Apr 20, 2021 6:00 PM
Dr. Nahayo Esperant-Hillaire
A Residents Journey Through Medical Training During Covid-19

April 20 - 6pm Social - Dr. Nahayo Esperant-Hillaire is a friend of Morro Bay Rotary and hopefully a future Rotarian living and practicing in California. Many of you met Dr. Nahayo during his visit to Rotary while staying in Morro Bay studying for his U.S. Citizenship and Medical Boards to apply and enter Medical School. Both he achieved while living here and working at Garden House of Morro Bay. We warmly helped him motor back to Southern Illinois University for Med School studying Neurosurgery. Many of you also met him while spending he and Fabiola were on their honeymoon in Morro Bay. They are now in Louisville, Georgia where Dr. Nahayo began his residency and had their first child, a son Melchi, in January 2021. This June he will return to California to complete his residency at UCLA. Join us to say hello and hear about his journey as a first year resident doctor serving during 2020 with Covid-19.