Mar 02, 2021 12:00 PM
James Kennedy, Pres & CEO Beach Cities Solar
Everything Solar
March 2 Noon - James Kennedy, Rotarian & Founder, President & CEO of Beach Cities Solar Consulting
Mr. Kennedy recently published the book, Solar Energy Secrets for Homeowners, which he plans to provide a complimentary copy for our members to learn about "everything solar." He is an advocate of solar energy as it is his lifeblood income stream, however, has learned education about the industry not only allows choice, but consideration of its use. His company has consulted on over 100 commercial and residential solar installations throughout California, New Mexico, New York, and Puerto Rico. His purpose in presentations to Rotarians is to provide turnkey solutions for going solar, saving money, and sustaining energy independence. With his company based in Puerto Rico, he is the President-Elect for the San Juan Rotary Club.