Posted by Elsie Casida on Apr 29, 2018
APRIL 24, 2018
Meeting called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation by:  Ken Stilts
Pledge to the Flag by:  Pete
Recitation of the Four Way Test
Joke by Pete.....Men always get the last two words - yes ma’am
Guests today: 
Jeff Eckles introduced by Doug; Andrea introduced her visiting friend, Tammy Cantrell; Don introduced Ryan Sedley who will be joining our club today.
May 4th is Foundation Fiesta in Santa Maria
June 16th is the Step Down for John in Santa Ynez
Car Show is May 3rd,4th, and 5th; a sign up to help sheet was passed around
June 29th (a Friday) is the demotion for our Prez Pete...right here at the View
Next week, May 1st, we will start our meeting at 12:00 sharp; lunch will be ready at 11:30, so come early and socialize and then we will start the meeting promptly at noon.
Tree Planting - We have discussed planting trees, but it takes a long time and alot money to plant a tree here on public land.  So, plant a tree on your own property where you can enjoy it for years to come.
Dan said that Jack Barrett has written a book and has three more in the making.  
Weed pulling at the roundabout this Saturday at 9.....please come!!  
Deepa’s Bollywood event is this Sunday.  It is sold out but they can use help setting up and taking down after the event.
Ryan Sedley joined our club today.  Don Doubledee welcomed him in to the club with an explanation of what Rotary stands for.   Ryan is a banker at Pacific Premier Bank, is married and has one child with one on the way.    We welcomed him with a standing ovation. 
Doug brought boxes to be mailed to the troops.
Don Doubledee said he has resigned from the Harbor Festival as Director, but he will continue to be on the board. 
Max said he really wanted to go to the prom; but his experience at RYLA was life changing; better than 100 proms. 
Chuck was our speaker today. His topic: “Dog Sled Racing”.   He wanted to stress that mushers love their dog; when they lose a dog, they are heartbroken.  The dogs are not all pure huskies; some of them are hounds and other breeds.  They are exercised every day and only taken out on the sled some days.  During a race, you can drop a dog if you need to, but you cannot add a dog.  Every racer has a place to put an injured dog until they come to a place where it can be taken care of.  Chuck’s daughter Janet does not raise dogs at this time, but is the Race Marshall.  The pictures of the ten foot high snow drifts were beautiful - but looked so cold!!  Thank you very much Chuck - we all love you and love to hear about your trips to Alaska.
Max has a game tonight at 4:00.
50/50 won by Greg Hardcastle
Next week RYLA Ambassadors