Posted by Elsie Casida on Nov 09, 2018
November 6
Meeting opened by President Jude with Bill Pierce leading the WE MAKE WAVES cheer.
Invocation by Ken Stilts with a special emphasis on voting and how privileged we are to be in this country
Guest Rotarians:  Joel Clay the Manager of the View restaurant; Sherry Sim from Cayucos Rotary.
Guests of Rotarians:  Nelson Pamploma, with Edward Jones here for the third time; Elsie’s friend Cordelia, from Orange County; Melissa’s friend, Jillian Montgomery; Judy’s daughter, Jody; and our speaker, Misty Wycoff,
Judy was fined $20 because she was properly dressed in red/white/blue on voting day.
Jude informed us of the death of Katherine Gillen’s mom who passed away last week.  Our best goes out to Katherine at this difficult time.
If you are paying your dues in two payments, the 2nd Installment is due this month.
Melissa sent around a clip board signup sheet to open and lock up the Santa House.  There will be two more meetings before December 1st.  Next week Terri Bayus will be here ....come to the meeting for the Lighted Boat’s kind of a big deal for our club.  
Next week Chiara is bringing Italian cookies to share for a donation to help with her train trip.   I’m sure she would appreciate any help we can give her to make this trip possible.
Matt Franklin is in charge of the Salvation Army Bell Ringing signups; come next week prepared to sign up for a one hour shift to ring the bell in front of Albertsons.  Our club is responsible for the last Thursday in November and the first two in December.  All the money they receive in their bucket here, stays in Morro Bay, so it is a worthwhile thing for us to do.
Daniel Bronstein was here to share his vision for Scouting USA.  He wants our Club to Charter an all Girl Boy Scout Troop in Morro Bay.  There would be a nominal fee ($100.00) and one representative to be the liaison for the Girl’s Scout Troop.  Daniel has been a Rotarian for the past 8 years and a Boy Scout for the past 30 years.   
Melissa introduced our speaker, Misty Wycoff providing us with an interesting presentation about the Elephant Seals.....”Bachelors and Harems”.  Elephant seals can dive a mile down into the sea and can hold their breath 2 hours.  There are 3 distinct seasons - (1) breeding and birthing; .mom has 28 days after her pup is born to pump calories into it.  There are approx. 5,200 births a year, after the 28 days, she will breed and will go on her migration, leaving her pup behind.  The fertilized egg will attach itself to the mom’s uterus, but will not begin to grow for another three months.  (2) The molting season, where they lose all their outer covering once a year.  It takes about a month to completely molt.  (3) Fall Haul Out when young males come in and practice fasting, and strengthen their muscles on land.  None of the seals eat or poop etc. while they are on the beach.  The wildlife workers implant GPS devices on them to better keep tract of populations, journeys, etc.   The beach in our coastal region is the only land they will ever touch; the rest of their life is spent in the ocean.  Forty nine percent  of babies survive their migration after they leave here.  Wonderful presentation!!  Thanks Misty!!
Honor Flight Program is scheduled for next week.   Come to this exciting program just in time for Veterans Day.