On Tuesday, January 18th at Noon we moved forward with our Service Project of pressure washing and cleaning the exterior of the Morro Bay Police Department.  Big thanks to Greg Hardcastle, Mike Pond, Police Chief Jody Cox, Mike Williams, John Solu, Doug Riddell, Jeff Jones, Mary Leizear, and Judy Salamacha for showing up to help.  We also had Lori French, Gretchen Hardcastle, and Judy Salamacha bake goodies for the Police Department, Fire Department, and Harbor Department which Judy delivered.  BIG thanks to publicity chair extraordinaire Jude Long for getting the Estero Bay News to visit and witness/document our project.  It was also great to see John Weiss make an appearance and cheer us on.  Thank you all!!!!
Sparkling Clean MBPD
Our number one service project we voted on this year was to do something for the Morro Bay Police Department that would help with morale and show them how much they are appreciated by the community they serve.  When asked, they came up with the idea of having us pressure wash and clean the exterior of the building.  In addition, they asked for a mural to be painted on the back of the building where staff enter and exit on a daily basis as well as a bench for the front of the agency where people would be able to sit while waiting for an Officer to arrive. 
We are also still working with the Police Department and City personnel on an artist to paint the mural on the back wall and the construction of a bench for the front of the agency.