting. We all enjoyed meeting the group and seeing the video about life in Bangladesh.  Please check out the photo page for more photos.
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Rotary was in charge of ticket sales at the Harbor Festival  Check out the rest of the photos at the Photo page accessed from the Home page.
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Check it out -- photos under the Photo section on the Home page of Rick Grantham's recent gathering. Art and Mary, What a magical couple and host to our next potluck social in December!
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Mary Leizear introduced Astrid Gallagher, a friend and fellow board member of Heritage Shared.  Mary explained that Astrid suffers from post-polio syndrome, a condition most of us are completely unfamiliar with. Astrid is confined to a wheelchair and is progressively losing more and more muscle function.
Post Polio Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by John Weiss
The Rotary Club of Morro Bay manned and displayed Rotary club information at the Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce 2009 Business Expo. Providing information on Rotary and the Four-Way test, many attendees were impressed with the work Rotary does locally and internationally.
Rotary at Business Expo 2009 John Weiss 0
Posted by John Weiss
The Rotary Club of Morro Bay in conjunction with our Foundation had a 50/50 Drawing to benefit local charities. The drawing was held at this year's Harbor Festival. Over 6,000 $20 tickets were purchased, with a resultant prize of over $7,000! The lucky winner was Chris Dorn, owner of Dorn's Restaurant in Morro Bay! Congratulations Chris!
Raffle Drawing at the Harbor Festival John Weiss 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Ruth Ann introduced Shari Sullivan, who worked at the Bay News for several years and is now the outreach coordinator for the Morro Bay National Estuary Program.  She has a background in biology.
Shari explained that an estuary is where fresh and salt water meet and mingle. The entirety of Morro Bay itself is considered estuary, not just the back bay.  An estuary is generally protected by a land mass. Estuaries are productive ecosystems and fish nurseries. Our estuary is home to 150 species of birds and 24 endangered species.
Our estuary is part of the Morro Bay watershed, which extends to the tops of the Santa Lucia and Irish Hills mountains and encompasses the California Mens Colony on Highway 1 and the Warden Ranch on Los Osos Valley Road. All creeks and rainfall throughout the watershed drain into our estuary, so there is ongoing work to reduce pollutant sources throughout the entire area.
Shari urged us to visit the MBNEP visitor center at Marina Square on the Embarcadero, where there are many displays and photos showing the work being done throughout our watershed and estuary. There are many volunteers putting in thousands of hours to ensure the survival of our beautiful estuary.
We also need to keep in mind that all our plastics, motor oil and other discarded trash and dog poop run downhill into the bay, and those things are huge sources of pollution.  On Saturday, September 19, the NEP will participate in Coastal Cleanup from 9 a.m. to noon. On Saturday, October 3, volunteers will help with San Luis Obispo County Creek Cleanup from 9 a.m. to noon.  Shari said the NEP also partners with Audubon and SWAP to perform projects in our area.
If you are interested in volunteering, please call Shari at 772-3834 or email her at
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Deepa introduced us to Liz Werhane who is an Internal Communications Manager for the software company, Citrix/Online. Liz was a Rotaract member and went on a GSE trip to Thailand. She showed us her Power Point presentation about her trip.
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Chuck's Craft Talk
Chuck Clarke had a wonderful uncle who taught him many skills and instilled in him a confidence that he could accomplish whatever he wanted. Chuck won a scholarship to West Point but failed his Army physical because of poor eyesight.
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Jude's Craft Talk 
Jude Sanner Long uses her maiden name to honor her family. She was born in Mattoon, IL, where two railroads intersect, one of which is the City of New Orleans. Arlo Guthrie sang about that train. Jude grew up in a wonderful family, and her dad was a polio survivor.  She graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a major in library science and a teaching degree. She taught grades 1, 3 5 and 6.
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Community Cleanup
David Owens presented President John with a box of mostly unmentionables from our Saturday cleanup efforts. President John also managed to find several pairs of pants. David Owens continued picking up trash toward Atascadero, as it is everywhere.
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
New Member Induction
President John Weiss was joined by John Lemons to induct Brian Rozario into our club. John Lemons expressed his pleasure at being able to provide the pathway for his friend to join our club. Brian's uncle-in-law, Pat Nagano, was a charter member of the Morro Bay Rotary club.

Brian said he moved to Morro Bay nine years ago and owns a local bar. He appreciates John's encouragement and is happily looking forward to being a member of our club.
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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus

Saturday's community project was a success and it was fun, too! Over 20 showed up at 8AM on a nice Saturday morning to help clean up our community.


Rotary Bike Path Clean-up Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Luz Maria Ortiz-Smith was born and raised in Celaya, Mexico. She attended Ohio State University and now works at her husband's insurance agency as business administrator.
Luz Maria started in Rotary in 1992 as a charter member of the Rotary Club of Celaya Nat-Tha-Hi, an all female club.  Soon the new club sought a partnership with Santa Barbara Sunrise to fund a grant for cataract surgeries in Celaya.  Luz Maria and E. Russell Smith met during the project and have now been married for 14 years.  Luz Maria and E. Russell are Rotary Benefactors, Bequest Society Members and Major Donors.
District Governor Visit Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
New Member Induction
President John Weiss was joined by DG Luz Maria and Dan Reddell to induct Nancy Guthrie into our club. We all appreciate the hard work that goes into bringing a new member into the fold. Dan will do a good job in mentoring Nancy so she understands our mission and our involvement in our community.

DG Luz Maria pinned Nancy, which is quite an honor, and one she will doubtless remember for a long time. Dan said that Nancy has been his friend and neighbor for many years, and that her family has owned the corner of Morro Bay Boulevard and Piney Way since 1947, when he was born. Dan said he is pleased to bring her into the club, so she can share her knowledge and experience with us.

Nancy said she moved to Morro Bay full time 13 years ago and now owns her own business, Bay Ink & Toner with her family. She looks forward to getting to know all of us.
New Member Induction: Nancy Guthrie Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
President John had the pleasure of inducting his longtime friend and employee, Bill Peirce, into our club. President John said that Bill fits all the qualifications for becoming a good and honorable Rotarian, as he is a leader in our community and has accomplished a great deal over the years.

Bill said it is a pleasure to become a member of our club. He considered the possibility in the past, but he was busy as a politician and did not really have the time. Now that he is finally out of public office, he is happy to join us.
New Member Induction: Bill Peirce Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by Mary M. Leizear

The Community Action Partnership (formerly EOC) is asking for donations to help the homeless at the Prado Day Center and the Maxime Lewis Homeless Shelter. Please see the list below and bring an item every week to our Rotary meetings on Tuesday. Thanks for your help.
Donations for Prado Day Center and
The Maxine Lewis Homeless Shelter
Socks, underwear
Money for summer camp sponsorships
Healthy children's snacks
Cereal and other breakfast items
Paper goods
Hotel-sized toiletries
Feminine hygiene products
Laundry detergent
Peanut butter and jelly
Coffee and creamer
Adult backpacks
Pillow cases
For information contact Homeless Services Director Dee Torres at or 805-786-0617.
Donations Needed for Homeless Shelters Mary M. Leizear 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Morro Bay Rotary participated in the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life on Saturday and Sunday, August 1st and 2nd.  This was the first Relay held in Morro Bay and was quite successful.  We raised $11,000, had 12 teams walking the Relay, with Rotary as one of them, and Rotary raised over $1000.  Ruth Ann Angus was honored to walk in the Survivor's Lap and be awarded her Relay Medal. Hopes for next year are to involve all the coastal Rotaries and have more community participation. Photos on our Photo page.
A Successful Relay For Life Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Relay For Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society is Saturday, August 1st from 10 AM to Sunday, August 2nd at 10 AM.  We have 13 people participating who will walk the walk to help raise funds for research to find a cure for cancer.  At this writing we have raised $946 towards our $1000 goal and we will probably exceed that.  Ruth Ann wants to thank everyone who has donated and who will be participating and will make this one of Morro Bay Rotary's best community projects!
Relay Is Upon Us Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
We all had great fun with the kids at Camp Hapitok singing songs, doing our exercises (!) and best of all presenting a big fat check to help support this incredible camp.  Look for more photos under the Photo section of this web site.
A Wonderful Time at Camp Hapitok Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by Mary M. Leizear
We will meet at Camp Hapitok on Tuesday, July 28, at noon for our annual gathering with the campers.
Camp Hapitok Mary M. Leizear 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
The Relay is coming up soon.  Thanks to those who have signed up to walk.  We still need to raise the rest of our donation and more participants.   You can call me to reserve a time at 772-5757 or e-mail me at There are time slots open for Saturday afternoon, evening and for the wee hours of the night, if you are so inclined.  Each participant is supposed to try to raise $100, but any amount will help. Relay is Saturday, August 1, to Sunday, August 2 at 10 a.m. So far I have raised $451. We are pledged to donate $1000. Let's make this a successful community project.  Thanks again to everyone who has donated and signed up to walk!
More on Relay For Life Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Clyde Ganes introduced Eric Parkinson, an attorney in San Luis Obispo. Eric is a longtime friend of Clyde's and he is involved in a project to help orphaned children in Sri Lanka.
To that end, Eric formed a nonprofit called VeAhavta, You Shall Love, which has expanded to include child care, medical care, day care and elder care in Sri Lanka.  Clyde feels that Eric "embodies the spirit of Service above Self."
Eric became involved in Sri Lanka some years ago. He started off fundraising $20,000 to help an acquaintance start an orphanage. Somehow that morphed into buying property for $235,000 on the beach in Sri Lanka. The orphanage took over an abandoned hotel property, which was just perfect. There were 109 children there, but now there are 68. 
He has been able to open a day care center for the children of working parents, and he has opened a care home for destitute elders so they can die in dignity.  That facility opened in 2005.  Please see his website at  For information, call Eric at 542-9357.

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Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Hello Everyone,
I am sending this special bulletin to clarify how the Relay for Life event works.

First of all, thank you to everyone who donated into my luminaria bags at the meeting on Tuesday. That raised over $140! So far I have raised nearly $400 as my participation in this event.

Relay For Life is a fundraiser. What this means is that every participant is required to raise some funds. The amount per participant is usually $100. Our club's pledge for this event is $1000. With the nearly $400 I have already raised we are well on our way to that goal. So those of you who are planning to walk the walk with me at the high school need to raise some funds. It does not have to be $100 this time since we have relatively little time to do that. So, any amount will suffice! Even $10!
Relay For Life Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus

President John presented a power point program on his trip to the international convention in Birmingham, England. He and Christine and Rotarius had a wonderful time and learned a great deal.

Birmingham Report Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by Mary M. Leizear
President Dan's Demotion Party
We all gathered at President Dan Reddell's Caccia House for a grand party. We started with wine and soft drinks and splendid guitar music, thanks to John Nordhus and Paul Johnson.

George Leage and his crew from the Harbor Hut grilled skewers of chicken, beef and shrimp, which were accompanied by pasta salad loaded with crab and shrimp. Dessert featured gorgeous cheesecakes.

Dan's Demotion Dinner Mary M. Leizear 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Jude Long introduced her distinguished guests, Bob Alberti and Horace Morana from the Library Foundation.  It is obvious that she appreciates their hard work and ongoing efforts to keep the library open and to add more programs as well.
     Our club has donated 10 percent of the total funds needed to keep the library's Summer Reading Program active. Please see the events section of our webpage for the summer activities program for kids and adults alike.
     Bob Alberti noted there are 15 branches of the San Luis Obispo County Library, all the way from San Miguel and Nipomo to Morro Bay and Simmler.  Our library reflects our population of grandparents, unemployed folks, children and tourists, all looking for different types of information.  Each library reflects its own community. 
     Libraries are particularly important when there is high unemployment, as they provide numerous resources to help people look for jobs or to increase skills in an ever-changing technological environment.  Many people have not been able to continue to pay for telephone and internet service, so free internet access is ever more important.
    Horace Morana's family is from Argentina and moved to Lincoln Heights when he was a youngster.  He quickly discovered the local library as a latchkey kid and has loved libraries ever since.
    The foundation conducts advocacy, fundraising and program activities to support and strengthen public libraries countywide.  The foundation sponsors the annual Central Coast Book and Author Festival, which will be held October 4 at Mission Plaza. To encourage children to attend, there will be a special appearance by Spiderman.
    The library raises money by holding special events, utilizing a targeted campaign, encouraging annual giving, finding grants and prom
All About the Library Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by Mary M. Leizear
Seven students win scholarships from Rotary Foundation.

After intense competition, seven Morro Bay High School seniors were chosen by the Morro Bay Rotary Foundation Board to receive $1,000 scholarships toward their college educations.

The students are: Caitlin Morris, Janaiah Lundblade, Ryan Thorp, Matthew Irons, Lorna Porter, Laura Robinett, Sydney Williams.

2009 Scholarship Winners Mary M. Leizear 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Members please click on More to read our new President's letter regarding Dues!  Otherwise go to Stories.
Dues Are Due! Ruth Ann Angus 0
Posted by Ruth Ann Angus
Ah, but enough about Chuck Clarke, it was time to get down to business so we could get the heck out of there before it got dark and we killed ourselves trying to get down that road!

On to serious business and what the retreat was all about.  We were facilitated by a group of guys from our district who did an incredible job working us through an exercise that aided is us in developing a 5-year goal plan for our club.  I have to tell you I have sat through many a planning session for businesses, governments, and environmental non-profits and this method is the best one I have ever encountered.  So I offer you here our results.  Please click on Stories on the heading above and then click on Part 6 to read the 5-year goals.  Your comments and suggestions will be welcomed.  All of the photos of the retreat are on the Photo page.