Posted by Elsie Casida on Oct 11, 2018
Morro Bay Rotary Club Meeting
October 9, 2018
President Jude called the meeting to order, and WE MADE WAVES!!!     
Invocation by Ken Stilts
Pledge to the Flag by Jack Keely
Visiting Rotarians:  Gary and Leslie Vilhauer from Danville, CA.; Andrea Lueker, our speaker today,  who was a long time member of our Club and is a member of  the
Pismo Rotary Club.
Guests of Rotarians:  Mike Williams asked Gary Christiansen to join us, and Chuck brought Liz, his lovely wife (and better half) of 62 years.  
Jude and Judy went to the District Conference in Bakersfield.
Jude made a few comments about her football team, how well the quarterback is doing etc. etc....
Tomorrow you are invited to meet at the Rotary Shed at 9:30am to clean it out and possibly have lunch at Mi CASA. 
Katherine has planned a social at the Brickhouse BBQ on October 30th to greet Chiara, our exchange student.  She is enrolled at MBHS, but lives in SLO – for now.  That is not a great situation, so we need to find a host family for her in Morro Bay.  They don’t have to be a Rotarian, Mike passed out a flyer with the qualifications.  
Heidi said Master PRLS is coming to Oxnard on October 26-28; you’re able to take all the classes in one weekend.   
We’re having a Lighted Boat Parade meeting next Tuesday at 11am, prior to our meeting.
Doug Riddel was fined $20 for having a birthday; Pete was fined $37.00 for being married 37 years; and, Heidi has been married 30 years, which got her a $30 fine.  Don Doubledee was fined $20 after volunteering his birth date; and Mary was fined $20 for having a birthday last week.
Judy introduced Andrea Lueker and told us a couple of things she knew about her that maybe the rest of us did not know.  Judy also said our Recreation Dept was greatly improved when she was Morro Bay City Manager.  Gary Christiansen, John Weiss, Carla Wixom, and Mike Pond told special little memories about Andrea.  Andrea’s talk was about Port San Luis Harbor District, where she works with a 3.6 million dollar budget.  The District owns Avila Beach, Avila Pier and the Port San Luis Lighthouse.  They have the only active boat yard in the area.  People ask about the Avila Pier, but it is expensive to replace and there is an oil plume to deal with as well.  The District has plans to build more RV camping, Glamping, slides, harbor operations, and an infinity pool in the Avila Beach area.  They are very interested in obtaining some of the property at Diablo Canyon’s 12,000 acres.  Morro Bay has to be dredged by order of the Army Corp, so it is paid for by the Fed. Government, that is not true of Port San Luis so that is one of the expenses of the District.  Pirates Cove Beach belongs to the San Luis Harbor District but not the parking lot, or the walkway, just the naked beach (lol…).  Thanks to Andrea for bringing this interesting and informative presentation about the Harbor District “Where every day Brings a New Adventure”.
Jude ended the meeting with “amazing” comments and questions from visitors to our National Parks.   Sounds like we need to put more emphasis on Geography classes in school.
50/50 won by Gary Owens.
Our speaker next week is Terri Bayus.