May 11, 2021 12:00 PM
Larry Burke
Central Coast Classic T-Birds

In lieu of another year without the Morro Bay Classic Car Show, it happened that Jeff, Tim and Judy met Larry Burke at Ken Casida’s Memorial service. We had the chance to rekindle an introduction with Larry for a program that our own member Tom Hay wanted to introduce to us. Larry Burke’s version: “Hank & Richard of SLO RAMS had taken photos of my model vehicle collection with plans to present at a RAMS meeting last year & then Tom (Hay) had arranged me to do the same for M.B. Rotary. However, due to C-19 both were canceled. Subsequently Richard and Hank made it possible for me to do the show on Zoom for RAMS.  I now will be doing likewise Zoom gig for M.B. Rotary May 11 with the gracious assistance of Hank and with Tom introducing me."

.Join us for our MB Classic Car Show fix - when it should be happening as we meet up with Larry, Hank and his Classic Cars along with Larry’s “all-about” narrative.