Mar 09, 2021 12:00 PM
Shana Paulson, Children’s Services Manager
CAPSLO Child Care Resource Connection
March 9 - Noon - Shana Paulson, Children’s Services Manager, CAPSLO Child Care Resource Connection
During our pandemic child care centers might be one of those forgotten businesses that have struggled and yet vital to our workforce. And while parents work from home has the need for child care lessened? And for parents that are essential workers how have child care centers maintained protections for the children and families they serve? Shana Paulson has been with CAPSLO for 21 years. The organization is the designated Resource and Referral and Alternative Payment Program for the county. Her advocacy has always been to increase affordable and accessible child care choices for SLO families. One of the questions we should be asking for our younger workforce parents is what is being done to advance Shana’s mission at CAPSLO?