Posted by Elsie Casida on May 02, 2018
MAY 1, 2018
Meeting started promptly at noon....called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation by:   Melissa
Flag Salute led by:   Prez Pete
Recitation of the Four Way Test
Joke by Prez Pete......we gave him a groan...
Visitors:  Heidi’s brother was visiting before he leaves for Germany.  Melissa introduced the RYLA visitors. 
This Friday is Foundation Fiesta in Santa Maria; it will be a great program, please plan to come.  Register by tomorrow.  June 16th is the Step Down for DG John Weiss.
Car Show is this weekend; Steve passed around a signup sheet.
BBQ preparation is on Friday evening....... Dave needs help at the Community Center; the actual BBQ will be on Saturday.
Mike reported on the Bollywood fundraiser where the girls from Deepa’s school spoke.  Was a wonderful night; they will be coming to the Foundation Fiesta as well, another reason to attend the Fiesta.
Mike reported on the roundabout cleanup; we.had help and it is getting to look beautiful.  The Kiwanis Club helped Morro Bay in Bloom so there was a big group of workers.  Our group mostly weeded while the others planted flowers etc.   
Max (sporting a new haircut) has his last home game  today.
May 29th we will have our Hero’s Day; Mike will be the Rotary host that day.
Ken Casida then presented Paul Harris Fellowships; one to Lorraine in honor of her deceased brother, and the second one went to Jan Lewis for her sister who lives in Tulare and does a lot of volunteering.
    We drew for our exemption for May and Michael Shaffran was the winner.  He wished us all a good season and said he is thankful for Rotary who makes a difference in so many lives.
This Saturday is a very special sporting event - Nick was asked what it is (in addition to Cinco de Mayo), he didn’t know and was fined $20.  Andrea was asked how many Triple Crown winners have there been?  She said four and was fined $20.  Mike Williams guessed and was fined $20.00; Jan was fined $20.00 for cheating; Lorraine guessed and was fined $20.00; there have been 12.  Pete told us an interesting story about Hasty Transit, a horse won by his mother in law.    Chuck was fined $10.00, Dan then answered correctly resulting in no fine.   Matt Franklin bragged a little on his son who hit a home run in his baseball game.
Next we heard from the students who went to RYLA.  Kinley who had heard of RYLA from friends said it was very impactful on her; the food was good; and, she was very outgoing and darling.  Max was next, he said he met people that he got to know very well in just 72hours; he was the leader of his team and was one of nine attendees who won a scholarship.  He is researching more things now than he ever thought he would.  Isabell was next; she felt so welcomed, even as they were separated she felt so at home; she said she met so many nice people in her group; she feels that she is less shy now than she was when she went, and learned many skills; she said this  camp is not cheesy and she is more confident.  Mailani was next; she was nervous when she stepped out of the car, but everyone was so welcoming she soon felt very comfortable; she said she could have dreams, but at the same time, she must take steps to make things happen to achieve her dreams and goals.  Everyone of the students said this experience changed their lives.  Several Rotarians asked questions.  These kids all did a great job in speaking to all of us; Congratulations to them for being willing to go to an unfamiliar place to enrich their lives.  John said every district has a RYLA.
Next week our speaker will be Jim Brescia, SLO Superintendent of Schools.
Quote was from Winston Churchill.  
50/50 won by Ken Stilts.