Posted by Elsie Casida on Oct 19, 2018
October 16, 2018
Meeting brought to order by President Jude......WE MAKE WAVES!! 
Inspirational Minute by:   Melissa
Pledge to the Flag led by:   Jan Lewis
Visiting Rotarians:  Daniel Bronstein who has been a member of the Pismo Beach / 5 Citites Club.
Guests:  Nelson Pamplona from Edward Jones; Erica Crawford, CEO of the MB  Chamber of Commerce; Teri Bayus our speaker for today.
Cleaning the shed:  Three of our hardy female Rotarians cleaned out the shed; stop by the shed and see if there is anything you could use - it will be open after the meeting today.
Katherine sent around a signup sheet for the BBQ we will be having on October 30th at Brickhouse Bbq; come any time between 5 and 7pm.  We want to welcome Chiara and wish the best to Jan, who is leaving Morro Bay to move to Visalia.
Melissa sent around a request for members to unlock and lock up the Santa House after Santa goes home for the night during Morro Bay’s Winterfest.  There is also the opportunity for businesses or individuals to sponsor an evening at the Santa House which includes buying toys for the kids for one evening.
Chiara would like to stay with the host family in SLO until after Thanksgiving.  We will need a host family in Morro Bay after that.  Do you know anyone who would enjoy having this young lady with them for the rest of the school year?
Erica awarded our Club $5,000 for the work we did during the Avocado/Margarita Festival.    Thank you to everyone who worked... it is a great way for us to make money with only one five hour shift each.
Dale Reddell’s birthday was October 14, for which he was fined $20; Jude brought various t-shirts for us to take home if we wanted one...... she got rid of several of them (or should I say, several lucky Rotarians went home with a Christmas Lighted Boat Parade t-shirt).
Teri Bayus was our speaker today and the topic was “Dinner and a Movie”.  Teri does many things including writing a food column for the past 17 years; during which time she has had food poisoning 11 times.  As a food reviewer, Teri has to be able to eat anything, including bugs, etc., but she has also been sent around the world to eat – a big bonus.  Seems like a good job to me!!  She says it is a good idea to wait a couple of months before you visit a new restaurant to let them get their menu right, staff informed etc.   If you want to be a food column writer, pay special attention to your word count, deadlines, always double check owners name and address, and ask to tour the kitchen.  She always orders appetizers when she reviews a restaurant and likes to take someone else with her to help eat the plates and plates of food.  She posts on Yelp, Trip Advisor,, Chowhound etc.  She started a tv show three years ago called Taste Buds which even recently got picked up by Netflix.  Teri is a delightful and energetic person and always a good speaker.  It would be fun to follow her on her blog...for more about Teri, go to
Pick up a box to mail to the troops.  Jude had a few quotes about food.
Next week is Meteorologist John Lindsay .....”I can be totally wrong and still keep my job”.
 50/50 won by Ken Stilts