Posted on Mar 28, 2018
March 27, 2018
Meeting brought to order by:  Mike Pond taking Prez Pete’s place for the day.
Invocation:  Melissa Davis
Pledge to the Flag by:  Mike
We sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”
Guest Rotarians:  None today
Guests of Rotarians:  Brent Haugen from the Central Coast State Parks Assn. was introduced by Nick; Brent gave us a Quick many of us have visited a local state park?  All hands were raised.  The Association likes to connect people with nature through education; and they would like us to partner with them in their upcoming Wild and Scenic Film Festival.  Sponsorship levels start at $250.00.  
Mike asked a few questions related to Baseball’s upcoming Opening Day; Jamie answered them and received a free lunch.
March is Rotary Foundation Month; if you have $100.00 (more or less) to give, it would be put to good use.
The Crab Feed is coming up on April 7th.  If you have sold tickets, please turn in your money to Jamie; we could use a few more “runners” to bring food to the tables.
The Golf Tournament is coming up May 11th; we still need sponsors, golfers and volunteers.  
The Car Show is also coming up the first weekend in May; there are a lot of opportunities to step up and help; registration, cruise night barricade duty, information, bbq and clean up.  Contact Greg Hardcastle if you’re available to help!!    
The Four Way Test papers are being judged; we will present checks to the winners at an upcoming meeting; the winner needs to be turned in to District by April 1.
Chuck made an award of a new badge to Judy because she lost her old one.  
Chuck was the Fine Master for the day – he asked questions from the latest Rotarian Magazine.  Questions were mostly about the bicyclists who rode for Polio....Don D and Mike Pond were each fined $10.00.  Then Chuck went on to ask questions that are on the California Drivers Test....Ken Stilts answered correctly, subsequently Mike Williams, Jamie, Dave Owens (who missed a moped question), Gary Owens and Heidi were each fined $10.00. None of us want to take that test – it was scary how little we knew.
Mary Leizear introduced the speaker, Roger Jump who volunteers with Lifewater International, Headquartered in SLO.  One in every 11 people in the world do not have access to clean/safe water; and, 1,600 people die every day from causes relating to unclean water.  Their acronym – WASH; W = Water, A = Access, S = Sanitation, and H = Hygiene.  Lifewater is a Christian non-profit and works mainly in Asia and Africa focusing on sustainability.  Roger has been involved in helping people in other countries get clean water for about five years.  They start with families to teach them how important clean water is to the life of their loved ones.  They teach them to take care of their own water wells. They also give lessons on Disease Transmission and Prevention.  As of October 9, 2,578 families have been certified, through education, as “Healthy Homes”; Lifewater has placed 23 wells, and 10 school latrines, all serving 18,468 people.  If you want more information, you can Google “Lifewater International” or go to “”
Next meeting’s speaker will be our own member, John Headding, speaking on health care.
50/50 won by Don Doubledee.    Happy Easter....See you all next week.