Posted by Elsie Casida on Jul 21, 2018
July 10, 2018
Meeting was called to order by President Jude dressed in her robe and nightcap.  She explained that she was not quite used to the idea of having to get up and get herself ready so early.  
The Invocation was by Dan Costley
Pledge to the flag by Ken Stilts
Guests:  Linda Costley and Chief Allen were brought by Dan; Stella brought Melissa; Doug introduced Jack Keely who has attended 3 Club meetings; Kasey brought her co-worker Jody.  
Announcements:  Food will be out until 12:15 to accommodate those who come late; we’ll have a special place for Mike Williams so he can always find a seat.   
Standing Ovations requested for youth visitors, new members, and special speakers.   After the meeting ends, make an effort to connect with those who have been up in front speaking, receiving an award or new members.  
Mike said they had a great time at the Blues Game.   Blues won and we had a seating area was quite warm but fun to be together and cheer on the BLUES.
Membership letter has gone out.....if you didn’t get one; let Jude know so that we will have a letter filled out by all members.
Board Retreat will be Saturday the 14th at the Casida’s  We need someone who will take notes at our 11 board meetings. 
Sherry Sims, Cayucos Rotary President this year and Monica, also from Cayucos Rotary were here to sell tickets for a chance to win a Street Legal Golf Cart.   They are selling 390 tickets at $100.00 each.
Pete gave us a few highlights of his “Beemotion” and gave awards to the following members:    Michael Shaffran for being the invocation leader, Nick for what he does for International Rotary, and Melissa for being very involved with our youth program.  Gary Owens was also recognized for being the Sergeant at Arms for ten years......a job passed on to Mike Pond.  
Jude gave the Paul Harris Society Award to John Weiss.
The box with our MB Rotary Banners has disappeared so if anyone knows where it is ....please let us know.
Don said there will be a special orientation for Chief Allen and Jack Keely on Monday night.    Today we brought Chief Allen in as a member of our Club.  Chief Knuckles introduced Chief Allen who already is so engaged with the community; he is a great addition to our club.  Then Chief Allen gave a short synopsis of his life including 35 years on the police force.  He loves to go back packing and has three grandchildren he loves to be with.  But he said he really loves being engaged with people as he goes about his duties in Morro Bay which will be a great attribute in Rotary as well.  We gave him our first standing ovation of the year.  
Sherry Sims gave a few words about Toronto and why she loves to go to Rotary International Conventions.  She said it is very inspiring and she especially liked the speech on literacy by Former First Lady Laura Bush.
Jude said we should sign up now to go to the Convention next year in Hamburg.    Sounds like a great time to spend with other Rotarians.  
Next week our program will be presented by Geo Pecci who has been to North Korea several times.   
Stella pulled the lucky 50/50 winner who was Jack Keely.
Jude said Goodbye to Pete, but we will continue to see him at Rotary and all events.    Thanks, Pete, for all you did to make your year fun and successful.