Posted by Elsie Casida on Mar 02, 2019
FEB. 26, 2019
Invocation:   Melissa
Flag salute:   Matt Franklin and Pete Starlings
Guests:   Melissa brought two guests today, Tim Cowan and Nick Andregg; John Weiss brought Dean Sullivan and Tom Rost who will both be joining our club soon; and Judy Salamacha introduced her guest, Nahayo who worked at Garden House and is now attending medical school with plans to graduate in May.  Last year our Club provided him with some financial support to use for school.  He will be doing his residency next, with a major in Neurology.  Rick Catlett and Chief Jody Cox from the MB Police Dept were also among our visitors today.
Guest Rotarian:    Sherry Sim visiting from Cayucos.
We have 14 tentative Club reservations for our Dodger vs Giant game.   
Dan Costley reported that our board voted to make Teri Bayus an honorary member.  
Our board voted to have the Club’s portion of each 50/50 drawing go to the Polio Plus Fund.
Matt Franklin and Pete Starlings have both paid $250/year to be in a PHF quartet.  Today they drew to see who would be the recipient of this year’s Paul Harris and the winner was Matt; he will be awarded a Paul Harris Fellow soon.  
Jude called up John Weiss to thank him for being the “fine” master.   Pete came up next to give John a little memento in the form of a special name tag.  John said he is very thankful for us, and the help we gave him while he was District Governor.
Judy introduced our speaker, Police Chief Jody Cox.  He says his theory, when he is asked to speak, is “Be Brilliant, Be Brief and Be Gone”.  He is from Tulare County and worked in Kings County, has been on a SWAT team and worked his way through all the different divisions including investigations.  In 2010, he had the opportunity to come to Morro Bay to see if he would want to join the police dept here, but their son was still in school in Tulare and his wife vetoed the plan.  When he was given the opportunity again in 2012, his son was out of school, so his family was ready to make the move, work and hopefully and retire here.  He had the role of Acting Chief a couple of times before he had the opportunity to become Chief.  When Scott Collins became the City Manager, he felt it was the right time to throw his hat in the ring to become Chief.  He feels that Leadership is all about Relationship, and that is something he is committed to and works towards.  We do live in “Paradise” and he and the rest of his team work to keep it that way.  He emphasizes to his officers they need to represent themselves well to everyone as they are working within the community.  A “Chief’s Advisory Board” and “Citizens Police Academy” are two programs the Chief is getting started.  Neighborhood Cop is another program Jody is working on to maintain the relationships within the community.  Thanks to Chief Cox for this informative presentation.
50/50 won by Judy S. who gave it to Nahayo to use for his travel back home.
There was to be an orientation meeting for Tom and Dean after the general meeting, so they can soon be members of our Club.
Next week our program will be Paul Dels whose topic will be Climate Change:  Must we Change?  Can We Change?  Will We Change?