Posted by Elsie Casida on Feb 14, 2019
February 12, 2019
Today’s Co-Host was Tom Hay; he called our meeting to order, asked for guests as well as called on himself to provide today’s Invocation.
Invocation was by Tom
Pledge to the Flag by Mary who correctly answered the question: “Whose birthday is today”? 
Tom brought a couple of pictures of beautiful waves in our that we had a visual for our “We Make Waves” cheer.
Pete got up and told a joke about swords and flys.
Guests today were:  Junior Rotarian Stella and Erica Crawford, our speaker and CEO of the Chamber.
Our Crab Feed committee met again this morning, it is coming along nicely and will be a good fundraiser.  We will start selling tickets the first of March.  We still need a few items for the silent auction; if you have a vacation home, or something else that you can donate we would appreciate it.
Katherine reported that twelve people have stated that they would like to go to our Dodger/Giant game.  The tickets are $75.00 and is on June 20th.
Thursday, Feb. 21 between 5-7pm is the Squeaky Wheel Happy Hour at the Inn at Morro Bay.  Join your business peers to consider policies, regulations, and projects that affect Morro Bay’s economic development.
Melissa reported on the PETS Convention that she attended last weekend in Los Angeles.  She said they discussed how to attract Millennials, she feels that you need to be respectful of them and welcoming to them which she said our club really was to her.  
John again was the fine master so.........Mike W was fined $20; Carla can’t be fined, but her answer was correct; Lorraine was fined $20 and gave a short synopsis of her real estate business; Mike P was fined $10: Tom Hay was fined $20 and gave a short talk about his printing business; Dave was fined $20 and talked about his dry cleaner business and his umpiring; Elsie fined $5; Stella was called on, but her mom stood up in her place and answered for her.  
Katherine introduced Erica, the CEO and President of the Morro Bay Chamber who was our speaker today.  She opened her own restaurant when she was 27 and has always worked hard at whatever she does.  She loves to go to Chamber Conventions to get inspired about more things to do in our community.  The trees have been trimmed downtown and are ready to be lit up by the end of this month or in March.  The next topic was the Saturday Farmers Market on Main Street.  The layout needed to be changed because fear of fire evacuation concerns.  After considering the needs of the businesses in the area, they came up with a new layout which seemed to be working, but there were still some concerns, so they decided to opt out of the market as a Chamber Program.  This responsibility will very likely to go to someone else, possibly a farmer or vendor who is involved in the market.  Melissa asked about music/concerts being brought into the area, which Erica says is being looked at.  Thanks to Erica for this presentation on very short notice. 
Mike Shaffran has purchased a home which is right for the needs of he and his wife, in Templeton.
Next week’s program will be Cambria Rotarian, Bruce Howard who will speak about the Historic Fremont Entertainment Center. 
50/50 drawing was $18 and was won by Nick.
Moment of Jude.