Posted by Elsie Casida on Dec 06, 2018
DECEMBER 4, 2018
Meeting called to order by Jude....WE MAKE WAVES!
Invocation by Katherine Gillen
Pledge to the Flag led by Mike Pond
Guests of Rotarians:  Our speaker, Melanie Williams-Mahan
Guest Rotarians:  Marty and Eric who are members of the SLO Rotary Club.  Soon to be member Nelson Pamploma, who will be attending an orientation at Lolos Monday evening.
We have been cleared to be at Albertsons to ring the Salvation Army Bell on Thursday for the next three weeks.  Matt still has a couple of openings. 
Jude gave special recognition to Don Doubledee for being Santa.  Thank you so much to Don and everyone who has helped with the Lighted Boat Parade.
Chief Knuckles mentioned the KSBY stint that we did at the fire station last night.  Jude was able to “plug” Rotary and the Lighted Boat Parade.  Donations of non-perishable food and unwrapped toys to be used in this community, can be dropped off at the fire station.
 Jude had to decide whether to fine the people who went to the fire station or fine those who did not.  She decided to fine those who were there, which brought in over $100 in $20 fines. 
Chief Knuckles offered to let us use their pop-up for the hot chocolate, coffee and cookies for the Lighted Boat Parade Saturday evening.  Dan commented on a couple of people who came to the Santa House and were so happy to see Santa.  We could still use Santa’s helpers to be in the Santa House to engage with people and encourage them to come in for a picture. 
Received a nice thank you note from the Caroling Cops and Honor Flights; two organizations we provided money to.
Bill Pierce said he found more plush toys for the Caroling Cops to give out, so we are good for this year and part of next.  The trolley reservations are full and even have a waiting list.  He also said he had “5 IOU’s” from several of us.....I paid mine off!!
Pete brought avocados to sell with money going to the Rotary Foundation.  Kathi had surgery three weeks ago today; send her a greeting.  She is doing great but is a bit sore.
Birthdays this week......Gary Owens, Lori French, & Casey Watson.
Katherine introduced our speaker, Melanie Williams Mayan, the Executive Director of PET, Partners in Equestrian Therapy, located in Atascadero.  This organization works with children and adults with disabilities through equine therapy.  Sometimes a child who does not communicate at home or school, will be able to communicate with a horse.  Also, children in wheelchairs can have a great time on a horse and it gives them self-confidence, and sometimes even the feeling of being able to walk.  The horses want to please and that makes them so accessible.  The riders all have side walkers who make sure the horse is comfortable with the situation.  They also teach the basics of horsemanship, including an “emergency dismount”, in case the horse gets spooked by something.  A child who cannot see can learn to trust by riding on the horse.  The PET Foundation is always looking for volunteers and financial gifts.  They receive grants from the county every year but also need individual donations.  They also work with veterans and “at risk” teens.  A fun and informative presentation - thanks Katherine for bringing Melanie to us.  
50/50 won by:  Ken Stilts which he then donated to Melanie Williams, our speaker. 
Next week’s program will be Michelle Roust whose subject will be “Morro Bay Bird Festival”.   
Jude’s inspirational quote was, .......well.....inspirational.