Posted by Elsie Casida on Aug 15, 2018
AUGUST 14, 2018
President Jude opened our meeting with a “Welcome to Rotary”; our response was
“We Make Waves”.
Invocation by Ken Stilts
Pledge to the Flag by John Solu
Visiting Rotarians:    Mary Ellen and Kathleen from Palm Desert, and it was nice to see Eric Luthi and John Solu whom we have not seen for a while.
Guests of Rotarians:   Steve Carnes brought Jeff Heller, who has visited Rotary in the past and is now running for MB City Council.  
Thanks to Katherine for the birthday cake for Max’s mom; it was both beautiful and delicious.    
Thanks to Chuck for the new laptop computer and accessories; we definitely needed a new one!!  We will make sure the 10 year old stuff will be taken to an e-cycle center somewhere. 
Katherine read a thank you note from SLONOOR for the $500 we gave them.   And Matt read a thank you note from Big Brothers/Big Sisters who we supported in the amount of $250.  A HUGE thank you to Heidi for the work she does on these grants.
Judy spoke about the Human Trafficking Summit which will be held in MB on September 15th.    She has posters and she also has tickets to sell.
Tomorrow is the Garden House event.
Maritime Museum will have its Grand Opening on September 29th.
Mike Pond met the new Italian Exchange Student last night.  Hope to have her at our meeting next week.
Deepa’s wine event at her winery will be on August 25th.  Free dinner; it’s a fundraiser through the selling of wine.  
Call Jamie and sign up for the Avo/Marg Festival if you haven’t already.  We are still in need of many more people to work during this event; you can even bring your family and friends to help us out . 
Max’s family gave our club a gift of $300 and we plan to do something special with it.  They made it home safe and sound and are home and doing well.
Ken Casida and Chuck Clarke awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship to Andrea Turnquist, who was chosen from one of the Quartets.  
Elsie, Lorraine and John were fined $25 each for not giving quick answers in the 5 second test.   Actually, it turns out whether we were quick or not, we were still fined.  
Liz Moore and Ryan Mammarella were our speakers today.  Liz is the MBHS Work-Based Learning Coordinator.  Their job is to connect business with education.  One of the things they are doing is the “Just 1 Job Fair”.  What skills would a student need to be successful at a job interview?  Confidence, appearance, how to speak, disclosing who you are, researching the company you are interviewing with are all answers to that question.  It’s also important to bring evidence of your knowledge, and communicate well.  Seniors probably will not have these skills, so Work Based Learning is very important.  Sometimes they ask members in the community to give interviews and then give the student feedback from the interview.  Businesses are usually willing to “job shadow” with a student.  The Morro Bay High School “Just 1 Fair” is March 19th, 2019.  These students are the face of our community’s future.  The entire Junior Class at MBHS is being taken to SLO to go to the “Just 1 Fair”.
Judy, Steve and Scott were next with the five second test.....they all lost the race, and were fined $25.
Next week’s guest is Robert Sachs, Meditation Strategies 4 Happy Living.  Better come...we all want to live happy!!
50/50 won by Former Prez Pete.
Quote of the Day: “It is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.”   Ann Landers