Committee Pages

The Club Leadership Plan, though not mandatory, was developed by Rotary International and is the recommended administrative structure for Rotary clubs. It is based on the best practices of effective Rotary clubs. These best practices include:
  • Developing long-range goals that address the elements of an effective club and annual goals to support them
  • Convening regular club assemblies
  • Involving all club members in the activities and fellowship of the club
  • Maintaining open lines of communication
  • Ensuring continuity in leadership
  • Providing regular, consistent training

This plan was introduced in 2006/7 and was adopted by the Board of Directors of The Rotary Club of Morro Bay in 2007/8.  The main element of the plan is a restructure of the Board to incorporate 5 new committees, each headed by a Director. 

Each committee is identified with the main trust of their objectives on associated pages of this web site.  Any questions regarding this structure may be directed to the Club President.