Posted by Elsie Casida on Apr 18, 2018
Morro Bay Rotary Meeting Notes
April 17, 2018
HAPPY 68TH ANNIVERSARY TO OUR CLUB!!!    We sang happy Birthday to us and Chuck blew out the candles on the chocolate cake.
Meeting called to order by Prez Pete
Invocation by:   Dan
Pledge to the Flag:   John Weiss
Joke by Pete:    Appropriate for all, including kids
Guest Rotarians:   Ruth Ann Angus.
Guests of Rotarians:   Ryan Sedley who will be a new member soon; John Headding’s wife, Sue; Max; Scott Harp brought Christine who he works with. 
Congratulations to Sarah Ketchum who became Sarah Santana in a beautiful ceremony over the weekend.
John Weiss promoted an upcoming program - Public Heroes, which will be held on May 29th.  He also encouraged us to respond to the Rotary Satisfaction Survey that comes out once a month.
Board meeting is being held tomorrow morning here at the View at 7:30am.
Rotary’s Foundation Fiesta will be May 4th in Santa Maria.  John Weiss Step Down will be in Santa Ynez on June 16th with the possibility of a Club Social Wine Tasting after.  It’s hoped that many of us will be able to attend.
Golf tournament is scheduled for May 11th; we still in need of golfers, sponsors, etc.
Car Show will be May 3rd, 4th and 5th.  We need more help for that and passed around a sign up sheet. 
PRLS this next weekend in Bakersfield.  Our club pays the fee which is $250.00.
Max said he will not be going to Prom (Bummer!) and will also miss two baseball games since he will be at RYLA, but he is sure it will be worth it.  He has really loved all the things that have been arranged for him to do.  His train trip will be in June.
Andrea introduced the Four Way Test winners from Del Mar School’s fifth grade class.  The First, Second and Third place winners read their essays, received their certificates and cash rewards and we gave them a standing ovation.
Next it was time for the Tall Tales speakers starting with Pete Starlings, who was in Vietnam for a year, as a tank driver.  His 21st birthday was spent in Vietnam, laying in the dirt while it rained for 12 hours straight.  Sounded like a true story.......Thank you, Pete, for your service!!
Mike Pond was next talking about a time when he went fishing, diving and underwater photographing with some of his fireman friends.  They saw a fin in the water, so they went out in a canoe to investigate.  Mike put on his mask and fins and jumped in to meet what he hoped was not a great white shark....he was 10feet under the water as the shark came toward him with its mouth wide open.  Thankfully it was a whale shark, which he knew would not eat him, so he decided to swim up to him, take a ride as he held onto the fin while he took pictures.  He got whacked pretty good by the tail of the shark, and the next day his son told the story in kindergarten.
Ruth Ann talked about her trip in a space shuttle.  When she got home with her bags she discovered something scurrying around on the floor.  It was a little dragon, so she explained the situation to us in Rotary and her hero, Don Doubledee, who got rid of the dragon for her.  So, if you see a dragon running around, it is hers and she wants it back.   Ruth Ann, I think you won the Tall Tale by default.....yours was the only real Tall Tale.  
Pete was next telling about living in Southern California when a movie was shot right across the street from him.  He says he was holding his daughter on the porch during the filming when she let out a huge cry, forcing them to film the scene over.  The movie was “Back to the Future”, with Michael J. Fox.  His daughter when she was about five, jumped up on Bill Cosby’s lap to talk to him.  
Our next program is our very own Chuck Clark.  He says he has new slides and new stories for those of us who have heard his program before.  
50/50 won by Eric Luthi.
“The Best Preparation for Tomorrow is doing your best Today”.     See you next week.   Ecasida