Posted by Elsie Casida on Jan 11, 2019
January 8, 2019
Invocation by Ken Stilts
Pledge to the flag by Doug Riddell
The co-host was Jeff Jones; he called the meeting to order and introduced the team who were with the special guest, Eddy, the K9.  Dick Mellinger and Gil Igleheart  were here with a presentation about Pawsabilities and the New Life K9’s Service Dog program, headed up by Jack Gould.  Guests also included Bob Salamacha, Liz Clarke, Claire Grantham and Neil Farrell; it was also nice to have former Rotarians Brian and Kelly Griffith here today.
Co-host Jeff then introduced our President Jude Long who made special introduction of Rick and Claire Grantham, who are moving to Washington very soon.  Rick shared his experience of being a cheerleader - it was a Rotary thing - of course.  Then Rick led us in WHOSE HOUSE IS IT?  RAMS HOUSE!!!  (Although I heard a few other teams in there?).  They moved here in 1993 and made many friends over the years; including close friends here in our Rotary club.  Our Best Wishes to them in this new chapter in their lives....I  know of a very active Rotary Club there (whose president is a former Visalian) that will give them a warm welcome.  
This is Rotary Foundation Month so Jude encouraged us to donate $100 to our own local MB Foundation.  
Jude introduced Neil Ferrell who is the editor of Bay News which, along with two other local papers, has stopped publication.  He is hoping another newspaper will open up again soon.  Jeff Jones and Pete Zotovich both thanked him for the work he has done on behalf of the Fire Dept. and the school.  
Judy introduced Jack Gould who is with New Life K9s Service Dogs and Pawsabilities for Veterans which helps create awareness of veterans with PTSD.  The puppies they buy are taken to the California Men’s Colony where they are trained to become service dogs, by a staff of 24 trainers.  They always welcome the help of others by picking up a puppy/dog on Friday and returning it on Monday, so they can experience life outside the prison.  After two years of training, CMC hosts a graduation ceremony to unite the trainer, service dog and veteran.  We are encouraged to come to graduation and see what the inmates have been able to do with these K9’s in just two years.  It is a very rewarding program for the veteran, the inmate and the K9.  Community involvement is critical.
50/50 drawing went to Jeff Jones
Next week’s program will be craft talks by two of our own Club’s always interesting to learn more about each other.
It’s a Beautiful Day in Morro Bay!!