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Welcome to Rotary Club of Morro Bay!

Welcome to Rotary Club of Morro Bay!

Morro Bay

Service above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 11:45 AM
Morro Bay Golf Course
201 State Park Road
Morro Bay, CA  93442
United States
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Service Above Self
Morro Bay Rotary Club Meeting
October 11, 2017
Invocation by:   Michael Shaffron
Pledge to the Flag:  Don Doubledee
Song:  The Rotary Song
Joke:   Pete, a pharmacist/hiccups joke
The Swimming Pool is now officially open at Morro Bay High School.   Max will have his first water polo match tomorrow at 4:30.
Pete read an email about a tour to Australia/New Zealand with Rotarians from California and Texas.   Will find out more later and provide additional information,  sounds like a fun trip. 
Guests of Rotarians:  
Angel Ortiz, Lieutenant Colonel Commander, Camp San Luis Obispo.  Andrea brought her friend, Lou for the second time, and Lorraine brought Pete Starlings.    Megan brought her daughter, Lilly.
Heidi made an announcement about PRLS.
Melissa has the exemption this month and took advantage of it by encouraging us to have massage for body pain instead of taking drugs.    Support our local Rotarians. 
The District Conference was last weekend.   Pete said Max had a good time, Max is quite the dancer.   John Weiss said there were over 300 in attendance on Saturday night.   There are 72 clubs in the District.
Don Doubledee celebrated his birthday at the Harbor Festival last weekend and was fined $20.00.
Angel Ortiz thanked our club for the $5,000.00 we donated to Puerto Rico to help with hurricane relief.   He said that floods, fires, earthquakes and riots are the four huge problems currently happening in this state.    Camp San Luis helps in all these unfortunate events.   The National Guard is being used in Puerto Rico along with FEMA resources.  He said the fires in California are devastating and we need to remember to pray for all those involved. 
Casey Watson from Garden House gave a Craft Talk.  Garden House, built in 1998, was started because of the vision of two ladies who saw the need for care for individuals with dementia.   It is an assisted living residence and started with just five residents.    Now they have 15 residents and employ 22 staff members.   Most residents now are veterans or spouses of veterans.    Resources available to the residents include Podiatrists, beauticians, entertainers, exercise classes etc.  Typically, residents will stay 2-1/2 years.  Students at Cuesta and Cal Poly come to work and learn.  It is a non-profit and fortunately they have several families who like to help Garden House financially and other ways.  Grade school kids come and read to the residents.    They will be having a luau fundraiser Sunday afternoon from 3:00 - 7:00 at a cost of $20.00.   You can either take dinner out or stay and eat there.  
A master model builder will be our program next week.
Matt won the 50/50
It’s a Beautiful Day in Morro Bay…..Enjoy. 


September 12, 2017
Morro Bay Fire Station
We had a wonderful lunch provided by Meredith of the Brickhouse BBQ followed by an informative talk by Fire Marshall, Matt Vierra.   Those who wanted to, were given a tour of the facility.
Jude then gave a short presentation about the Morro Bay Library.   Jude is a retired librarian and is now a member of the Friends of the Library.    We walked across the street and were given a tour of the library.  
September 19, 2017
Mike Pond opened our meeting in Prez Pete’s absence.    Meet and Great time, find out something new about the people at your table.  It was Matt Franklin‘s birthday, he was fined $20.00.
Invocation by Michael Shaffron
Flag salute by Jan Lewis
Guests of Rotarians:   Claire Grantham who will be giving flu shots at our October 3rd meeting.   Lorraine’s guest, Peter Starling.
Judy announced that the Garden House is having a fund raiser on October 15th with lots of food, music, and good times!!
Doug brought boxes for vets…. $17.35 each box…. Very much appreciated by veterans receiving them. 
District Conference is coming up…..we have a good representation of attending members from our club. 
Bill Peirce made announcement about Shelter Boxes for people affected by the recent Hurricanes.  If you want to help hurricane victims, it is a good organization.  Email or call Bill with your thoughts about what you would like to do to help with hurricane relief.  Dan is still working on having a pancake breakfast to raise funds for the relief efforts as well.
Interact Club Rush is Thursday at 12:20 at the high school….we had several volunteers step up to be there since Melissa is not going to be able to attend. 
Fines:   Chuck for having his picture in a magazine was fined $20.00;  Every LBP committee member who didn’t show for meeting today was fined $5.00; Rick Grantham had HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the jumbo-tron at the Rams game, and Claire for sitting with Eric Dickerson on a train was fined $35.00; Nick is going to Europe for 3 weeks was fined $10.00; Jamie for having golf clubs in her car was fined $10.00.
Craft talk by Mary Leizear - introduced by Rick Grantham…  Mary started dog sitting when she was still working, so when she  retired she had a side job.   She was concerned that she would become a “little old lady with no money who can’t go anywhere” so dog sitting has been a great way for her to earn vacation money and meet wonderful people and dogs/cats.   When she sits for Rick and Claire’s family, Rick makes sure there is food in the refrigerator.   She loves to travel so it helps pay for her many wonderful trips.
Mike Pond was the next speaker providing information as John’s Assistant District Governor.  The hierarchy is there are four Executive Assistant Governors, then there is the Assistant District Governor, a Club’s President is next and then the Club’s members.  Mike said he enjoys seeing what is going on in each of the ten clubs he oversees.   He makes sure each club makes goals for the year and then works to accomplish them.   He is also a troubleshooter for the clubs.   He has Club 11 meetings with all ten club presidents and himself which has been very beneficial.      He also drives John around and introduces him at meetings - one time when it was 119 degrees out!!   The Assistant District Governors and the Executive District Governors select the District Governor Elect.
50/50 won by Andrea Turnquist.
See you next week.   ECasida
Invocation by Dan Costley
Flag Salute by Nancy
Song was “ROTARY”
Pete’s Joke ….. a sad one about a poor old mule
Guests of Rotarians: 
Lorraine’s friend….Peter Starling
John Solu brought his wife, Joni
Visiting Rotarians:
Irene and Bill Wells from San Diego
Barbara Hinckle from Fresno
Pete said Max is doing great in school and all other aspects of his life.  His first water polo match is coming soon.  He eats a lot and Loves desserts. 
Next week we will be at the Fire Station ….Jamie passed around the sign-up sheet.   You can choose chicken, tri tip or salad.  
Doug brought boxes to send to our troops…..it costs $17.35 to send, and is very appreciated by those who receive them.   Each box contains special items requested by a veteran.
John Weiss will be doing a speech at Rotaract tonight at 6:00 in SLO we are all encouraged to attend.
The Avocado/Margarita Festival is this weekend.   If you signed up, you should have received an email by now to let you know where to go and who to connect with on Saturday.  If you haven’t, contact Jamie immediately.
Along with our help, Dan will be organizing a pancake breakfast on the September 16th to raise money for the Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts.    It will be at St. Josephs Hall …..start serving at 8:00am.   Pancake batter has been donated by Carla’s Kitchen.   Come, help, eat and donate to the cause. 
Judy introduced our speaker today….Glenn Silloway who is the President of the Historical Society….   
AUGUST 29, 2017
Invocation by Nick
Flag Salute by Pete
Joke by Pete
Guests of Rotarians:
Lorraine’s friend…..Peter Starling
Judy’s daughter, Jodie who moved over here from Bakersfield and is now working at The Garden House.
Teri Bayus who has been hired by the City to help with the Lighted Boat Parade.   
Another meeting with Lighted Boat Parade committee is set for next Tuesday, Sept 5ht before Rotary at 11:00.
We can donate to help Houston through our own Rotary Foundation.  Dan brought a check from Linda in the amount of $100.00 as a kick off for our Club’s Hurricane Relief Fund.   We all need to be careful that we donate to an organization where our money is put to the best use….…Rotary is a good place to give any donation.
We will NOT be meeting at the View on September 12th…..We will instead be at the Fire Department, with Chief Knuckles as our speaker.     We need signups to know how many sandwiches to buy at Brickhouse Bbq.  We will also have chips, cookies and drinks.   The cost will be $10.00 like an ordinary meeting.   After eating, we will go across the street to visit the library.  
We are booked for programs through December; if you know someone who would be a good speaker for a meeting, please let Pete or Judy know.
Judy introduced Erica Crawford, Executive Director of the MB Chamber of Commerce.     Their newly revised website will be coming together in October which will prove to be more informative.   They also run the Visitors Center who gives great customer service to visitors in our community.   They also organize and maintain the Main Street Farmers Market.  Erica also encouraged all local business owners to get in touch with her, she’d love to hear people’s concerns, ideas, as well as get to know them.
AUGUST 22, 2017
Meeting called to order by President Pete
Invocation by Michael Shaffron
Pledge of Allegiance:  Jude
Song:   “Take me out to the Ballgame”
Joke:   Pete
Guests of Rotarians:     Claire Grantham
Guest Rotarians: Sherry Sims who made an announcement about the pancake breakfast in Cayucos on Labor Day; Chef Dan will be doing the cooking; sausages are donated by Dorn’s.  Ruth Ann who introduced our special speaker - Dr. Raffy Dorian.  Janice Peters who made an announcement about the plays at the Episcopal Church, By the Sea Productions; 2 classic thrillers will be performed September 1-3.   
Gary Dove and Jim Quesenberry from the Los Osos Club were here to announce their Family Fun Fair “Old Goats and Little Kids”.  It is an Annual Event celebrating Grandparent’s Day, September 10 at the South Bay Community Center in Los Osos.    Admission Free!!!
Mike Pond said he has injured his shoulder, so if someone else could head up the roundabout cleaning,  that would be good, otherwise we will wait until Mike is ready to come back.   We had several volunteers, so we will clean up this coming Saturday.


Meeting called to order by President Pete

Invocation by:   Michael Shaffron

Pledge Allegiance to the Flag by:   Gary England

Joke By:   Pete

Song:   The Rotary Song…  (we are getting better…  I think)

Guest Rotarians:   Julie Jenkins from Cambria, Ruth Ann from MB Sunset, and our good friend, Deepa.

Guests of Rotarians:  Melissa brought Stella and Teresa, an exchange student from Spain who is staying with Melissa while she is attending her sophomore year of high school.  Heidi’s son Noah was with us again, Linda brought Dan and Pete introduced Max, our Rotary exchange student from France.

John Weiss thanked everyone for the cards and well wishes.  He said he is doing much better after having major surgery…  May have additional medical needs, will know more later.   A special thanks to Deepa who has helped by driving him around. 

Jamie passed around the sign-up sheet for the Margarita Festival.  She also has posters that need to be put up in local businesses if you know anyone who can use one.

Heidi made an announcement about PRLS….  Introduction to PRLS will be in Santa Maria on Sept. 22 from 2:30 - 4:30.

Board meeting tomorrow morning at 7:30 at the View. 

Mike said there is another roundabout cleanup on August 26 at 9am.   Please remember that date and come to help.

Pete drew several badge numbers to give away a free lunch, but the owners of the numbers were absent.  
Flags were exchanged between Max and our Club.  

Call to order by President Pete

Invocation:  Jude

Pledge to our Flag:   Megan                                     

Song:           Smile……led by Steve

Joke:            Pete

Guests:  Claire and two of the Grantham’s grandsons… Our New Police Chief, Greg Allen...  Carla‘s daughter, Brooke…  Lorraine’s friend, Pete…   Dan’s wife, Linda  

Rich updated us on John….he is doing well expecting results from tests soon.   Looking for visitors…… feel free to drop by, but please call first.

Max comes tomorrow at 2:50pm SLO Airport…….come to airport if able….Pete will be updating us on his arrival time. 


ROTARY MEETING…August 1,2017…….

Invocation:   Ken Stilts

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag:  Matt Franklin

Song:  Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Joke:   Pete

Visiting Rotarians:   Mary Helen and Kathleen from Palm Desert…  Heidi’s son, Noah…  Claire Grantham… Linda Costly…  Lorraine’s friend, Pete Starlings…  Matt Vierra, new MB Fire Marshall….

Fines:   Dan for $10.00, Birthday fines, Ken, Mike, Judy and Jude…  Mike and Kens to be paid by Pete since he forgot them.  

John Weiss is out of the hospital…. Had an eight pound mass removed…. Please call before coming to visit…. He will need lots of rest.  

Jill was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow from the Club.   Heidi received a pin, Ken Stilts, who gave Heidi her PHF,  received a pin.

Congrats to Mike Williams on receiving a Paul Harris Service Fellow presented by our very own DG John Weiss.  Mike works tirelessly to fundraise for Project Surf Camp, a local non-profit that provides beach and surfing access to disabled and at risk youth and their families.  This year Mike and his crew presented PSC with over $5,000.  Mike is also one of the first to volunteer for all of our Club's fundraising efforts.  Thanks for all you do on behalf of our Club Mike!!!
Our Club Meeting was called to order by President Pete.
Invocation by Melissa Davis
Pledge to the Flag by Forrest
Joke by Pete
Song was R-O-T-A-R-Y……. We didn’t really know the song but it
seemed to be the melody of the Mickey Mouse song. I think we
could do better next time.


What a perfect day for the 6th Annual Morro Bay Rotary and EcoRotary Golf Extravaganza!!  13 Teams took to the course at 815am with a shot gun start; played a round of enjoyable and for many, competitive golf, finishing with a wonderful breakfast and Awards Ceremony.   Fellow Morro Bay Rotarians Ken Casida (and son-in-law), Steve Carnes (and wife), Heidi Kimbrell (and son), John Weiss, Jamie Boucher (and husband and son), Gregg Kauffman, Nick Mendoza, Ken Stilts (and sons) all took part in the tourney.  None of this could have taken place without all the help from John Weiss (sponsor and raffle prize getter extraordinaire), Dan Costley (who was also able to procure sponsors, a golf club, and gift certificates as well as was responsible for getting a Los Osos and a Cayucos team to enter).  Let us not forget Chuck Clarke, Bill Peirce, Jeff Jones, Jude Long, Don Doubledee, Sid Symington, Nancy Ford and Dan's better half - Linda for all the help morning of!!!  The Mendoza / Sela / Galvez / Martinez Team (yes - our that would be Nick Mendoza's team) dethroned the 3-time champion (that would be the "yours truly team") to take home the 1st Place Trophy, they were followed by the Holdstock & Friends Team in 2nd with the John Weiss / Tobin / Tobin / Tobin / Candella team taking 3rd...  (the Bouchers were not only dethroned but shut out...)  Long Drive went to Deanna Richards from the Los Osos Rotary Team (yes, she out drove all the guys - and if she hadn't, then Rita Carnes would have won - also outdriving all the guys).  Closest to the Pin honors went to Ken Stilts, Jr...  It was a wonderful day, supporting our many causes - none of which could have been done without all the help and support - so THANKS TO ALL!!!

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