Posted by Elsie Casida on May 31, 2018
Morro Bay Rotary Club
May 29, 2018
Meeting called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation by Dan Costley
Pledge to the Flag by Everyone
Pete asked all Military Veterans to come forward and we gave them a standing ovation
Joke by Pete - Einstein and Taxi Cab
Visiting Rotarians:   Ruth Ann
Visitors:   Many visitors today for our hero’s day.  Jack Keeley was here again; glad to have him!!
June 16....Step down for John Weiss; you can register online.
July 8.....SLO Blues Baseball Game; buy your tickets soon; $10 each.
June 2....Santa Barbara City College; Leadership Conference.
June 3....Garden House; 3-6pm; make reservations.
Max....only has a week and a half left at school and then will go on his month long train trip.   June 5....Max will be speaking about his time in the U.S.A.  Be sure to come to this important meeting.  Show your support to Max!!
A check in the amount of $100 was presented to Stuart Colletti as a Third Place award for the essay he wrote about the importance of living our lives by the Four Way Test.
John Weiss gave a synopsis on what our district has been doing.  Yesterday he and Jeff Jones went to the Bakersfield Rotary Club to participate in the placing of the flags for Memorial Day.   The “Real” Rosie the Riveter was there.  She was the inspiration for the cultural icon of WWII representing the women who worked in factories and shipyards during the war.  She said she just “wanted to do her part for our country.”  “We Can Do It!”
Pete mentioned Dan Costley for his anniversary; Chuck Clark was the speaker at the memorial service at the Los Osos Cemetery and did an excellent job as always.  He is an inspiration to all!!
Pete asked Melissa a sports question...Nope and a $20 fine.  Andrea was fined $20 because she did not know the answer to a Classic Movie question - John Wayne.  Pete Starlings was fined $20 because he did not know who has won four Oscars.  John Solu was fined $40 because he missed a Betty Davis question.  Ryan Sedley missed a Lord of the Rings question and was fined $40.  Judy Salamacha was fined $10 because she did not have “the foggiest idea” what the answer was.  Jan was fined $20 for giving a correct answer.  (I guess you just can’t win at this)
Pete introduced our own District Governor, John Weiss to MC our Hero’s Day.  He started with Ruth Ann who was Mary’s guest.  Ruth Ann’s passion has been the environment and is now Peace and Civil Rights.  She started the “Yes, I Can Peace Builders” movement in Morro Bay.   September 21st is International Peace Day in Morro Bay.
Andrea Turnquist and Carl Bloom (who was her guest and hero) were next.  He is the Vice Principal at the Middle School in Los Osos.  Janet Gould was also a hero/guest of Andrea, whose children all went to Del Mar.  Ms. Gould is the Principal at Del Mar; she started teaching at Del Mar and has been the Principal for eleven years. 
An award was given by John Weiss to Gene Appleby who has been a friend of John’s for years and John knows him to be a very generous contributor to the needs of the youth in Morro Bay.   
Judy was next with her guest, Bonnie Jones, who is currently involved with feeding the homeless in Morro Bay as well as many other things.  
Next Pete honored Bill Pierce for all that he does as our Treasurer as well as all the fact that he works at all of our events.
Chuck Clarke was also honored as the public hero for our Club.
The meeting closed with the 50/50 drawing won by Nancy. 
Survey coming out this week.....please take’s the last one!!!  
“I am not a product of my circumstances; I am a product of my choices”.