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Welcome to Rotary Club of Morro Bay!

Welcome to Rotary Club of Morro Bay!

Morro Bay

Service above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 11:30 AM
Morro Bay Golf Course
201 State Park Road
Morro Bay, CA  93442
United States
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Service Above Self
June 26, 2018
Meeting was called to order by Prez Pete - this is Pete's last meeting as our President!!!  Thanks for such a wonderful year Pete!!!
Invocation by Judy - words of wisdom by Andy Rooney
Pledge to the Flag of the USA led by Scott Collins
Four Way Test recited by all
Joke by Pete....a Rotary joke...
Guests of Rotarians:   Kasey brought Jody, our Junior Rotarian Stella was here with her mom, Scott Collins, Greg Allen, Doug Garland from Shell Beach, Honor Flight representative Janice House and Kathi Zotovich. 
Passed around the tip jar for donations to the staff at the View
SLO BLUES Baseball game tickets; buy one for $10.00; will be a fun night; Sunday, July 8th
Jude is having a good and informative time but is also looking forward to getting back.  Jude’s first meeting as President will be July 10th when she will talk about her time in Toronto.
Anyone wanting to help decorate the float for the 4th of July parade; gather in Cayucos on the day before.  Pete will send around an informative email in the next day or two.
Heidi gave a check in the amount of $1500 to Janice House with Honor Flights.  This organization arranges to take veterans to Washington D.C. to see the war memorials at no cost to them.  They are in need of guardians to accompany the veterans on this life changing trip.  
Don Doubledee introduced Scott Collins, the MB City Manager, who is as of today, a member of our club.   He went to Lolos last night for orientation to learn more about what Rotary is and what is expected of him as a member.  Scott received a pin and a packet and thanked us for inviting him to join our club.  He told us a little about his past history, his job and his family.  
Pete introduced our program speaker, Bryan Schwartz, who emceed our program today.   We played a game of “Hot Seat” with Pete.  Pete asked several members questions starting with Steve Knuckles -”where do you see yourself in five years”.  Next Scott Collins - “what will it say on your tombstone”.  Lorraine’s question was “Why did you join Rotary”?  Gary Owens question was “How many years have you been in Rotary?”
Now it was time to ask Pete questions starting with his lovely wife, Kathi, whose question to Pete was “What is a little known fact about you that you would like to share”?  Mary was next - “Who would you consider to be the boss of your family?” was her question.  Scott’s question was “Did you ever get in a fight with one of your students?”  Tom Hay had a question as well “what happened to the printing program that used to be in high schools”?  Michael Shaffran was next with a question about the Indianapolis 500.    Heidi asked “What do you and the Academy Awards have in common?”  Don Doubledee asked Pete “How long have you been keeping bees?  And how many times have you been stung?”  Heidi asked about Pete’s family....in addition to the bees, cats and dogs.  Mike asked where he met his wife and where did they go on their first date?  Jamie asked Pete “Do you have any Trekkie costumes?    I don’t have room for all the answers ......you just had to be there.  It was a really fun meeting!!!
Jamie won the 50/50....Hope to see everyone on Friday night at the View at 5:30 for Pete’s BEEMOTION.
The question is not “who will let me...the question is who can stop me”.  
June 19, 2018
Meeting called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation by Michael Shaffran
Pledge to the Flag by all
Joke by Pete.......how to name our kids ....Very Funny
Visiting Rotarians:   Joyce & Clyde Ganes and Dannie Tope all from the Paso Robles Rotary Club.
Visiting Guests:   Judy’s daughter and Kasey’s employee, Jody
Assistance League Representative, Charlene
Scott Collins brought by Chief Knuckles
Brian Schwartz, our special speaker
John Weiss thanked our Club for all the support; he had a fun Step Down, with several of our Club members present.  Mike gave him a special thank you and we gave him a standing ovation.    He also mentioned several special awards that were given out at the Step Down.
Jude Minute:   Mentioned the Chamber Mixer which will be at the View Wednesday evening.    She continued with the auction of the honor of throwing out the first pitch at our BLUES game.     The bid was at $40.00 last week and since there was not a higher bid, Lorraine got it at that price.  This year our Club received the Gold Club of Distinction Award.
Mike Williams mentioned his Annual BBQ for Project Surf Camp on Friday, June 29th which will start at noon and goes til 4pm.  His goal is to raise $6,000 this year; so come on out and enjoy lunch and buy a bunch of raffle tickets to raise money for a worthy cause.
Also on the 29th we will have Pete’s “Beemotion”.  A fun evening to thank and razz Pete for his year as our President.  If you haven’t signed up, check your calendar and we will give you another chance next week; or email Elsie or Jamie to say you can come!!! 
Our Rotary Exchange student from Italy will be arriving in August.  Mike has the first host family lined up but is looking for others.  Also Mike has SLO BLUES Baseball tickets to sell; buy some and enjoy the evening as well as help out our club’s fund raising efforts.
Judy mentioned the brick selling fundraising efforts for the Maritime Museum; the deadline to purchase is July 5th for the first set of bricks which will be set in the front of the building.
Heidi presented a check from our Club in the amount of $250 to Charlene with the Assistance League.  The Assistance League buys new clothes and shoes for children in this county.  The students are able to go to the store and pick out their own clothes.  It is an all volunteer organization making a big difference in these kid’s lives.
Fines - Judy was recognized for being married 46 years; Chuck Clark was fined for not having the correct answer to a question taken from the Rotarian; Don Doubledee was fined $32; Jamie got her question right; Jeff did not know how many trees were planted this year – 1.2 million and was fined $30; Heidi took Max down to the train station to go on his U.S. trip, but was fined $20 anyway; Bill Pierce was fined $20.
Judy introduced our speaker, Brian, Schwartz who has been entertaining at the Wine Seller once a month – along with his Ukulele group.   He shared with us the struggles he has gone through in the past few years.  He said one of the best things about the Central Coast is the Community here.  When you step up and join things within the community; it becomes much more your home.  His recipe for Health and Happiness is writing, yoga/meditation, and Ukulele playing.  Surprisingly, there are several groups of Ukulele players here on the Central Coast.    He played a couple of songs for us, and will be back next week to put “Pete in the Hot Seat”; it’ll be a fun day, be sure to come.......
Pete will ask questions from the Rotarian next week ....so read your Rotarian magazine.
Jamie won the 50/50.
Enjoy your week.....see you next Tuesday or at the Chamber Mixer on Wednesday evening.
June 12, 2018
Meeting called to order by:   Prez Pete
Invocation:   Melissa
Pledge to the Flag:   Katherine
Visiting Rotarians:   Dan Dow, SLO Rotary
Mike Williams gave an announcement about Project Surf Camp fundraiser on June 29th - his annual BBQ Potluck and Blood Drive; it’s being held from noon to 4pm at SLO Sports Therapy.  There will be an opportunity to buy raffle tickets to win great prizes.    
Katherine told us about the June Chamber Mixer - right here at the golf course Wednesday, June 20th from 5:30 - 7:30pm.  It will be fun!!  And there will be food!!
Three individuals have filled out applications to become members of our club...Police Chief Greg Allen, sponsored by Steve Knuckles; City Manager Scott Collins, sponsored by John Weiss; and Jack Keely, sponsored by Doug Riddell.
Chuck Clark brought proof concerning his talk last week; although I don’t think anyone accused him of giving us Fake News.  
Jude Minute:  We will be selling tickets for the SLO BLUES BASEBALL game - everyone buy a $10 ticket or several - It’ll be a fun night and it’s a fundraiser!!  Jude tried to auction of the opportunity to throw the first pitch; she got an offer of $40 - to be continued - bring money with you next week if you want this once in a lifetime opportunity to throw out the first pitch at a BLUES game.
Heidi came up to award $250 to Circle of Friends, a non-profit who feeds the homeless and  $500 to The Noor Clinic; an organization that gives free medical, dental and vision work for those uninsured and in need.  That is just two of the many community grant awards given out by our Club this year.
Doug brought boxes that need to be mailed.
The square board is back up today so buy a square for $10 for the opportunity to win a  PHF.
Max was our next speaker.  He showed slides from the beginning of his journey to the U.S.A. until the present time.  He boarded the plane in his blue blazer with no pins on it; now his entire jacket is covered with souvenir tags from everywhere he has been.  He has loved his time in the USA with “MumZ and DadZ” and Heidi, Noah and their family.  Morro Bay is the “California Dream” and part of that “dream” was going surfing for the first time.  He joined the water polo team and the baseball teams at MBHS.  We gave him a standing ovation.
Next, Judy introduced Beth Raub from Victim Witness program.  District Attorney, Dan Dow started the SLO Task Force to stop Human Trafficking.  There is labor and sex trafficking, which are both financially driven, the average age is between 19 and 21 years old.  In SLO County we have had 8 cases that have been prosecuted.  Be aware of “Red Flags” that may show up when you go into a business, or if you own a business that deals with the public.  Traffickers may pose as spouse, partner, or employer, and they may answer all questions, and confiscate all ID’s etc.   Put this number in your phone 888-373-7888; you may need it if you see something you feel needs to be reported.  Or call your local Police Dept. and report your suspicions.  Join with Rotarians who have taken up the cause, including our own Rotary Club.   Plan to come to the Human Trafficking Summit, September 15th at the Morro Bay Community Center. 
50/50 won by Don Doubledee
Next week’s speaker is Pete Schwartz
June 5, 2018
Meeting called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation by Ken Stilts
Pledge to the Flag by all of us
Recitation of the Four Way Test
Joke by the Prez......it was a funny one!!
Visiting Rotarian Carolyn Britten from Visalia and, Tom Hay, who we haven’t seen in quite a while, who celebrated his birthday with us.  Happy Birthday Tom.
CELEBRATE ROTARY - John Weiss’s Step Down on June 16th, 10am-1:30pm; tickets are $40; you need to sign up by the 10th.  Gary will drive his motor home down if we have a good number of people going.
In June we will have the “Jude Minute” where Jude will talk about next year when she will be President.  Today it was the “Jude 5 Minutes” and she talked about all the training she has had, so she is well prepared for next year when she will be our President.
SLO BLUES BASEBALL TICKETS on sale....$10 each.....see Mike or Pete.
This Saturday there will be a social at Pete and Kathi’s home to watch the Belmont Stakes.    Come at 1:00....leave at 4:00......munchies will be provided.
Pete’s Demotion will be June 29th; we are planning a very fun evening; we passed around the sign-up sheet.  The evening will start with social hour at 5:30pm with Mexican food at 6:15.
Kasey gave an update on the Garden House fund raiser which was last Sunday. 
 Exemption for next month was awarded to Steve Carnes, so he won’t be fined for his anniversary.  
Andrea won the drawing for the 1st PHF quartet and Nick won the drawing for the second quartet.  We will draw again next year for the second PHF awards on both quartets.
Tonight is Awards Night at the High School.   We will be awarding five $2,000.00 scholarships to graduating high school seniors.
Don was fined $20 for making Pete lose his train of thought.....nice to be able to come up with an excuse, Pete.
Max was our featured speaker today but was unable to come due to sickness, so we had talks by a few of our members. 
Dan gave a quick talk on his time in law enforcement, including being involved in saving the life of a young boy who was choking.  His nick name was “Soft Serve”, because he is big, but nice. 
Chuck, who was looking very dapper in his classy sear sucker suit coat, told us about a time he was summoned to a Four Star General’s office for a special assignment.  He had a meeting at the White House Situation Room with Henry Kissinger and others.  Yes, Chuck, you have had a very interesting life!!
Ken Stilts told us about a time when he was with the Flying Samaritans and he had to pull a tooth in less than ideal conditions.  Dentistry is scary enough in the best of conditions!!
Tom drew for the 50/50 and it was won by Greg Hardcastle.
Next week will be Beth Raub from the Human Trafficking Task Force.  Don’t miss this meeting!!
“Do or Do Not....There is No Try”.   Quote of the day by Yoda...... 
Morro Bay Rotary Club
May 29, 2018
Meeting called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation by Dan Costley
Pledge to the Flag by Everyone
Pete asked all Military Veterans to come forward and we gave them a standing ovation
Joke by Pete - Einstein and Taxi Cab
Visiting Rotarians:   Ruth Ann
Visitors:   Many visitors today for our hero’s day.  Jack Keeley was here again; glad to have him!!
June 16....Step down for John Weiss; you can register online.
July 8.....SLO Blues Baseball Game; buy your tickets soon; $10 each.
June 2....Santa Barbara City College; Leadership Conference.
June 3....Garden House; 3-6pm; make reservations.
Max....only has a week and a half left at school and then will go on his month long train trip.   June 5....Max will be speaking about his time in the U.S.A.  Be sure to come to this important meeting.  Show your support to Max!!
A check in the amount of $100 was presented to Stuart Colletti as a Third Place award for the essay he wrote about the importance of living our lives by the Four Way Test.
John Weiss gave a synopsis on what our district has been doing.  Yesterday he and Jeff Jones went to the Bakersfield Rotary Club to participate in the placing of the flags for Memorial Day.   The “Real” Rosie the Riveter was there.  She was the inspiration for the cultural icon of WWII representing the women who worked in factories and shipyards during the war.  She said she just “wanted to do her part for our country.”  “We Can Do It!”
Pete mentioned Dan Costley for his anniversary; Chuck Clark was the speaker at the memorial service at the Los Osos Cemetery and did an excellent job as always.  He is an inspiration to all!!
Pete asked Melissa a sports question...Nope and a $20 fine.  Andrea was fined $20 because she did not know the answer to a Classic Movie question - John Wayne.  Pete Starlings was fined $20 because he did not know who has won four Oscars.  John Solu was fined $40 because he missed a Betty Davis question.  Ryan Sedley missed a Lord of the Rings question and was fined $40.  Judy Salamacha was fined $10 because she did not have “the foggiest idea” what the answer was.  Jan was fined $20 for giving a correct answer.  (I guess you just can’t win at this)
Pete introduced our own District Governor, John Weiss to MC our Hero’s Day.  He started with Ruth Ann who was Mary’s guest.  Ruth Ann’s passion has been the environment and is now Peace and Civil Rights.  She started the “Yes, I Can Peace Builders” movement in Morro Bay.   September 21st is International Peace Day in Morro Bay.
Andrea Turnquist and Carl Bloom (who was her guest and hero) were next.  He is the Vice Principal at the Middle School in Los Osos.  Janet Gould was also a hero/guest of Andrea, whose children all went to Del Mar.  Ms. Gould is the Principal at Del Mar; she started teaching at Del Mar and has been the Principal for eleven years. 
An award was given by John Weiss to Gene Appleby who has been a friend of John’s for years and John knows him to be a very generous contributor to the needs of the youth in Morro Bay.   
Judy was next with her guest, Bonnie Jones, who is currently involved with feeding the homeless in Morro Bay as well as many other things.  
Next Pete honored Bill Pierce for all that he does as our Treasurer as well as all the fact that he works at all of our events.
Chuck Clarke was also honored as the public hero for our Club.
The meeting closed with the 50/50 drawing won by Nancy. 
Survey coming out this week.....please take it...it’s the last one!!!  
“I am not a product of my circumstances; I am a product of my choices”.    
MAY 22, 2018
MEETING called to order by Prez Pete
FOUR WAY TEST recitation
Nick paid $40 in lieu of singing Happy Birthday to all who celebrated May birthdays; gave us a hand instead.
Joke by Prez Pete.....May Flowers.....Mayflower
Rick and Claire gave a short synopsis of their recent travels....and what is to come.  
Visitors:   Jack Keely who was a previous Rotarian and might come back to us.
Step down for John Weiss June 16th.   Max’ birthday was yesterday and was celebrated by Pete and family, Heidi and her family and Chuck and Liz. He will soon be going on his month long train trip with other exchange students.  
The ever popular Hero’s Program is next week; we have five so far.  The MC will be our District Governor, John Weiss.
The Garden House fundraiser is scheduled for June 3rd, tickets are $20; reserve yours now.
Blues Baseball tickets are available from Mike Pond for the July 8th game.   Tickets were given to us and being sold for $10; it’s being used as a small fund raiser for our Club’s Foundation, AND it’s a fun thing to do!!
Gary was fined $30 for not knowing the name of the trophy given at the Preakness Stakes; Mike fined $20 for trying to help Gary; Chuck fined $20; Jude cheated so knew an answer - however, she did not know the next answer; Jan fined $20 for giving an incorrect answer; Melissa was asked a racing question and was fined $20, she doesn’t know or care about racing or sports in general - I’m with her!!
Next Rick and Claire asked Rams Trivia - they started by asking Melissa, Nick, Mike, Bill, Mary and others questions and gifting them with prizes pulled out of a bag.....a favorite prize being a pen holder.  Then Rick introduced Gabriel Granados, who is the Activity Coordinator for the Veterans Outreach, a group that councils veterans on what is available to help them with mental and physical health issues.  They also help veterans transition from combat to home.   He started with asking ”What does it mean to be Healthy”?  And “Have you or someone you know had substance abuse issues or mental health challenges?”  The Veterans Outreach group takes vets surfing, zip lining etc., they also have falcon and equine programs.  They have a therapist at their events who they can talk to in an informal setting.  They work on improving their emotional well being, and on having fun and socializing with other vets and their families.   Their next event is June 15th from 4:30 to 7:30 – “ZIP-LINING in Santa Margarita.”  Rick Grantham presented a check to Veterans Outreach in the amount of $1,000.
Please try to make the June 5th meeting because Max will be our speaker.  We have all benefited from having him with us.
Steve Carnes won the 50/50 drawing.
MAY 15, 2018
Meeting called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation by Judy
Pledge to the Flag by Pete Starlings
Recitation of the Four Way Test
Joke for the day by Pete
Guest of Rotarians:  Kasey introduced her three guests from the Garden House, once of which was Judy’s daughter, Jody.  Jack Keely was also a visitor today.
We have a board meeting tomorrow at 7:30am at the View.
Nick gave a wrap up on the golf tournament and presented the club with a check in the amount of $10,883.00.  We still have to take the expenses out, but it looks like a good fund raiser.    
Mike said we need someone to host a student from Italy next year.  She is a wonderful student and will be a good fit for our club.  We would like to have three families step up who would take her into their home for three months.
May 29th is our Hero program; think about someone you could bring.
Rotary’s May Satisfaction survey is on our tables; only ten of us took it this month.  Next month will be the last one, please take a couple of minutes to fill it out when it arrives in your inbox.
SLO Blues Baseball tickets will be available next week; the game is Sunday, July 8th @ 4pm.  It will be a fun evening.  Cost is $10/ticket, be sure to buy a ticket or several tickets and bring friends, family and neighbors.
Also, we are hoping to have our PHF board filled out this month.  The squares are $10.00 each; when all the squares are sold, we will draw the winner who will be awarded a PHF.
Jude thanked John so much for the simplified documents for awards.  John talked a little about the Fiesta Foundation evening.  We gave a PHF posthumously to the speaker’s mother who raised three children while in an iron lung.  Deepa was also given an award and three of the children she has worked with were there to say a few words.
Ken, Don Doubledee and John presented a PHF to Michael Shaffran.  Don won the award by picking the winning team in the March Madness and he chose to give his PHF to Michael because of the work he has done.
Pete said the format of starting lunch at 11:30 with the meeting at 12:00 is working well.  That gives him more time to hand out fines, today starting with Heidi.  This week it was questions about racing; no, not NASCAR, Melissa.  If we don’t know much about the subject Prez Pete chooses, we will be much smarter after a few questions/fines.
Kasey introduced our speakers this week, two students from Cal Poly, who are also part of the Honors Program.  As part of the program, they are required to do community service.  Alex chose to work at the Garden House because the Wonder Garden goes well with his major.  Ella chose Garden House because her grandma and mother both have dementia.  They have incorporated sight, smell and touch into the garden with plantings that are environmentally friendly and non toxic.  They learn about brain anatomy and help the residents with their strengths and learn about their weaknesses.  The path design in the Garden is a figure eight shape so the residents can walk around outside when they are accompanied by a worker, family member or friend. The City has approved removal of the trees in front of the Garden House to enable the sun to shine in.  May 25th is the deadline for buying tickets to the Very Merry Unbirthday Party at the Garden House.  The event is being held on June 3rd, tickets are $20.00 with the party starting at 3:00 and dinner being served from 4-6pm. 
Winner of 50/50 was John Solu who donated it to Garden House.
MAY 8, 2018
MEETING called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation by:   Michael Shaffran
Pledge to the Flag led by Prez Pete
Four Way Test Recited
Joke by Prez Pete
Visiting Rotarians:
Don Goodpastor from East Fresno Rotary
Judy introduced Jim Brescia, Ed.D., the County Superintendent of Schools 
Rich Reidel brought his wife, Linda
Foundation Fiesta was an informative evening with the main speaker being a man whose mother contracted polio when her three children were young.    She was in an iron lung for 14 years while she raised her children with the help of four nurses who worked around the clock.
June 16th is step down for John in Santa Ynez.
Jamie had golf tournament announcements; we have 14 foursomes playing; dinner and awards afterwards.  Still need people to help sell raffle tickets after the tournament.  Golfers check in at 1:00, golf starts at 2:30;  dinner at about 5:00pm.
Max got an award for being an “Academic Junior”.   His last baseball game is in Santa Ynez on Friday.  He and one of the RYLA girls worked at the Car Show on Sunday.
Judy said the Maritime Museum had a sneak peek event a week ago and had a good turn-out.  They are raising money to complete the exhibit and interior work by selling bricks that will be laid in front of the museum.  Let Judy know if you would like to buy a brick. 
June 3rd is a VERY MERRY UNBIRTHDAY for Garden House.  Dinner is served from 4-6pm with other activities starting at 3pm.  Tickets are $20 with all proceeds going to help build the Garden Houses Wonder Garden.
   Ken and Mike Pond made a Paul Harris Fellowship presentation to Rich Reidel, who is always willing to help with all of our events, including putting in many, many, many hours on the Santa House.  Thank you , Rich!!!
Pete drew for a free Paul Harris Fellowship square on the board; it was won by John Solu.  
Pete told us the story of how the song, “A Spoonful of Sugar” came to be written for the Mary Poppin's movie.
Jamie’s birthday is May 15th so she was wished a Happy Birthday and fined $10.00; Heidi paid the fine since it is also her husband’s birthday.
Gary Englund and Sarah were fined $20.00 for not knowing the answer to a Kentucky Derby racing question.  Eric answered correctly but was still fined $10.00.  Jeff Jones fined $20.00 for an incorrect answer. 
Dr. Jim Brescia was our speaker, he is the County Superintendent of Schools.   There are 80 individual school buildings in our county, with Parkfield being the smallest school with an enrollment of six students.  Some of the schools have dormitory facilities for the teachers, which were really practical at one time, but are not used much in today’s world.  The mission of the SLO County Partners in Education is to create seamless pathways for career and college readiness.  They are very aware of the importance of providing training for students that will lead to jobs after graduation.  Thank you, Dr. Brescia for this interesting talk.
Jamie won the 50/50.....Happy Birthday!!
Have a nice Mother’s Day!!    Come back next week.
MAY 1, 2018
Meeting started promptly at noon....called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation by:   Melissa
Flag Salute led by:   Prez Pete
Recitation of the Four Way Test
Joke by Prez Pete......we gave him a groan...
Visitors:  Heidi’s brother was visiting before he leaves for Germany.  Melissa introduced the RYLA visitors. 
This Friday is Foundation Fiesta in Santa Maria; it will be a great program, please plan to come.  Register by tomorrow.  June 16th is the Step Down for DG John Weiss.
Car Show is this weekend; Steve passed around a signup sheet.
BBQ preparation is on Friday evening....... Dave needs help at the Community Center; the actual BBQ will be on Saturday.
Mike reported on the Bollywood fundraiser where the girls from Deepa’s school spoke.  Was a wonderful night; they will be coming to the Foundation Fiesta as well, another reason to attend the Fiesta.
Mike reported on the roundabout cleanup; we.had help and it is getting to look beautiful.  The Kiwanis Club helped Morro Bay in Bloom so there was a big group of workers.  Our group mostly weeded while the others planted flowers etc.   
Max (sporting a new haircut) has his last home game  today.
May 29th we will have our Hero’s Day; Mike will be the Rotary host that day.
Ken Casida then presented Paul Harris Fellowships; one to Lorraine in honor of her deceased brother, and the second one went to Jan Lewis for her sister who lives in Tulare and does a lot of volunteering.
    We drew for our exemption for May and Michael Shaffran was the winner.  He wished us all a good season and said he is thankful for Rotary who makes a difference in so many lives.
This Saturday is a very special sporting event - Nick was asked what it is (in addition to Cinco de Mayo), he didn’t know and was fined $20.  Andrea was asked how many Triple Crown winners have there been?  She said four and was fined $20.  Mike Williams guessed and was fined $20.00; Jan was fined $20.00 for cheating; Lorraine guessed and was fined $20.00; there have been 12.  Pete told us an interesting story about Hasty Transit, a horse won by his mother in law.    Chuck was fined $10.00, Dan then answered correctly resulting in no fine.   Matt Franklin bragged a little on his son who hit a home run in his baseball game.
Next we heard from the students who went to RYLA.  Kinley who had heard of RYLA from friends said it was very impactful on her; the food was good; and, she was very outgoing and darling.  Max was next, he said he met people that he got to know very well in just 72hours; he was the leader of his team and was one of nine attendees who won a scholarship.  He is researching more things now than he ever thought he would.  Isabell was next; she felt so welcomed, even as they were separated she felt so at home; she said she met so many nice people in her group; she feels that she is less shy now than she was when she went, and learned many skills; she said this  camp is not cheesy and she is more confident.  Mailani was next; she was nervous when she stepped out of the car, but everyone was so welcoming she soon felt very comfortable; she said she could have dreams, but at the same time, she must take steps to make things happen to achieve her dreams and goals.  Everyone of the students said this experience changed their lives.  Several Rotarians asked questions.  These kids all did a great job in speaking to all of us; Congratulations to them for being willing to go to an unfamiliar place to enrich their lives.  John said every district has a RYLA.
Next week our speaker will be Jim Brescia, SLO Superintendent of Schools.
Quote was from Winston Churchill.  
50/50 won by Ken Stilts.
APRIL 24, 2018
Meeting called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation by:  Ken Stilts
Pledge to the Flag by:  Pete
Recitation of the Four Way Test
Joke by Pete.....Men always get the last two words - yes ma’am
Guests today: 
Jeff Eckles introduced by Doug; Andrea introduced her visiting friend, Tammy Cantrell; Don introduced Ryan Sedley who will be joining our club today.
May 4th is Foundation Fiesta in Santa Maria
June 16th is the Step Down for John in Santa Ynez
Car Show is May 3rd,4th, and 5th; a sign up to help sheet was passed around
June 29th (a Friday) is the demotion for our Prez Pete...right here at the View
Next week, May 1st, we will start our meeting at 12:00 sharp; lunch will be ready at 11:30, so come early and socialize and then we will start the meeting promptly at noon.
Tree Planting - We have discussed planting trees, but it takes a long time and alot money to plant a tree here on public land.  So, plant a tree on your own property where you can enjoy it for years to come.
Dan said that Jack Barrett has written a book and has three more in the making.  
Weed pulling at the roundabout this Saturday at 9.....please come!!  
Deepa’s Bollywood event is this Sunday.  It is sold out but they can use help setting up and taking down after the event.
Ryan Sedley joined our club today.  Don Doubledee welcomed him in to the club with an explanation of what Rotary stands for.   Ryan is a banker at Pacific Premier Bank, is married and has one child with one on the way.    We welcomed him with a standing ovation. 
Doug brought boxes to be mailed to the troops.
Don Doubledee said he has resigned from the Harbor Festival as Director, but he will continue to be on the board. 
Max said he really wanted to go to the prom; but his experience at RYLA was life changing; better than 100 proms. 
Chuck was our speaker today. His topic: “Dog Sled Racing”.   He wanted to stress that mushers love their dog; when they lose a dog, they are heartbroken.  The dogs are not all pure huskies; some of them are hounds and other breeds.  They are exercised every day and only taken out on the sled some days.  During a race, you can drop a dog if you need to, but you cannot add a dog.  Every racer has a place to put an injured dog until they come to a place where it can be taken care of.  Chuck’s daughter Janet does not raise dogs at this time, but is the Race Marshall.  The pictures of the ten foot high snow drifts were beautiful - but looked so cold!!  Thank you very much Chuck - we all love you and love to hear about your trips to Alaska.
Max has a game tonight at 4:00.
50/50 won by Greg Hardcastle
Next week RYLA Ambassadors
Morro Bay Rotary Meeting Notes
April 17, 2018
HAPPY 68TH ANNIVERSARY TO OUR CLUB!!!    We sang happy Birthday to us and Chuck blew out the candles on the chocolate cake.
Meeting called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation by:   Dan
Pledge to the Flag:   John Weiss
Joke by Pete:    Appropriate for all, including kids
Guest Rotarians:   Ruth Ann Angus.
Guests of Rotarians:   Ryan Sedley who will be a new member soon; John Headding’s wife, Sue; Max; Scott Harp brought Christine who he works with. 
Congratulations to Sarah Ketchum who became Sarah Santana in a beautiful ceremony over the weekend.
John Weiss promoted an upcoming program - Public Heroes, which will be held on May 29th.  He also encouraged us to respond to the Rotary Satisfaction Survey that comes out once a month.
Board meeting is being held tomorrow morning here at the View at 7:30am.
Rotary’s Foundation Fiesta will be May 4th in Santa Maria.  John Weiss Step Down will be in Santa Ynez on June 16th with the possibility of a Club Social Wine Tasting after.  It’s hoped that many of us will be able to attend.
Golf tournament is scheduled for May 11th; we still in need of golfers, sponsors, etc.
Car Show will be May 3rd, 4th and 5th.  We need more help for that and passed around a sign up sheet. 
PRLS this next weekend in Bakersfield.  Our club pays the fee which is $250.00.
Max said he will not be going to Prom (Bummer!) and will also miss two baseball games since he will be at RYLA, but he is sure it will be worth it.  He has really loved all the things that have been arranged for him to do.  His train trip will be in June.
Andrea introduced the Four Way Test winners from Del Mar School’s fifth grade class.  The First, Second and Third place winners read their essays, received their certificates and cash rewards and we gave them a standing ovation.
Next it was time for the Tall Tales speakers starting with Pete Starlings, who was in Vietnam for a year, as a tank driver.  His 21st birthday was spent in Vietnam, laying in the dirt while it rained for 12 hours straight.  Sounded like a true story.......Thank you, Pete, for your service!!
Mike Pond was next talking about a time when he went fishing, diving and underwater photographing with some of his fireman friends.  They saw a fin in the water, so they went out in a canoe to investigate.  Mike put on his mask and fins and jumped in to meet what he hoped was not a great white shark....he was 10feet under the water as the shark came toward him with its mouth wide open.  Thankfully it was a whale shark, which he knew would not eat him, so he decided to swim up to him, take a ride as he held onto the fin while he took pictures.  He got whacked pretty good by the tail of the shark, and the next day his son told the story in kindergarten.
Ruth Ann talked about her trip in a space shuttle.  When she got home with her bags she discovered something scurrying around on the floor.  It was a little dragon, so she explained the situation to us in Rotary and her hero, Don Doubledee, who got rid of the dragon for her.  So, if you see a dragon running around, it is hers and she wants it back.   Ruth Ann, I think you won the Tall Tale by default.....yours was the only real Tall Tale.  
Pete was next telling about living in Southern California when a movie was shot right across the street from him.  He says he was holding his daughter on the porch during the filming when she let out a huge cry, forcing them to film the scene over.  The movie was “Back to the Future”, with Michael J. Fox.  His daughter when she was about five, jumped up on Bill Cosby’s lap to talk to him.  
Our next program is our very own Chuck Clark.  He says he has new slides and new stories for those of us who have heard his program before.  
50/50 won by Eric Luthi.
“The Best Preparation for Tomorrow is doing your best Today”.     See you next week.   Ecasida
April 10, 2018
Meeting called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation led by Nick
Pledge to the Flag led by Pete
We recited the Four Way Test
Joke by Pete....Lawyer joke.....they are always good
Visiting Rotarians:   Julie Jenkins from Cambria
Guests of Rotarians:   Scott Collins, Morro Bay’s City Manager was introduced by John Weiss; Linda Costley introduced by her loving husband, Dan; Sheriff Parkinson introduced by Judy; and, Police Chief Greg Allen also was with us today.
Pete read off the names of every one of us who helped with the Crab Feed.   We grossed $14,000 on this event....Whohoo!!!  Clean up was amazing...we were out of there by 8:30.  THANKS to everyone who helped.  Mary was fined $10.00 for having a candle lit butter warmer on her table, Katherine was fined $10.00 for her birthday, Ken Stilts was fined $53 for his 53rd anniversary.   He said if he had it to do all over again, he would marry the same girl.    Sweet!!
John Weiss announced the District Foundation Fiesta being held on May 4th in Santa Maria.  It will be an informative meeting about the Foundation.  One of the speakers will be a man whose mother raised him and his siblings while she was in an iron lung.
Greg Hardcastle sent around the signup sheet for the Car Show....help is still needed.
Max has a baseball game this Friday at 4:00.
PRLS announcement made by Heidi....Melissa and Jude have graduated.
Next Tuesday is our clubs anniversary....April 17th.  Come next week for a special anniversary celebration.
Golf Tournament forms are on the tables.  They still need help on that day......May 11th.  Also Jamie had posters for the golf tournament.  Come out and join us. 
March Satisfaction Survey is out.... 20% response this month, would like to see more of us fill it out each month.....only takes a minute.
Next week we will have our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of the Four Way Test here to read their papers.
Pete had some “fine” questions about the Augusta golf course.  A wrong answer cost some $10.00.  FYI:  The winner of the first golf tournament in 1934 at Augusta was awarded $1,500.  The entire prize fund was $5,000.
Judy introduced our Sheriff, Ian Parkinson.  He started his law enforcement career in 1984 in Morro Bay before moving onto the City of San Luis Obispo; throughout his career, he has served in almost every position.  He will be participating in the Human Trafficking Seminar in September at the Morro Bay Community Center.
The County will be building a new dispatch center out on Hwy 1.  MB fire/police calls now go through the central dispatch.  There are two types of human trafficking - labor and sex.  The labor side goes unreported because most of the victims are here illegally.  The sex industry has grown in the past years and is run primarily by gangs.  Everyone needs to be on the alert for trafficking, even in a small town like Morro Bay.  Most of the sex trafficking victims are U.S. citizens averaging 16 years old.  They will bring in $150 - 180 thousand dollars per year for their pimp.  
In 2014 we had gang members from Fresno bring in two girls 15 and 17; they branded them and used them for sex.  One of them was able to get a cell phone and called for help; SLO police were able to rescue them. 
A task force was formed in 2014 including hospital staff, CAPSLO, Women’s Shelter, and other organizations.  The mission of the Task Force is to prevent and combat Human Trafficking through education, law enforcement, etc.  We look to law enforcement to solve our crime problems, but the situation begins way before the problem is discovered by the police.  Ian meets with school administration members quite often and says the tide has turned and they are very supportive of all the efforts being done.  Thanks to Ian for taking the time to bring this informative talk to our group, he said that he is very proud of Rotary for getting involved in combating these labor and sex crimes.
Doug brought boxes to mail.
Next week Four Way Test winners will be here to read their essays. 
50/50 drawing won by Jeff Jones
“It’s really hard to be a good LEADER, it’s really, really hard to be a good FOLLOWER. “
Enjoy the beauty of our area.....See you next week.  ECasida
APRIL 3, 2018
Meeting brought to order by Prez Pete
Invocation:   Judy
Pledge to the Flag:   Jamie
Joke:   Given to Pete by Kathi....Google joke......Funny, but we really liked Dave Owen’s punch line better.
Guest Rotarians:   None today
Guests of Rotarians:  Nick introduced Ryan Sedley, from Pacific Premier Bank, Judy introduced John Headding, who was our speaker, and Judy’s daughter, Jody,  was  introduced by Kasey. 
Crab Feed this Saturday.   We will start setting up at 1:00...still need to sell more tickets.  Santa Maria Rotary Club bought ten tickets and gave six to our Morro Bay Fire Dept.  There are many kinds of crab, but our Crab Feed will feature Dungeness crab.   Pete will be on the radio this afternoon to talk about the crab feed. 
March Madness is over ...............Villanova won which means Don Doubledee won the PHF; Pete was 2nd and John Weiss was 3rd.
Mike took Max up to see the Warriors game....he had a great time; his seat was great, four rows back from the floor; he even had his picture shown on the big screen.  Thanks to Dan for setting up this trip.  
Car Show coming up in four weeks....still need help that weekend.  The Bbq will be at Community Center this year.....not the church.   Signup sheet passed around.  
Foundation Fiesta is May 4 in Santa Maria......plan to go.
April 17 is Tall Tales day; a meeting to come with a story to tell....It’s an opportunity for Rotarians to tell “Fake News” and get away with it.  Right now we have three speakers but can use a few more. 
May 1st our RYLA kids will be here.....they will be having lunch with us and then tell us what they got out of being at RYLA.
Jeff Jones announced that Mike Pond is now 61; biggest question of the day - should he go fishing and catch 61 fish or bike 61 miles?    He chose to go biking; his birthday was April 1st.
Exception for the month was Chuck Clarke but since he will be out of town for two weeks in April, he sold it to Ken Stilts for $10.00.
Doug brought boxes for the troops...they need to be mailed.
Judy introduced our speaker, John Headding, who is a pharmacist and also is on the MB City Council.  His subject was the opioid crisis.  Opioids can be very helpful in reducing physical pain and can also cause great sorrow.   A person has to continue taking more pills to get the same effect.  In 2002, there were 2,000 deaths from drug abuse in the United States; in 2016 the death count rose to 40,000.  Heroin is the cheapest street drug out there.   With a prescription, a person can purchase 200 Vicodin with a $5.00 co-pay........they can then be sold for $50.00 each.  Seventy percent of the people who are on opioids keep taking them not because they are in pain but because otherwise they will go into withdrawal.  There are many more regulations today on doctors, pharmacists, etc.  John has a 1935 prescription book, all written in by hand.....arthritis was even helped way back then with heroin, so it is nothing new. 
Sheriff Ian Parkinson will be our speaker next week.  
Vision without action is merely a dream.....sell those tickets!!   See you all on Saturday....
March 27, 2018
Meeting brought to order by:  Mike Pond taking Prez Pete’s place for the day.
Invocation:  Melissa Davis
Pledge to the Flag by:  Mike
We sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”
Guest Rotarians:  None today
Guests of Rotarians:  Brent Haugen from the Central Coast State Parks Assn. was introduced by Nick; Brent gave us a Quick Quiz...how many of us have visited a local state park?  All hands were raised.  The Association likes to connect people with nature through education; and they would like us to partner with them in their upcoming Wild and Scenic Film Festival.  Sponsorship levels start at $250.00.  
Mike asked a few questions related to Baseball’s upcoming Opening Day; Jamie answered them and received a free lunch.
March is Rotary Foundation Month; if you have $100.00 (more or less) to give, it would be put to good use.
The Crab Feed is coming up on April 7th.  If you have sold tickets, please turn in your money to Jamie; we could use a few more “runners” to bring food to the tables.
The Golf Tournament is coming up May 11th; we still need sponsors, golfers and volunteers.  
The Car Show is also coming up the first weekend in May; there are a lot of opportunities to step up and help; registration, cruise night barricade duty, information, bbq and clean up.  Contact Greg Hardcastle if you’re available to help!!    
The Four Way Test papers are being judged; we will present checks to the winners at an upcoming meeting; the winner needs to be turned in to District by April 1.
Chuck made an award of a new badge to Judy because she lost her old one.  
Chuck was the Fine Master for the day – he asked questions from the latest Rotarian Magazine.  Questions were mostly about the bicyclists who rode for Polio....Don D and Mike Pond were each fined $10.00.  Then Chuck went on to ask questions that are on the California Drivers Test....Ken Stilts answered correctly, subsequently Mike Williams, Jamie, Dave Owens (who missed a moped question), Gary Owens and Heidi were each fined $10.00. None of us want to take that test – it was scary how little we knew.
Mary Leizear introduced the speaker, Roger Jump who volunteers with Lifewater International, Headquartered in SLO.  One in every 11 people in the world do not have access to clean/safe water; and, 1,600 people die every day from causes relating to unclean water.  Their acronym – WASH; W = Water, A = Access, S = Sanitation, and H = Hygiene.  Lifewater is a Christian non-profit and works mainly in Asia and Africa focusing on sustainability.  Roger has been involved in helping people in other countries get clean water for about five years.  They start with families to teach them how important clean water is to the life of their loved ones.  They teach them to take care of their own water wells. They also give lessons on Disease Transmission and Prevention.  As of October 9, 2,578 families have been certified, through education, as “Healthy Homes”; Lifewater has placed 23 wells, and 10 school latrines, all serving 18,468 people.  If you want more information, you can Google “Lifewater International” or go to “Lifewater.org.”
Next meeting’s speaker will be our own member, John Headding, speaking on health care.
50/50 won by Don Doubledee.    Happy Easter....See you all next week.
March 20, 2018
INVOCATION BY:    Michael Shaffran
JOKE:   Submitted by Chuck, told by Pete, reminded us of Art.......it was funny in a gross kind of way.
Guests of Rotarians:   Nick brought Ryan Sedley from Pacific Premier Bank, who gave us a check in the amount of $1,000 as a sponsor of the Golf Tournament.  Thank you Ryan!!  Judy introduced our speaker, Dr. Eric Prater, Superintendent of SLCUSD. 
Mike was fined $10.00 for thinking that Chief Knuckles was a visitor.  
Chief Knuckles talked a little about the upcoming storm.  It is predicted that we could have 3½ inches of rain in 3 days.  Be very careful about walking through mud and water and look out for downed power lines.
Crab Feed tickets are available; we need to sell 250 tickets and still need help.  See Jamie for yours to sell or purchase.  Also Jamie passed around a sign-up sheet for help and providing desserts.  It is a new event for us and we want it to be great!!
Greg passed around sign-up sheet to help with the Car Show the first weekend in May.    There are opportunities to help with Cruise Night barricade patrol, Thursday and Friday, registration, Saturday and Sunday Information Booth, Saturday  Bbq, and Sunday clean up. 
Some of us went to the SLO Film Festival to watch Max’s film being shown on the big screen.    It was fun to see Max’s film, followed by dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen.
April 17th is Tall Tales day, followed by the RYLA group on May 1st.  Hero’s day is coming up on May 29th so keep that in mind and bring a hero.
March Madness is still going and many of us have been shot out of the competition.   Pete still has three brackets to sell if someone wants to buy a bracket for $20.00.....they could be winners.
John Solu introduced Jeff Heller who has been very involved with the Morro Bay sewer/water 218 Vote issue.  He educated us about the 218 voting process; the letters from the City regarding this should show up sometime after May 1st.  Every parcel in the City of MB is entitled to one vote.
Pete introduced our speaker, Dr. Eric Prater, the San Luis Coastal Superintendent of Schools.  Los Osos has recently been recognized as being one of the top 22 middle schools in the state.    Their leadership group will be traveling to Washington D.C. to be recognized.  Del Mar and Teach Elementary were nominated for awards as well.  Morro Bay High School earned a National Blue Ribbon School award when Prez Pete was there as Principal.  There are 7500 students in our district.  
Shootings and mental health are top priority these days....everyone is on edge.  Measure D is what enabled us to build the new pool, which is being used every day to its fullest capacity.  There are 58 girls in water polo and over 70 in swimming.  In another two years we will have a fabulous track and field area including a new and improved snack shack.
SLO High will have 1500 students next year because of developing areas; however, the coastal area schools are decreasing in population.  Thanks to Dr. Prater for taking time to come and share with us.
Lori donated some rock crab claws for the 50/50.   Ken Stilts was the first winner and he took the money; second winner was Gary Englund and third winner was David Owens – both of whom will have crab for dinner tonight.           
Roger Jump from Lifewater International will be our speaker next week.
“Greatness is not a function of circumstance.....but of conscious choice and discipline.”  Jim Collins
Enjoy the rain....be careful....see you next week.
March 13, 2018
Meeting called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation by:   Ken Stilts
Pledge Allegiance was led by:   Pete
We recited the 4 Way Test
Joke by Prez Pete:   it was short and we got it.
Visiting Rotarians:  Gail Tannehill, who is the incoming President elect of the Paso Robles Rotary Club.  
Guests of our Rotarians:  Our speaker, Kevin Hauber, was a guest of Michael Shaffran.  
Wednesday March 14th we will be meeting at 5:30 to go to Max’s film at the Downtown Center Cinema Theater in SLO.  Max was the producer, director and writer of this movie.  His film was chosen as one of many.  Afterwards we will go to the California Pizza Kitchen for dinner.  
Jamie has tickets for the Crab Feed....we would like everyone to sell 4.  It is being held on Saturday, April 7 with doors opening at 5pm and dinner served at 5:30.  We sent around the signup sheet as we will need lots of help selling tickets and working the event.
Golf Tournament coming up Friday, May 11...still need golfers, sponsors and help.  Take a flyer to put up in a business.  Sign up to help or golf!!
Fill out a NCAA Tournament Bracket to possibly win a PHF.  The tournament starts Thursday so we need to get this completed today.
Melissa and Jude went to the District Training for club leaders, officers etc.   There will be another one on the 24th of March in Bakersfield.  It’s free...just register.  Mike Pond is going so you would be in good company.
Bill Pierce received an email from Direct Relief thanking us for the donation for Montecito....they were VERY appreciative. 
Greg Hardcastle said the Car Show is being held the first weekend in May; the 3rd – 6th.  They also need help with registration, bbq, information booth and Cruise Night; he sent around a signup sheet. 
Mike Pond said we will be going to the Blues Game again this summer.    That is a fun event and by selling 100 tickets we will add $1,000 to our income for this year. 
Dave Owens’ daughter will graduate from Redlands University with a 3.95 GPA.  Her major is in Speech Therapy with a goal of becoming a bilingual speech therapist.  She was inspired to pursue this field after working many summers at Camp Hapitok.   
April 20th - Chuck will be showing his famous sled dog presentation.  He just got back from Alaska where it was soooooo cold!!
Michael introduced our speaker, Kevin Hauber, who graduated from Cal Poly and is now working with Green Building.  He is an expert in Real Estate Transactions with energy concerns.  The state government put out goals that are supposed to be met by cities and counties at their own expense.      Existing buildings will require energy efficiency updates and water efficiency at the same time.   By 2020, new buildings or newly remodeled buildings will be required to have 0% energy created by non “green” methods.  So where will the money come from?  He has many things that can be done to help with this very expensive project......grants and rebates are just two possibilities.  Solar leases get recorded on your property so if you sell, you need to be aware that it does not increase your property value. However, if you buy your solar system, it will add to your property value. 
50/50 went to Nick...Happy Saint Patrick’s Day......See you next week.  
MARCH 6, 2018
Meeting called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation by Dan
Flag Salute by Pete
We recited the 4 Way Test
Jokes by Prez Pete....Bank Robber and Teacher jokes
Visiting Rotarians:   Sherry Sims from Cayucos; Lisa from SLO Rotary visiting to announce their upcoming Spaghetti Western event which is being held on March 24th 5:30-8:00 at the Vets Hall in SLO.  Tickets are $25.00...children under 12 eat free. 
Guests of Rotarians:   Glad to have Police Chief Greg Allen visiting along with Max, our foreign exchange student, as well as Heidi’s mom.   John Weiss introduced Ryan from Pacific Premier Bank and our Jr. Rotarian, Stella, was also with us today.   
Rick Grantham said he was so glad to see John Weiss looking healthy....and also glad to have the hard working police chief with us. 
John Weiss talked a few minutes about what is going on around the district and also encouraged us to attend the District Training in Oxnard this weekend; there will be just 2 morning classes including the initial Basic PRLS class. 
We are very thankful to have the Police Chief and the Fire Chief as sponsors of the Sept. 15th conference on Human Trafficking which will be held at the Morro Bay Community Center.
Deepa will be having her fund raising event this year on April 28 at the Terra Mia Vineyards.  Tickets will be $100.00.  Save the Date!!   She will be at the Morro Bay Sunset Rotary meeting Thursday night.
Pete and the board is encouraging everyone to give $100.00 to our Morro Bay Foundation during the month of March this year.   We want to build up our cash balance to enable our account to grow every year.
CRAB FEED is being held on April 7th.  We need everyone to sell tickets as well as participate that evening.   A Sign-up sheet was passed around.
GOLF TOURNAMENT also coming up on May 11th.   We need sponsors, golfers and workers for that day.   Sign up on the sign-up sheet please.
NCAA March Madness is coming - next week we will be able to sign up and choose a bracket for $20.00.   Winner will get a PHF.
Max brought us up to date with what is going on in his life, including good grades.   He wanted to thank everyone with helping him go to the Warriors game....his favorite team for a long time.   He entered his film in the SLO Film Festival and it will be showing at the Fremont Theater in downtown SLO on the 14th.   Let’s all go to show support for our Max and also to see what his creative mind has done.   We will meet at 5:00; go to watch the film and have dinner.    A fun evening with friends.......join your club at this social event!!
Our speakers today were Doris Diel and Sandra Hansen, mother and daughter bee keepers.   They have been learning about and raising bees for ten years after being concerned about the amount of bees that are dying every year.   The bee hive has an elaborate hierarchy starting with the Queen Bee, who the other bees will always follow.   Ninety percent of the bees are “worker” bees, are female and do most of the work.   And then there are the male “drone” bees who make up the other 10%.   In the winter there will be 20-30,000 bees in a hive....in the summer up to 80,000.    When the Queen Bee gets old, the worker bees will feed royal jelly to a new hatchling to develop a new Queen.   We are losing many bees because of pesticides they drink from blossoms and even more bees are dying from a mite from Asia that attaches itself to a bee and takes its life.   Very interesting talk.....we would love to have them back.
Keep Jack Barrett in your thoughts and prayers as he may need emergency surgery.    
Don Doubledee won the 50/50



FEB. 27, 2018
JOKE:    Plumber joke......uh, we didn’t get it.
Visiting Rotarians:   Not today
Guests of Rotarians:  Dan brought his wife Linda and Mother, Brit.  Judy introduced our speaker, Hershel Parker and his wife, Heddy Richter.  Judy also brought her friend Karen Clinton.  Fire Marshall, Matt Veira  was brought by Chief Knuckles.  Melissa brought Jr. Rotarian Stella.  Tom Kelly, a friend of our speaker, was here to visit as well. 
Pete gave a short presentation on Human Trafficking; we will be helping put on the Human Trafficking Summit on September 15th at the Community Center.  He also and announced our President Elect Nominee for 2019/2020 will be Melissa Davis and our President Elect Nominee Designate for 2020/21 will be Lou Dubnow. 
The Board approved a donation of $1,000 to be given to Monticeto to help with relief in the wake of the fire and mudslides, and $150 to be given to Ecuador for the planting of trees.   We have declared January as our special Rotary Giving Month in an effort to give to our own Rotary Foundation.  This year we will emphasize extra gifts be given to the Morro Bay Foundation in March with a goal of $100/person for those who can/want to give this gift.
MBHS’s Crab Feed is sold out.  Ours is coming up on April 7th and we will all need to sell tickets, to make this fund raiser a great event.  We will have a signup sheet next week for help to set up, run the bar, be a food runner, sell desserts, sell 50/50 tickets, take down and other duties.
Ken Casida was fined $10.00 for each year of marriage....$80.00...... $13.00 less than our marriage license!!
Satisfaction survey was on the tables, we came in at a +47 this month with 13% responding.   Mostly positive comments.....it’s good to have feedback so we all know where we can improve the club.  
We are considering picking a Monday night to feed the homeless at the Vets Hall.   It would be good to do it once to see if it is something we want to do on a regular basis. 
Melissa announced that Stella won first place with a drawing she made and entered in the Estero Bay Women’s Club Contest.
We have two Master PRLS graduates - Jude and Melissa; a worthwhile weekend for both of these future presidents.
Our speaker was Hershel Parker, a Morro Bay resident and world authority on Herman Melville and more.  Although he is an expert on Melville and Moby Dick, he also loves ancestry.  He has researched his own family and found many interesting facts and has even accumulated 3200 documents about his ancestry.  You can find almost anything you want to know online.  If you research wills, land transfers, military pension applications and records, newspaper articles, affidavits, tombstones etc., it is possible to find many historical facts.  Fold3 is an excellent source for military records.   It was an honor to have Hershel and his wife and friends with us today.
Enjoy the week....next week’s speakers will be mom and daughter bee keepers.   
50/50 won by Steve Carnes
Morro Bay Rotary Club Notes
February 20, 2018
Meeting called to order by Nick (sporting his Presidential tie) in Prez Pete’s absence
Invocation was given by:   Ken Stilts
Pledge to the Flag by:   Nick
Visiting Rotarians:   Not today
Guests brought by Rotarians:
Dan Costly brought his wife, Linda and his mother, Brit.
Lori French brought her husband, Jeff also known as “The Old Man of the Sea”.
Jeremy, the Pastor of the North Church was here to suggest we might want to partner with them to feed the homeless; maybe switch off with them every other month; to be decided by the board. 
Doug placed emails on our tables from the vets who have received our boxes.....he brought two boxes with him to be mailed.  
Heidi said Max entered his film in the SLO film festival and it is showing March 14th at the Downtown Cinemas.    She passed around a sign-up sheet for those who want to see his film so she can get tickets.  That could be a fun social night with dinner included.  On March 23rd, Max will be going up to San Francisco with the San Ramon Rotary group for a Warriors basketball game.  Max is on the Morro Bay JV baseball team, we will pick a night to go to a game to support him.
Gary collected a dollar fine from everyone not wearing a Rotary pin.    Doug R is driving a brand new car which got him fined $10.00.
Jude introduced our speakers..... our own Lori French and husband Jeff.     Last year their family went to the Boston Seafood Show, which is the largest in the country.   She brought crab pots, handmade by her husband, which have 4-l/4 inch escape doors for the small crab and fish that swim through the door into the pot.  The pots are 36 to 42 inches across.  There are four crab boats out of Morro Bay now.  The crab that are caught have to be 6-1/2 inches in size and have to be measured before they are even taken into the boat.  They are only allowed to take male crab.   They fish in water from 50 feet to 400 feet deep.   Each boat has a tier number to represent how many crab pots they are allowed to have in the water.  According to Lori, this has been a season of “you name it, it happened”....quality, weather, etc.   Lori’s family has normally fished in the Bodega Bay Area, but this year they are here.  There are 550 crab licenses issued in the USA each year.   Thanks to Lori and Jeff for their interesting presentation.   
Enjoy the weekend....see you next week.




February 13, 2018
Invocation:  Melissa
Pledge to the Flag:  Jeff Jones
Joke:  Pete....Dr. Geezer and Dr. Young
Visiting Rotarians:  Not today
Guests of Rotarians: 
Judy brought Bonnie Jones
Thanks to Pete and Kathi for hosting our social on Saturday night.  We had good food and an interesting presentation about our Sri Lanka Pre-school Project by Hans Dahlin and his wife.  It is fun to get together and visit with those you may not sit with during our club time.  We are planning another social for sometime in May. 
March Madness is coming up with an opportunity for anyone to pick a bracket for $20.00.  At the end of the NCAA tournament, whoever happened to rack up the most points based on their picks, will be awarded a Paul Harris.
               Pete Starlings & Katherine Gillen received their yellow badges today. 
     Two great additions to our Club - keep inviting your friends, they will be glad you did. 
There will be an Electronic Waste Recycle event at the Los Osos Methodist Church on Feb. 24 from 9am to 1pm.  Bring printers, phones, VCRs, Stereos, Fax machines etc. to be recycled. 
Next Tuesday after our Club Meeting, we will have a Crab Feed meeting that might last for an hour or two to finalize our plans for the event.   If you are interested in helping....Please stay for this meeting.  The Morro Bay High School Crab Feed is March 3rd; we will start promoting ours on March 4th.  If each of us sells five tickets, we will sell out.    We will have five weeks to sell the tickets. 
Doug brought four boxes to be shipped to veterans overseas.  The cost is a little under $17.00; you can either take a box, or just give Doug the money, and he will take the box to the post office.
May 11th is the Golf Tournament....start thinking about businesses you know who would want to be a sponsor, donate raffle prizes or provide golf goodie bag items.
Jan donated a coupon from Sweet Offerings for chocolate covered strawberries........Heidi bought it for $20.00.  Thanks, Jan.
Jude went to PETS on the weekend....she is very grateful for the opportunity.  Her husband also went and enjoyed it.
Dale won the free lunch and Judy used her exemption to encourage everyone to pick up a Bay News because she wrote an article about the Shell Shop.  Pete and Lou discussed family members who work for WINC ...a huge wine company.  Chuck is off to Alaska next week where it is minus 8 at night.  He loves it!!  Sara was in Cancun for six days for an Edward Jones event.
Fines:   Heidi’s birthday...$10.00, Ken fined $10.00 but Pete paid it...Steve fined $10.00.
Our speaker was Chief Knuckles who said this summer was the busiest the fire department has ever had.....they spent 87 days on assignment.  Our Mutual Aid system is the best in California.  The Command System and the Coordination with law enforcement were good decisions that helped evacuate people and fight the fire.  What went wrong?  Mother Nature.....mainly high winds and low humidity.  Northern California Fires involved 11,000 firefighters.  The Thomas Fire involved 10,500 firefighters.  Morro Bay participated with five engines and 22 personnel as part of the Strike Team.  This year they were able to use a Military Drone to spot the fires....instead of a helicopter.  The cost was $1500/hour, but well worth it.    There will not be voluntary evacuation anymore.....only mandatory.   Thank you Chief and our wonderful Morro Bay Fire Department!!
John Weiss said “Celebrate Rotary” is our District 5240 theme for this year.    John was scheduled to be in Monticeto on the day of the mudslide.  We have over 3,000 members in our District so we are able to help in these California disasters.  Six hours after the mudslide, there were two pages filled with the names of Rotarians willing to give a room in their home to someone needing a place to stay.  Several Rotarians were impacted by the fire and mudslide but they have a good attitude and their motto is “The Best Days are Still Ahead”.
  Thanks to Kathi and Pete for bringing a Valentine Rose for everyone who attended the meeting   today.  
Next week’s speaker will be Lori French....talking about commercial fishing on the central coast...especially crab fishing.  You won’t want to miss this craft talk!!
Morro Bay Rotary Club
February 6, 2018
Meeting called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation:  Michael Shaffron
Pledge:   Scott Harp
We then read through the Four Way Test and greeted our friends
Joke:    Pete....police officer joke.
Guest Rotarians:   Sherry Sims, Cayucos Rotary
Guest of Rotarians:   Mike S. brought Stephan from France who enjoyed visiting with Max.    Janice House with the Honor Flight Program who came with our speaker, Greg McGill; Rick Grantham brought friend and travel-mate, John Gajdos, another Honor Flight volunteer; Kasey brought Tony, a friend who will be going on an Honor Flight.
Mike P said there was progress with the roundabout, with a special thanks to Katherine who came out to help!!!
Katherine brought info about the Mardi Gras Mixer at Fitness Works on Wednesday, February 7.....5:30-7:30.
Come for DINNER/SOCIAL time at Pete and Kathi’s house on Saturday the 10th.   We will start at 5:30 with wine and snacks, then a short presentation by Hans about the pre-school in Siri Lanka which our club has supported.    Next we will have dinner with meats prepared by Brickhouse BBQ.   For those who want to stay later, we have a couple of games planned.
Heidi said Master PURLS will be in Santa Maria the weekend of Feb 23-25.
Max said he visited Hearst Castle and also he is very pleased that his movie will be in the SLO Film Festival.  Also he loves baseball, and the MB baseball team is looking for sponsors.
Pete is putting out a challenge to our club ....let’s get 10 new members, 10 PHF and 5 new bequests to Rotary in this year.
Arbor Day is April 27......we are considering planting trees in Morro Bay or the Montecito area in honor of this national holiday.
Next meeting we will consider approving Melissa for our 2019/20 President after Jude and Lou for our 2020 /21 President after Melissa.
Nick said we have set Friday, May 11th for our 9 hole golf tournament; we will be looking for sponsors, golfers and golfer bag goodies.  Other activities our club is involved with are The Crab Feed on April 7, The Kite Festival on April 28 & 29th, and the Car Show on May 4, 5,and 6.     SAVE THE DATES for these fun and important events!!!!
Judy won the exemption .....she said she would like to see some of us at the Human Trafficking conference at Oxnard.  
Football questions by Pete....Dave fined $20.00, Rick $10.00, Steve Carnes  $10.00, Judy $10.00 paid by Rick, John  $30.00, Ken Stilts for $30.00
Judy introduced Honor Flight Program speaker, Greg Mcgill (also with the Kern Co Fire Dept) and Janice House, Honor
Flight volunteer extraordinaire.  He originally went on an Honor Flight as a guardian and was so impressed with the
organization; he felt that we should have a chapter here.  As of this date, 200 veterans from SLO County have gone to
Washington D.C. to see their memorials at no cost to them.  Honor Flight was started in 2005 and there are now 135 HUBS
in the U.S.  The top priority goes to WWII veterans and any other veteran with a terminal disease.   Any veteran who served
in the military is eligible.  It is a busy three days for the vets starting with a 6am departure on Day #1.  The second day they
visit Memorials honoring the veterans who served during WWII, the Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam War.  They also visit
the Lincoln, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Memorials.  The third day they return home.   Wheelchairs are provided for all vets and they are given priority everywhere they go.  So far 150,000 vets have gone on the Honor Flights.  Greg has been on seven flights and he knows  how Honor Flights change lives.  
Our next week’s speakers will be Chief Knuckles and John Weiss speaking on the Montecito Fires.
Inspirational quote of the day was by Warren Buffet.
Doug brought boxes to be mailed.



JANUARY 30, 2018


Meeting called to order by Prez Pete

Invocation by: Ken Stilts

Flag Salute led by:  Carla Wixom

Joke:  by Pete.....  “Ali Oop”

Guest Rotarian:   Ruth Ann Angus

Guests of Rotarians:

Rachel Pass from the Estuary Program

Lisa Babb was here for the second time

Carla brought Nancy Johnson and Jeff Eckles

Judy brought Bertha Tyler and our speaker Scott Collins

Chamber “Living Treasure”, Lori French was with us and has $10.00 tickets for the Central Coast Women of Fisheries enchilada dinner on February 3 at the Community Center.   She says she will use the tiara for good and not evil.  

Mike Pond announced a social at Prez Petes house on Saturday, February 10th.  Cost is $10.00/person for a tri tip, chicken etc. dinner and a special speaker, Hans Dahlin.   Bring your special person and come and enjoy an evening with  friends and food.  

Saturday, Feb. 3rd is roundabout cleanup @ 9am.....come and help.

Mutts for the Bay program...Rachel Pass said last year  371,000 bags were taken from the dispensers.  She had a photo of our Rotary dispenser near the Rock.  The Estuary Program is grateful to our Club for our contribution toward the Mutt Mitts. 

Heidi told about the PRLS classes in Santa Maria .

Andrea gave out packets with essays on the Four Way Test to be read by volunteers.   Each packet had 46 essays.

Cayucos Rotary has reserved a table for our club at the Masquerade Ball on March 17.   Cost is $75.00....hands were raised and our table was filled.    It will be a fun evening!!

John Weiss....thanked us for our support, and announced several events coming up.   Rotary Club of Santa Monica has donated $10,000 to help with the Thomas Fire devastation.    Trees are $45.00 if our club or individuals want to contribute.   We may want to plant a tree for everyone in our club.

Melissa is selling Girl Scout Cookies on behalf of our Jr. Rotarian Stella......pay her now ...or pay her later.  She was fined herself $10.00 for this ad

Free Lunch went to #63...Nancy.

Fines...super bowl questions.....Jamie fined $10.00, Steve Carnes fined $20.00, Don fined $10.00, Mike $10.00, Steve $10.00, Dan fined $10.00, Heidi not fined, Jude not fined,

Guest Speaker was Morro Bay’s new City Manager, Scott Collins.  

Interviewed in September, he has had a good feeling about all his interactions with the people in this community.  He is still learning and listening to

community members.  Hope is the bond in any community.   The WRF is of course, top priority.  Financial concerns are on the top of the list too because of

past spending.  Many people want our town to stay just like it is, but we also have to keep up with what is going on around us.  Lori mentioned the needs

for commercial fishermen.   Melissa said she installed a rain water system six years ago to hook up a gray water system but apparently it is against the law in Morro Bay - will this change?    Mike asked about the off shore wind farm.  Jamie asked if the City is planning to terminate their contract with State Water.  John asked about the sewer project and the fact that all meetings have been recorded and we are all concerned about the cost of it.  Is it possible to connect with Cayucos?  Scott said, “No, they are moving ahead without us”.   Carla asked about the Embarcadero area leases that have been taken over by the City - City Council decided to go out with a broker team to try and figure out what to do with the area.   

50/50 won by Mike Pond.....donated it to the Interact Club.

Pete’s thought for today was from Budda. “What you think, you will become”.    Someone at our table said that’s not true because she has been thinking young and thin and its not happening.  

Next weeks speaker will be talking about the Honor Flights Program.   See you next week.   Ecasida

JANUARY 23, 2018
Meeting called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation by:  Dan
Pledge to flag:  Katherine
Joke:   Pete....Many small jokes....fun and funny!!
Guest Rotarians:  Ruth Ann Angus; it was also nice to have Bryan Griffiths and Lori French with us today.
Guest of Rotarians:   Andrea brought her husband, Mike, to celebrate their 4th anniversary.  Sarah brought Antonio Reyes who is her new assistant.    Lisa Babb came because she has recently moved here and wants to get busy in our community.
We will have a Club Social at Pete’s house on Saturday, February 10th starting at 5:30.  Our special guest will be Hans Dahlin, who with the help of our Club has sponsored pre schools in Sri Lanka.  It will be a great time to get together for food, fellowship and fun; significant others are more than welcome to join us.  Cost is $10.00....food will be from Brickhouse BBQ.....come and learn about another thing our Club has done to help others. 
Jude announced Book Sales at the MB library on Jan. 27, May 19 and Sept. 29th.  There is also a book store at the library with proceeds going to Friends of the Library.  All proceeds from the book sale will be used in our own library.
Lori is selling tickets for the Women for Fisheries Smoked Albacore Enchilada sale.
Heidi said PRLS is coming up in Santa Maria the weekend of February 23-25.  The cost is $250.00 which the Club will pay, and anyone can take some of the classes if the entire weekend is too much OR all of the classes and get your Master PRLS certification.
Roundabout cleanup at 9:00 on the 3rd......come one...come all!!
Andrea is working on the Four Way Test and will be in touch with her readers soon.
Our Guest Speaker today was Wade Nomura, a Past District Governor and member of the Carpentaria Club.  He met the Board before the meeting to go over
some of the details of the PHF.  He spoke on the Rotary Foundation, which is the organization that uses our funds to do much good around the globe.  The main
focus for Wade is Water and Sanitation, Basic Education, Disease Prevention, Community and Economic Development, Child and Maternal Health, Rotary Scholars,
and Vocational Training Team. 
We have Sister Districts with Clubs in Korea (2) and Mexico and Sister Clubs in Mexico, Chile, Bangladesh, etc., so you have friends everywhere.
Polio Plus.....including corrective surgeries, Immunization Days.
Ways to Participate:
Benefactor...$1,000.00 donation per year
Bequest Society....Designate Rotary Foundation in your will/trust. 
Presidents Theme Annual Fund......Ties and scarves designed by the current RI president.  
Andrea’s husband, Mike, won the 50/50
Mary brought to my attention that the very interesting Mind Walks Lecture Series is happening on Mondays at the Inn at Morro Bay.    January 29th will be about The Geological Diversity of SLO County.   
Next week’s speaker will be the new City Manager in Morro Bay....
Enjoy your week......see you soon.   Ecasida
JANUARY 16, 2018
Meeting called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation by:  Nick
Pledge of Allegiance:  Heidi
Song:   Auld Lang Syne
Joke:   Pete....Lady Airplane pilot....
Guest Rotarians:  Kathryn and Mary Helen from Palm Desert
Guests of Rotarians:
Rich Reidel brought his wife Linda, to celebrate their 44th wedding anniversary, and to keep from being fined.
Heidi introduced our speaker, Tom Potter
Claire Grantham was here with Rick
Kathrine Gillen who works at the Chamber was brought here for the last time by Lou as today she is being
inducted into the Club.   Don welcomed her with a packet of info, a MB Rotary pin, and her Red Badge.   She
spoke for a few minutesand was welcomed by all of us with a standing ovation.   Welcome Katherine and
thank you, Lou, for bringing her to our Club. 
Roundabout cleanup February 3 at 9:00am.
Satisfaction Survey Results ...printed out on the table.  Our satisfaction score was +82.   Please take a couple of minutes to fill these out when they come to your email box.
Jeff Jones said many members of our fire department have been in Montecito since the tragic mudslide.    It is a traumatic experience for them; Jeff asks us to keep them in our thoughts and prayers.
Heidi wants everyone to know about Master PRLS Weekend in Santa Maria  Feb 23 - Feb 25.   Cost is $250.00 for the weekend of classes.    You can register online.   Great opportunity to take the classes reasonably close to home.
 Heidi introduced Tom Potter, of CAPSLO.  This organization finds housing for homeless vets.   They will pay the security   deposit so that they can get into a home, give them temporary financial assistance, rental agreement education and other necessary services.    It is important to get the vet housed first and then they can work on other issues, such as mental health, PTSD and other issues.   This program is a short term program, up to 9 months.  They will paint a unit or whatever else might need to be done to keep a landlord happy.
Rich Reidel won the 50/50 and then donated it to Max for his train trip.  Max received $200 from our donation jar last week.  
Next weeks speaker will be Wade Namura.
Enjoy your week......see you soon.




January 9th, 2018
Meeting called to order by Prez Pete.....nice to have him back!!
Invocation:  Judy
Flag Salute:  Pete
Song:   Row, Row, Row your boat – rumor has it, the MBHS Baseball players were impressed.
Joke:   Pete....Three legged Chicken in the road...
Guests:   Heidi introduced Max who is now staying with them
Judy:       Bonnie Jones, today’s speaker
Melissa:   Teri Meyer
Lou:    Kathrine Gillen, soon to be our newest MB Rotarian
Sean, the MBHS Baseball coach and 2 of the team members were here to sell $50.00 tickets for their Annual Crab Feed at the Community Center on March 3rd.  They are also selling advertisements on the banner.  
We need a couple of Rotarians to read and grade the Four Way Tests.  Several hands went up, so that little problem was solved in a hurry.  Thank you to those who volunteered.
Heidi and Max gave a brief summary of his stay here.  Max thanked us for his cash Christmas present with which he bought a baseball glove.  He also bought new pants and new shirts so he is ready for the season.  If anyone wants to go to San Francisco and walk the Golden Gate Bridge with Max, he would love to do that.   Max has made a movie which is now on You-Tube;  go to “The E.N.D.” on You-Tube, you will see a picture of Max and the 25 minute video he made.  He is also really interested in watching a launch at Vandenburg so if anyone is interested in going, he would love to go along.  If you are going anywhere fun in the next six weeks, Max would love to go with you.  
Nick made an announcement about the monthly Chamber mixer which is being held on Wednesday, January 10th at 5:30 at Rabobank. 
The Fire and Ice Ball will be at the MB Community Center from 5:30-9:00pm on Friday, January 26th.  It is an evening of Community Awards hosted by the Chamber.
Jude and Matt co-chaired the Salvation Army Bell Ringing volunteers at Albertsons.   They said it was a successful endeavor and thanked all who participated. 
Our Crab Feed will be announced, advertised and tickets sold after the high school crab feed is either sold out or over.   It will be very simple this year...
Chuck Clarke’s birthday was January 5th and fined $10.00.
Mary said “Mind Walks” have started at 10:15am at the Inn at Morro Bay on Mondays during the winter months.
Jan Lewis said she had a date with Kareem Abdul Jabbar in 1977.
Her question from Pete was...”What is the first country to celebrate New Year’s Eve every year?”   New Zealand....Jan fined $10.00 in spite of who she knows.
Pete Starlings was fined $20.00 for not knowing the answer to his question. 
What country has the most people celebrating NYE.  Rio de Janeiro ......2,000,000 people gather.
Bonnie Jones has been involved in projects to help the homeless since they moved to Morro Bay.  She helped start Estero Bay Alliance for Care (EBAC), who now in their fifth year, have served over 100,000 meals to those in need.  They want to keep people from becoming homeless if possible as well as help those in need in our community.  They serve the community dinner at the Vets Hall on Monday nights between 5 and 6:30.   They serve approximately 85 people every Monday evening.    Who comes?   Families, seniors, homeless, and anyone else in need.   They are asking for help one night a month or more.   The food would be cooked in our homes and then brought to the Vets Hall.    There are many organizations that help each week.  We’ll be talking about this at our upcoming Board Meeting.
John Solu won the $37.00 50/50 and added it to the jar we passed around to contribute to Max for his 30 day train trip in the summer around the U.S.A.
Enjoy the weekend.....See you all next week for time with friends and interesting speakers.




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