Posted by Elsie Casida on Jan 25, 2019
JAN 22, 2019
Meeting called to order by Co-host Nick
Inspirational moment.......Katherine
Pledge to the Flag.........Tom Hay
We put in a call to Rick Grantham who thought it was a wrong number until we shouted: “Who’s House”?!!!   RAMS House!!  He sounded like he was glad to hear from us.
Guests today:   Jody from Garden House was with Kasey.
Clip board was sent around to remind us about the Mixer at the Best Western tomorrow, the Health Fair at the Community Center on Jan. 26th and The Central Coast Women for Fisheries will be selling Albacore Enchiladas on Feb. 2nd - order from Lori French now.
We had a Crab Feed meeting this morning; it will be held on Saturday, April 6th.  If we all sell five tickets, we will sell out; tickets are $60.00.  We are well on the way of having a successful Crab Feed fundraiser.
Jude took our $1,000 to the Coast Guard; she was on tv and we got a lot of publicity and many will be helped.  Thanks to everyone who gave to this cause, the board authorized additional funds added to the amount given on Tuesday to bring it up to $1,000.
Heidi made an announcement about PRLS training which will be held in Santa Maria or SLO.  
Michael Shaffran has a special need which he shared with us; he needs to rent a home - if someone has information about a home that will be available soon, please contact him.
April 28th is the Bollywood event to benefit Deepa - Save the date and buy  your tickets now, they sell out early.  More about location etc. next week. 
Judy Salamacha was given special recognition for all of the work she did for the Human Trafficking Summit.  We appreciate all she does.  
John Weiss was our “Fine Master” for the month…  Question of the day was “What is your Favorite Avenue of Service in Rotary?”  Steve Carnes was first and was fined $25; Katherine was fined $25; Jack Keely was fined $25.  Ryan said Pacific Community Bank is the best and was fined $25.  Michael S was next and his favorite is International Service – he was fined $25.    Andrea said her favorite is “Youth Services”, she enjoys going to Del Mar and talking to the teachers and kids – yes, she was fined $25.  
Judy introduced Lynette Sonne from FARMstead Ed and Andrea from Talley Farms Fresh Harvest.   Agra-Tourism is growing by leaps and bounds where people from the city can come and see how and where animals and veggies are grown.  She pulls veggies to fill a box of goodies from farms within 150 miles, so if she cannot get lettuce here, they may have it in Oxnard.   They deliver these boxes to Lemos and Miners here in MB to be picked up by those who have preordered and prepaid.  Each box contains fresh salad ingredients, dinner vegetables and sweet tasting fruit - The junior box is $23; the large box is $28.  So if you are looking to serve fresh, California grown fruits and vegetables, you will want to look into becoming a member of FreshHarvest at Talley Farms.  They put on workshops about pickling, jamming, and peppers and also bring groups to a farm that has llamas and goats.  The baby goats will be ready to see/play with in April.  We will see how many would like to join us in a fun day at the farm.  Very interesting - thanks to Lynette and Andrea for coming off the ranch/farm to enlighten us city folks.  
They brought a Junior box and a large box of edible goodies as well as a couple of surprise bottles of homemade goodies to add to our raffle prizes, so there were five 50/50 winners who went home with great prizes. 
See you next week when our speaker will be Dr. Jill Stearns, President of Cuesta College.